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australian home design software

gary lo: i want people toenjoy finding their next home. i want people tobe happy when they imagine what it'sgoing to be like for them to live in this home. to be part of that processis a real privilege. yeah, that's what it'sreally about for me. my name's gary lo. i'm the lead androiddeveloper at domain. we provide searchtools, information

for buyers, investors, sellers,renters, and agents australia wide. we're a big companywith over 500 people and a number ofdifferent products. we have three developerson the android team, and we work very closelywith our design and ux teams. henrique marassi: i'm henrique. i'm product managerhere at domain. it's been a veryinteresting time for us.

our android app has come a longway over the past few years. when gary and i started, thatwas really counterintuitive. there were problemswith navigation, and user feedbackwas really poor. gary lo: we had toeducate our team, and we designed ourapp specifically for the android platform. henrique marassi:we were really lucky that the business supportedus and really invested

in developing a bestpractice android app. gary lo: once we did avery standard framework, we really started to takeadvantage of all the tools that google and android gave us. we wanted to provide theuser with understanding of the surroundingsof a property. we've got google maps. we wanted timelynotifications to the user, and we've got gcm push.

we wanted to help usersdiscover companies as they walk along the street,and you've got geo-fencing. play's services justmakes it so easy for us to createthose experiences. henrique marassi: 2014 wasa really big year for us. we released a number of greatfeatures-- finger search, integration with google now,and adoption of material design. gary lo: material design givesyou a very strong guideline as to how to design an app.

it just makes the experienceso much more immersive. and the response was amazing. we've had a 44% increasein monthly downloads, placing domain app inthe top five lifestyle apps in australia. being able to hear real peopletell us how great the app is and how it's helped themfind a home is fantastic. we've gone from a 2.8 starrating in the play store to a 4.1.

henrique marassi:the future of the app is constantlyevolving and changing to really make thelife of our users easier in that homebuying process. and has been reallybig year for us, and we can't wait to see whatthe android platform will give us next.

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australian country home designs

systembuilt homes – recognised australiawide for quality modular transportable homes. systembuilt transportable homes are pricedfrom $38,000 for the studio, up to $165,100 for the sanctuary. choose from our award-winning traditionalor new moduluar range designs. all traditional homes include a choice ofexternal cladding, internal fixtures, and are 6 star energy compliant. we take care of all council approvals andguarantee a built time of less than 50 days. visit our cambridge road display centre. systembuilt homes - designed for living.

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australia home design

hello and welcome to our presentation. i am lin ronald commodore of champagne yacht club, representing michael avery of california. one of the most successful and awarded architects in our world today. you can see the depth of his work in this brief video slide presentation and it is obvious that he has a love of fine luxury homes he has also developed a niche market in garage architecture for car collectors he knows this better than anyone since he has done some very famous peoples work if you are considering getting some plans done for your new home , a new office of a garage for special collectible items ....contact us today.

for a limited time your professional design by michael is free in return for granting him master builder status on your upcoming project. imagine how much that can save you plus you have a licensed master builder that already knows exactly how much material and supplies are needed to buld your dream ( just the savings in that simple fact will be substantial.) we would also like to offer you a chance to get a free copy of michaels book by responding to this video. its easy just click the i for information button. great to meet you and we look forward to meeting you in person sometime soon. take care for now

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aura home design

not only are they a classic piece of casualwear, but t-shirts are a blank canvas for artists and entrepreneurs alike. because ofthis, selling t-shirts online has become a very popular business choice. the good newsis that online t-shirt stores are relatively inexpensive and quick and easy to set up.the bad news is competition will be stiff and the margins can be small so in order tobe successful with your new t-shirt brand, you have to make the right decisions fromthe get go. in this video, we’ll go through the entireprocess of starting an online t-shirt business. we’ll go over strategy, t-shirt and printquality, as well as creating and mocking up your designs. and then we’re going to showyou step by step the easiest - most cost effective

way to get your online t-shirt store up andrunning - without having to deal with any upfront inventory costs, minimum orders, oreven shipping and fulfillment. now, i’ll be starting a store from scratchso i can show you just how easy it is to get up and running - here’s a quick peek atwhat the final product will look like. so follow along and by the end of this video,you too will have created a beautiful online t-shirt store - even if you have no designor coding experience. okay, there’s a lot to cover in this video,so if you’ve already thought about your strategy, tshirt quality and design - youmay want to skip ahead to one of the following sections:

and for those of you just starting out, let’sget started with some strategy and the key areas you’ll want to focus on to ensureyou build a solid brand that stands out from the competition. great, let’s get started. niche - you hear the term get tossed arounda lot, but nowhere is it more important to choose a niche than in the graphic t-shirtindustry. in general, broad categories like t-shirts with funny slogans are going to bechallenging to gain traction for right away because there’s so much competition online.you’re going to want to tighten it up a little more. an example of a more specificniche would be t-shirts with funny slogans that relate specifically to fitness.

design - the majority of people that are purchasinggraphic tees are looking for designs, graphics and slogans that connect with them and reflecttheir opinions and personality. your designs don’t necessarily need to be complex, infact many of the best selling graphic tees are very simple, however, they do need toconnect with your audience and stand out. quality - another extremely important factorin the success and sustainability of an online t-shirt business is quality. you can foolsomeone once, but you can’t fool them twice. the quality of the shirts you use and theprints needs to be good quality. a pattern that fades and cracks or a t-shirt that shrinksand rips won’t create raving fans that come back and repurchase. let’s dig a littledeeper into t-shirt and print quality.

so, t-shirt quality. not all t-shirts arethe same and not all print jobs are the same, so it’s important to educate yourself andchoose your blank shirts wisely. it will always be tempting to sacrifice onquality for higher profit margins but you need to consider how the quality will affectcustomer’s decisions to share your brand and repurchase in the long run.now, quality t-shirts encompass several factors, including fit, sizing, material, softness,and weight. a great starting point for determining which blank t-shirt to use is to check outt-shirt magazine online’s review of some of the most popular blank t-shirts for printing.we’ve linked to this in the description of this video.once you narrow down your choices, we suggest

you order each of the t-shirts yourself tomake an informed final decision. t-shirt printing quality - in this day inage, there are three popular methods for printing designs onto t-shirts. each method has itspros and cons, and will partially depend on how much time you want to invest into theproduct creation, as well as the printing partner you choose.one of your options is screen printing, which is an old technique that has stood the testof time. as one of the most popular methods for printing onto t-shirts, screen printingcan produce durable and long lasting results. however, a labor intensive initial setup meansscreen printing is most cost effective when printing in bulk.screen printing also poses issues when it

comes to complex designs or designs with morethan four to five colors as each color increases costs and production time. another printing method is heat transfersand heat transfers have also been around for a long time and exist in several forms. youmay have even seen basic heat transfer paper at your local office supply store. althoughthese make it easy to print your designs from your home computer and transfer them withan iron, these won’t cut it when it comes to running a business.the more advanced form of heat transfers are called plastisol transfers and are printedby professional printers on special, high quality heat transfer paper. the advantageof this is being able to order a stack of

prints from your local printer and transferthem to your t-shirts as you receive orders with a commercial heat press machine.heat transfers can produce full-colour images onto t-shirts relatively easily and quickly.the final technique for printing is the direct-to-garment printing process, which operates much likea ink-jet printer you would have at home. the printer prints ink directly onto the t-shirtand can produce full color images with accuracy. direct-to-garment printing produces qualityprinting on par with screen printing and better than heat transfers. because it operates justlike an ink-jet printer, there are no setup costs. this means that it's easy and costeffective to print small orders. the major disadvantage however is the lackof volume discount for large orders, as it

takes the same amount of time to print eachshirt. so which option is best for your business?well, like we said, it all depends on your unique situation. however, for a lot of newonline t-shirt businesses, it will be tough to sell a large volume of shirts immediately,which makes screen printing too pricey and although heat transfers allow you to printon demand - it is time consuming and generally of lower quality. so direct to garment maybe your best bet. alright, let’s talk about t-shirt design.now, if you already have a design, feel free to skip ahead. creating your designs - once you have someideas for t-shirts you’ll have to actually

design them. now, if you have photoshop orsimilar programs you can try producing some simple designs yourself - however if you’relike most people, you will likely need to enlist some help. a great place where youcan find a design community with loads of unique talent is on dribble. search for the style you’re looking forand message the designers you like to see if they’re available for freelance projects.additionally, if you can’t find a designer, there are also options to purchase pre-madedesigns. we suggest taking a look at the t-shirt marketplaces designious and t-shirt factory,which we’ve linked to below this video. although you’ll want to keep in mind thatif you choose to go this route, there’s

a high likelihood that other people are alreadyselling the design, making it harder for you and your brand to stand out.you may also want to check out general graphic design marketplaces like creative market andgraphic river but keep in mind if you plan to sell your t-shirts, you’ll need to purchasea commercial license. mocking up your designs - once you have somefinal designs, your next step will be to get some mockup images of them on actual t-shirts.your customers are going to want to actually see what the final design will look like printedon a shirt. the easiest way to do this is to use a freeweb-based t-shirt mockup tool. these tools allow you to quickly preview how your designswill look printed on a t-shirt. head over

to “shirtmockup.com” or “theprintful.com/generator”to give it a try. and for those of you who are comfortable usingadobe photoshop, you can also make use of the abundance of photoshop-t-shirt templatesyou can find online. most photoshop templates come with multiplelayers that allow you to change the colour of the shirt and apply your own design thatwill blend with the creases and folds of the shirt. i’ve linked to a few of these inthe description of this video. validating your designs - before you spenda lot of money on your new business idea, you should first verify that there is a marketfor your designs. there are a number of ways you can do this.the first thing you can do is post some of

your designs to facebook twitter, and othersocial networks your friends and potential customers are a part of to see if there mightbe some interest. be careful asking friends however, their opinions will usually be biasedbecause they want to support you.. now, a great place to go to get some unbiasedfeedback for your designs is reddit. the unique thing about reddit is that thereare thousands of category specific subreddits, so it’s easy to find a highly targeted nicheof potential customers. to find relevant subreddits, simply use reddit’ssearch feature and type in your keywords of choice. from there you can ask them firsthand their thoughts on your designs before launching.

kickstarter and other crowd-funding websiteshave also made it much easier to test, validate, and collect money upfront for your new businessidea. launching a crowdfunding campaign can be time consuming and requires a good dealof preparation, however, the benefits can be huge, which include fully funding yourproject before you have spent a dime. those are just a few methods you can try tovalidate your t-shirt ideas, however with ecommerce platforms like shopify, it’s neverbeen easier to set up a fully functional online store in a matter of minutes to validate yourbusiness idea. additionally, we think the easiest and mostpractical way to get your online t-shirt business started is by integrating your store withan online, on-demand, printing and fulfillment

service.these services are incredibly convenient and allow you to set up your online t-shirt storewithout any risk. they offer a wide variety of t-shirts you can print on, there are noset up costs, no minimum orders, and you don’t need to hold inventory.you simply upload your t-shirt artwork, and the type of shirt you want them to print onand when you receive an order, they print your shirt, and send it directly to your customer.the great thing is, the customer has no idea you’ve used this type of service, becauseyou're able to customize the return address and include your branding in the packaging.also, if you’re using shopify - there are several of these services in our app store,that connect directly to your ecommerce store.

this means that once a shirt is ordered fromyour online store - it will be automatically created, and shipped to your customer. i’velinked to a few of these providers in the description of this video but for now let’shead over to shopify.com and sign up for a free trial so we can show you just how easyit is to get your t-shirt business up and running with one of these services.so, for those of you who don’t know, shopify is a fully hosted, turnkey, ecommerce solutionthat allows you to easily setup and run your own beautiful store on your own domain.i’m going to quickly start a new store from scratch, so i can walk you through the setup process. the first thing i will cover is how to sync your store with an on demand printingand fulfillment service, and then i’m going

to show you how to add products, and customizethe look and feel of your store. to start, we’ll type our email into thebox there and hit get started. then we’ll create our password and the nameof our store. if you’re following along and haven’t decided on a name for your storeyet, don't worry you can easily change your store name later.okay, so it just takes a few moments to create your store.great, so shopify wants to know where we would like to sell, let’s focus on an online storefor now. let’s quickly add our address to set upour shop’s currency. okay, so shopify wants to know a little bitmore about our plans. “are you already selling?”.

and we haven’t started selling productsyet so i’ll tick that off. and how much revenue does your business currentlymake in a year. we’re starting from scratch so i click $0. okay so now that we’ve created our onlinestore, we’ll find ourselves within the shopify admin dashboard and it’s best to think ofthe dashboard as the control center for all the operations we’ll perform on our shopifystore. now, i want to get right into showing youhow to integrate with a on-demand, printing and fulfillment service so let’s jump rightinto it - but if you’re looking to go into more detail with starting your shopify store,we have another great tutorial video that

shows you how to get up and running in moredetail. i’ve linked that video in the description of this video.okay, let’s get started. so the first thing we’re going to do is head to the shopifyapp store. to do this, we’ll click on the “apps” tab on the left panel and thenwe’ll select “visit the app store”. so the shopify app store has 100s of appsthat can extend the functionality of your shopify storein categories ranging from marketing, shipping, sales and customer service.now, we’re looking for a pretty specific type of app, so let’s narrow our resultsby searching for the word “t-shirt”. as you can see there are currently 6 availableapps that appear in the search results for

“t-shirt”, you can take a look at eachof them and read what they have to offer as well as look at customer reviews.for this tutorial, we’re going to take a look at printful.okay so like we said - no upfront costs, they offer personal branding - so it looks likeyou sent it and no manual orders - everything is automatically sent to printful.if we scroll down we can see, they offer a variety of t-shirts, american apparel, gildanand anvil. they also offer sweatshirts, posters, mugs and a whole bunch of other products ifyou’d like to branch out. they also offer 20% off and free shippingif you’d like to order samples of your t-shirts and the conveniently provide you with mockup images that you can use in your shopify

store. they even have some pre-written productdescriptions you can use - although we suggest creating your own.alright, let’s go ahead and add the app and it will bring us to the signup page, wherewe’ll want to create an account. i’ve already created an account so i’llbe brought directly to my shopify page where, i’ll want to install printful. once you’vecreated account as well, you will be redirected here.okay so our store is now synced with printful, and we haven’t added any products to ourstore so we won’t see anything here quite yet.in the blue box, we can see that printful wants to make sure we follow their print guidelines.let’s click on that link.

here we can see more information on the t-shirtsand pricing they offer. if we scroll down we can see the variety ofshirts and sweaters they offer and if we click on the image, we can see all the colours thatare offered, as well as a description and sizing information.if we click on the retail prices tab we can see how much each shirt will cost. and theseprices are what you pay for the shirt and the print. the american apparel 2001 t-shirtcosts you $16 and if you sell your t-shirt at $26 you will profit $10.of course, you decide how you want to price your t-shirt so you determine your own profitmargins. if we click on the shipping tab we can seethe rates for the usa, canada and the rest

of the world. just like pricing, it’s upto you to you to decide if you want to offer free shipping on your products or if you wantto adjust your shipping rates according to the printful rates. we’ll dig into thisin more detail shortly. if we click on the mockups tab, we can downloadsome apparel mock ups and they also point you in the direction of some other mock uptools that we mentioned earlier like shirtmockup.com. and if we click on the guidelines tab - wecan get some instruction on the details of the print file we need to include.we can very easily download these files and work along with them, but if we want to getstarted quickly, we can click on the mockup generator from the top menu.so this feature allows you to generate a t-shirt

mockup and print file very easily. the firstthing we can do is pick our t-shirt brand. we’re going to print on american appareltees, so i’ll select that. the next thing we’ll do is pick our t-shirtcolour. and then we can upload our artwork. once it’s uploaded we can adjust, wherewe want it to appear on our t-shirt. center the file by clicking the center button,or adjust the size of our graphic by using the slider bar.when we’re ready we can click to proceed to the file generator and click to generatethe mockup and printfile. and it will just take a few moments. and we can now downloadthese files. great, now let’s quickly set up our billinginformation so we can get all synced up with

shopfiy. there are few options and we’regoing to go with the default payment method. now, if your printful account is connectedwith your shopify store, all you have to do is add a credit card and any new shopify orderswill automatically be added to printful and your credit card will be automatically chargedfor them. no manual order submission required. okay, let’s head over to our shopify store- and we’re going to add our first t-shirt to our store.to do this we’ll click the products tab and select add product.let’s name our shirt just below that we can add our product description.you’ll want to take some time to craft a proper product description but we can alwayschange this later.

type: t-shirtvendor: shopify and let’s make sure we add this to the frontpagecollection, which means the product will be featured on our home page.and images. this where we can upload our t-shirt mock ups, or if we have any shots of our productson models or anything like that. for now, let’s just add the mockup file that printfulcreated for us. okay price. i’ll just go with $30 for now.since we plan to print on demand, we don’t need to track inventory. and this producthas multiple options. so we’ll need to add the weight of our productfor when we set up our shipping rates. we’ll get into this in more detail but for now,i’m going to say that our t-shirt weighs

0.5 kilograms.variants, this is where we can add or different shirt sizes. and we’ll just type in thesizes we offer and separate them with a comma. okay, let’s hit save product. and our producthas been successfully created. so now, we’ll want to sync our t-shirt with printful. let’shit this handy button on our top bar and select “edit on printful”.and as we can see our shirt has been synced and it is showing the sizes we added. whatwe can do now is add our printfile, and let printful know what type of shirt and sizewe would like them to print on. product type, t-shirt.brand: we’re going to go with american apparel and the model, we’ll go with the very popular2001, fine jersey sleeve men’s t-shirt.

the size for this one will be small, and thecolour black. we can now add our printfile by selecting“front print” and clicking upload file -and then we’ll locate the printfile we generated and downloaded and click the image to confirm.we also have the option to add a back print or outside label at an additional cost. wecan also add the mockup we created. let’s go ahead and do that.it will just take a few seconds to upload - and again we’ll click the image to confirm.then we will hit done - and repeat the process for the additional sizes.as you can see all the info is conveniently filled out and we simply have to change thesize of the shirt.

i’ll just adjust our large shirt as well.great, so our t-shirt is all synced up with printful and ready to go. now let’s takea look at adding our branding to the packages printful ships out to our customers.so, printful is completely white label, which means you will not see their name or brandinganywhere and they make it very easy to add our branding to their packages.to do this we’ll head to “settings” from the top tab, select stores from the lefttab and then click edit. so here we have the option to add our brandingsticker. follow printful’s size and quality guidelines, and at no extra cost you can easilyadd your logo to all your packages. additionally you can add some custom textto your packing slips by filling out the custom

packing slip message right here and you alsohave the option to change your return address, although printful recommends that you keeptheir address as the return address. okay great, so now that we’re all syncedup with printful, let’s head back to our shopify admin dashboard and quickly set upour payments and shipping rates. to set up payments, we’ll head to settingsand then select payments. okay, so for our users in the uk, us and canada,our shopify stores have automatically been set up with shopify payments, which allowsus to start accepting payments from all major credit cards instantly.all we have to do is click to “complete shopify payments account setup and fill outthe relevant information.

and for our users outside of the uk, us, andcanada, don’t worry - shopify has integrated with over 70 different payment partners sothere are plenty of hassle free options available. additionally, as soon as we open our shopifystore, we will be set up with a paypal express checkout account with the email we used tosign up for our shopify store. as soon as we receive our first order throughpaypal express checkout, paypal will send us an email that contains the link and instructionsto complete our paypal account set-up and claim our funds. alright, let’s setup our shipping ratesand to do this we’ll select the shipping tab on our left panel.

okay, so like we said before it’s entirelyup to you how you want to set up your shipping rates. you may decide you want to offer freeshipping to your customers, or even build the shipping prices into the cost of yourshirt. we have some great resources that can help you get a shipping strategy in placethat i will link to in the description of this video. but for now, we’ll show youan easy, and safe way to set up your shipping rates, so that they match the rates that printfulwill charge you. let’s pull up printful’s shipping ratesfor reference. so you can see they have different rates forthe usa, canada and worldwide shipping. we’ll set up our canadian rates first, because thatis where we are located.

so our first t-shirt will cost $8.00 and eachadditional shirt will cost $1.00. so we’ve already been set up with some standardshipping rates - but these won’t do us much good since we want to match printful’s rates.so let’s get rid of the heavy goods shipping. and let’s open up the standard shippingand customize it. let’s set up a shipping rate for if ourcustomer orders 1 t-shirt. so, the first thing we’ll want to do is change our criteriato “based on weight”. now, if you remember we put the weight ofour t-shirt at 0.5kg. so we’ll put our range 0.0kg - 0.5 kg. and we’ll set the shipping price to $8.00as per printful’s rates.

now we can hit save and our shipping ratesfor orders of a single t-shirt have been set. so next we’ll want to set up a rate forcustomer’s who order 2 t-shirts. we’ll click “add shipping rate” - i’ll addthe same title “standard shipping”. okay so we know we’ve weighted 1 t-shirtat 0.5kg, so 2 t-shirts will weigh 1kg. therefore we’ll want to change the weight range ofthis rate to 0.6kg, so that it weighs more than 1 shirt - to 1 kg. and we know printful charges 1 extra dollarfor each additional t-shirt to canada so we’ll change our rate to $9 instead of 8. we can keep filling these rates out in a similarfashion - you may also decide to give your

customers who are ordering a bunch of shirtsa deal on shipping. you can achieve this by changing the weightrange for example to 1.1-20kg with a shipping rate of $10. meaning if they order, 3 shirtsor more they are offered the same rate of $10. to set up rates for the usa we can click “addcountry”, and select the united states. we’ll then follow the same method we usedto set up our canadian rates. to set up international rates - click addcountry, select “rest of the world” and again follow the same process to set up yourrates. okay, so we’ve taken care of the logistics.our store is integrated with printful - our

products are synced and we’ve provided printfiles. we’ve set up our billing information onprintful and set up our shopify store to accept payments. our shipping rates are set - butyou’re probably wondering - what does my store actually look like? well, that’s reallyup to you. let’s head back to our admin and click onthemes tab to get started customizing the look and feel of our store. so, the theme of a shopfiy store controlsall aspects of the store’s appearance and layout. now, shopify actually automaticallysets us up with an introductory theme called launchpad, which is a great starter theme- but let’s quickly head over to theme store

and explore some options. so there are lots of themes to choose fromand we encourage you take some time looking through them and seeing which one would workwell with your t-shirt business. for now, let’s narrow our results a littlebit by selecting a free theme, that is in clothing and fashion. so our results have narrowed significantly, and i’m personally drawn to the “new standard”theme so i’ll click on it. here we can learn more about the theme, viewa demo, see what styles it comes in and read some reviews.

if we’re satisfied with what we see we canclick “get theme” and publish it as our stores theme. and it will take a few moments to publishit. now, we can view what our store is lookinglike by clicking this view on your website button or at any time by using the handy iconin the bottom left corner. so our website is pretty blank - we’ve onlyadded one product. but we can easily customize our theme and start filling it out by addingour logo to the top - adding a nice slider image and filling out our about us section. first things first, i’m going to quicklygo back to our products page and add 3 more

t-shirts just so we can better visualize ourstore. i’d encourage everyone to do the same. if you’re following along, make sureto add your new products to the “front page” collection so they will appear on your homepage. i’d also like to mention that if you'readding shirts that you plan to sell, remember to sync them with printful, by using the sameprocess we used with our first t-shirt. okay great, so we now have 4 products to fillout our store and help visualize it. let’s head back to our themes and click customizetheme. and there are our 4 products displayed on our front page. let’s start by adding our logo - to do thiswe’ll click the “header tab”. if we

read the description it let’s us know thatour logo dimensions can be a maximum of 844 pixels wide and 200 pixels high. i’ve already got a logo prepared so i’llclick choose file - locate my image, and click open. great, let’s save those changes. next up, let’s add a slider image, by clickingthe back arrow and going down to the homepage tab. we can see that our image should be 844 pixelsby 490 pixels. let’s click the replace button under “slide 1” and select our bannerimage.

cool - so that’s added. i also have anotherone i will add so it can scroll through two different photos. same idea, i’ll clickreplace under slide 2 and locate my photo. awesome, you can also very easily add captions- or you may even decide you want to turn off the slider.take some to explore the storefront editor, it’s extremely intuitive so you can easilycustomize the look of your store. if we look at the footer section, for examplewe can easily link our social icons, which are located at the bottom of our page to ourappropriate channels, simply by changing the url. if we don’t use a particular social channel,we can easily remove the icon by deleting

the url entirely. and as you can see our google + icon is nolonger there and if we’re interested we can add our contactinformation into the boxes below. okay let’s save changes. alright, so ourt-shirt store is starting to fill out nicely and another thing we may want to edit is our“about us” section and our blog. to start, we’ll head back to our admin dashboard andclick pages. from within the pages we can very easily customizeour about us page and we can change the text on our frontpage by selecting the “frontpage”section. and just like everything else, adding blogposts is extremely easy. click on the blog

posts tab from the panel and there is oneset up for you that is ready to edit. and to add additional blog posts, simply hitthe “add a blog post” button from the right hand corner. okay and the last thing we recommend you dois register a custom web address by clicking settings and then domains. all new storesstart with a with a (dot)myshopify(dot)com address as a way to log in and store our contentsafely, however it will look much more professional if you get your own custom .com address forexample. you can do this very easily by selecting the“buy a domain” button and the domains will even be offered to you at a discountedprice - or - if you already have domain, you

can easily add it to your store by selectingto add an existing domain. and there you go, just like that you’reall set up with your custom branded, online t-shirt store. and if you’ve followed along,your t-shirts are all synced up with printful - so when someone purchases a t-shirt - anorder is automatically sent to printful, printed on your t-shirt of choice and sent directlyto your customer. and since you don’t have to worry aboutupfront inventory costs, or printing and shipping you’ll have plenty of time to focus on otheraspects of growing and running your online t-shirt business. i’d also like to mention that your storeis currently private, and password protected

- but when you’re ready to launch you caneasily remove your password by heading to settings, then scrolling down to the “storefrontpassword” section to remove your password and make your store live to the public. if you have any questions please don’t hesitateto leave a comment below - and if you found this video helpful, please let us know byclicking the like button. thanks for watching. ready to put what you learned into action?head over to shopify to start your free trial.

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attic home design

hi, i'm tim gipson and i'm going to talk toyou about how to construct an attic bedroom. now adding an attic bedroom is a great wayto add square footage onto your home with utilizing some existing space that's alreadythere. and now when we're looking at constructing and finishing out an attic bedroom there iscertain things we got to do. first you want to make sure you do a good gauge check, andyou can either do this yourself instead of going down and meet with your building codes,doing up a sketch, bringing in some measurements of what you want to finish out. and they canhelp you as far as making sure that the space meets minimum requirements to make it a livablespace. and some things that are going to come into play is you've got to have a minimumceiling height for the space and it's got

to be a certain width and usually about halfthe room has to be at your minimum ceiling height. okay. so that's the first thing you'regoing to look at. and then the next thing is you're going to have to have a window thatmeets the minimum size for egress. now one thing i recommend if you do take an atticspace and convert it to a bedroom, keep in mind there is only one access that way, andthen you have this window. so it's a good idea to get one of these, and what this is,this is an emergency ladder that if there was an emergency and your person up here occupatingthis room had to egress, they'd open the window, this attaches over the window, and then theladder would drop down allowing them to be able to get out. so that's an important considerationin a finished attic room. now something comes

into play is that we've got to make accommodationsup here for some of the storage space and also for some equipment that may be up inhere. so these are knee walls that are built up and typically this is about as low as youwant to get, these are about four foot knee walls. as you can see we have got these doorsthat we built in and this gives us access to our hvac system that happens to be up here.so the furnaced portion of the hvac is right here. and you also - one thing that worksvery well is using recessed lighting. again you're not going to typically have a lot ofceiling height, you're going to have usually minimum ceiling heights you're working with,when you finish out this attic space, so using recessed lighting is another good way to goabout it. so i'm tim gipson talking to you

about finishing out an attic space for a bedroom.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

at home nail designs for short nails

what?! not again!as you can see i have a horrible weather here, but this is actually good news. because ofall this rain i had nothing better to do, than to film a nail tutorial for you guys.since my nail art tools still don't want to cooperate with me i did all these designswithout them and they turned out really cute. wanna see how? just keep watching...start with a base coat to protect your nails. since you girls always ask me for more easyand cute nail designs that don't require professional nail art tools, i decided to film my secondno tool nail art tutorial. the first design in today's tutorial is the ninja turtle. startoff with a green polish for the base... well, i need to go in with white first because mygreen polish is not that pigmented. when your

green background dries, draw a horizontalstripe across the upper part of the nail for the eyes disguise. you know the colors youshould use right? blue for leonardo, orange for michelangelo, purple for donatello andred for raphael. i went for raphael so i selected a dark red tone for the first coat and forthe second, a brighter orange-y one. i left the edges of the darker red peeking out fora slight 3d effect. now only the eyes are missing. make two white dots and then smallerblack ones on top of them. when drawing eyes with a nail polish brush it is important thatyou wipe off the brush really well. apply a top coat to bring your design together.this manicure looks really cool if you change the color of the mask for different nailsfor all the four ninja turtle characters.

next is a lovely flower design. you can chooseany color for the base; i applied two layers of minty green. draw 3 petals with a widerside of the nail polish brush in the corner of the nail like this. make 3 lines, one verticalone horizontal and one diagonal. i applied 2 coats of white to get sharp and opaque petals.now take another color, i went for a hot pink and draw 3 smaller petals on top of the whiteones. turn the brush for 90 degrees to use the narrow side of the brush. this way thepetals will automatically be smaller. the flower looks so pretty if you chose two verydifferent, contrasting colors. finally, make a large dot in the very corner of the nail.seal your design with a fast drying top coat. i think this flower design is so adorable!i painted all nails on my other hand with

it and look how pretty it turned out. besides,it didn't take more than 10 minutes and it looks just fabulous don't you think?!next is an adorable and super easy penguin design. you need black, white and yellow nailpolish for this one. start by painting the entire nail in black. i applied two layersto get that really sharp and opaque payoff. make a wide white stripe along the centerof your nail for his belly. for the head draw an oval stripe like this to extend the blacka bit. then make two white dots for the eyes and two smaller black dots on top of them.see how easy it is to make precise details with a nail polish brush. but as i said earlier,you need to wipe-off the brush off really well otherwise you can mess up your design.or just use a toothpick to make your life

even easier! here i just made a tiny stripeof white and i am going over it with yellow for penguin's beak. look how cute he is! andso simple to make! apply a generous amount of the fast drying top coat for the beautifulshine. a generous amount of top coat will prevent the bristles from touching the polishand this way the black color won't smear onto the white. also try to move as fast as possiblewhen applying it. how flipping adorable is our penguin right?ok, this design you guys, it must be my favorite of all the five! it is a design of a balloonand since we'll achieve it using a special technique, it will look like you have a stickeron your nail, but you actually won't. i'm first applying a white base and then a greenpolish on top for the background. look how

bright this green polish looks on top of thewhite! apply a thick layer of green so that it will take more time to dry. see how i'madding the green here. now we have to work quickly! don't wait for the green polish todry, just go straight for the three different colors of your choice and make 3 dots forthe balloons. it helps if you have your three polishes open and ready. see how cool effectthis wet polish technique gives you! now it's time to draw a small stripe to each of theballoons -- you know the part where you tie a balloon so that the air doesn't escape.at the end draw a curved white stripe to the side of each balloon for a highlight to addthat little something to your design. for these tiny stripes wipe the polish really,really well until you're left only with a

hint of a polish on your brush. the balloonsnow look so cartoonish and cute. apply a fast drying top coat to bring it together and protectyour work of art. see how adorable this manicure looks?! use this nail art as an accent nailon your ring finger or paint all your nails with it. i like that the technique is a bitdifferent which makes the design very unique. the last design in this tutorial is a spookyghost. well, not that spooky... i find him quite cute actually. create some darknessby applying two layers of black. once the black dries, go in with your white polish.draw a white stripe or oval shape in the center of the nail. then turn the brush and drawsmaller stripes out the main shape with the narrow side of the brush. apply a second coatto get it all opaque and to perfect the shape

of our cute little ghost. lastly, add somebig black eyes and mouth to make him alive. to protect the design apply a layer of fastdrying top coat. here you can actually use a thinner layer of top coat, because somesmearing is actually helpful -- the ghost will look even more transparent and spooky!so we've reached the end of this tutorial. please share your awesome recreations withme on my social networks. and rate this video if you want more nailart designs. talk to you soon. bye guys! as you have seen, no tool nail art goes farbeyond simple geometric designs. you can make so many cute and adorable manicures even ifyou don't own any nail art tools. i hope you enjoyed watching this tutorial and let meknow which designs you like best!

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at home nail design ideas

hey! it's sandi, and in today's nail art video hannah will be showing you how to create these really unique and gorgeous water marble hearts this nail art technique is perfect for valentine's day so guys, if you love it, don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe if you haven't already. hi! it's hannah. let's start off by applying a basecoat to help protect our natural nails. next, apply a white polish for your base color. next, drip red, light pink, and pink polish into a small cup or shot glass filled with room temperature water. filtered water tends to work best, but tap can work too, and i also find really good results with opi and sally hansen polishes but

it's all really about trial and error. so now, use a toothpick to carefully drag the polish down the center to form a cute heart. line the nail up with the heart and then dip it into the cup at a slight angle. you can see i already have liquid latex on but you could also use tape to help protect the skin. blow on the surface to dry the polish and then clean up the excess with a toothpick. remove the nail and you should have a perfect-ly. shaped. heart... what is that?? well, since this is a total fail, i'm going to have to go to plan b. so, basically i'm going to be doing the same thing, but this time in a small bottle cap.

instead of doing any dipping, i'm going to let these dry for about one to two hours. once they're dry, make sure the polish is detached from the cap, i'm just using a toothpick and then carefully remove with tweezers. now place the decal on a paper towel to soak up the water. to get these onto the nail, first apply a topcoat over the white nail polish you can also just use the topcoat on the bare nails, but i feel like the white polish helps it stick better. then grab your decal and gently press it onto the nail. use a cuticle pusher to press around the nail, sometimes this will detach the excess polish, but if not... you can also use 100% acetone to clean up around the nail.

and for the excess on the tip, you can just file that off. finish with a fast-drying top coat to seal in your design and add a beautiful shine. so that's it for this video. i really hope you enjoyed it! click the info card at the top right-hand of the screen for more videos on cute polish and if you would like to check out my personal nail channel click the link in the description. thanks for watching! bye!

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at home nail art designs for beginners

you guys know that i love color but today,i am going to show you that black and white can be also cool. what !? in this tutoriali'll show how you can easily achieve these pretty black and white mix and match nails.hey loves! today i'm back with another nail art tutorial and it's a really special onebecause it's a collaboration with the beautiful jen from the channel missjenfabulous.she makesdiy, beauty videos and amazing nail art tutorials. i love how they are always so creative, easyto make and they always turn out fantastic. so we decided to join our nail art forcesand create mix and match nails. i came up with this all black and white design, whileshe created a gorgeous colorful one. make sure to watch her tutorial. it will be linkedat the end of this video and in the description

box. but first, let me show you how to achievethis monochromatic creation, so go grab your black and white polish and let's dive in.my black and white polish are ready but let's put them on a side for a minute because wehave to prime our nails with a base coat first. this way we block the nasty staining and keepour nails pretty and healthy. alright, now our nails are prepped and readyfor some color. paint your thumb and pointer black. i have to apply two coats for an opaqueresult. then paint your middle, ring and pinky finger in white. at this point your nailsshould look like this. quite a funny manicure! but don't worry because we are just gettingstarted! time to take out your artistic skills and make some designs!on the ring finger we are making a beautiful

flower design. dip your medium sized dottingtool in black polish and make five dots close together like that to represent the petals.make several of these flower shapes all over your nail. some can be bigger, some smallerbecause there are all sorts of flowers out there.i still need some smaller dots to make the design fuller. leave the polish dry and thenproceed with the white. make smaller white flower shapes on top of the bigger black ones.this way you will keep that black flower silhouette, which i think looks so stunning. and it seemslike the design was so difficult to make when it's in fact so easy! to complete the designmake black dots in the center of each flower. i think this design is so pretty even as anaccent nail to a solid manicure. on my right

hand i made this design on my thumb and ijust switched the colors - so i have white flowers on black background and i absolutelylove it! on the pinky we are making the easy and alwayscute polka dots design. make a row of dots along the center of the nail and then addtwo rows by the sides. you can go for bigger or smaller dots, i went for a medium sizedones. if you don't have a dotting tool you can use a q-tip or a toothpick to make thisclassic but lovely design. so far we made two black designs on the whitebackground. but, on the middle finger, we are making a yin yang which represents balanceand will connect all of the black and white designs into a story. here's how to make aperfect yin yang sign in an easy way! i like

to mark three dots along the center of thenail. now just connect these dots making an "s" shape using a striper, precise brush oreven a toothpick. it doesn't have to be flawless right away, you can always go in later andperfect it. then color one half in black. yin yang represents how opposite forces areactually interdependent and give rise to each other. all we have to do now is make a blackdot on the white half and white dot on the black half of the nail. help!moving to our black background designs. on the pointer we're drawing white trianglesall over the nail. i am using my precise brush, which i got in a craft store for very cheap.and you guys know that i love it for nail art. the triangle lines don't have to be perfectand opaque yet – we are just making a draft

first! now we can go over all the lines againmaking them bolder and neater. i love this design! the white triangles look so cool onthe dark background, don't you think? this design itself could work great on all thenails or as an accent on a ring finger for example.on the thumb let's make some classic and classy vertical stripes. i am not very good witha striper. that's why i decided to use a tape, which makes perfect stripe designs super easyto achieve. stick parallel tape pieces along the nail, apply white polish and peel awaythe tape. here i am using a nail art tape, but you can make your own diy nail art tapeusing usual scotch tape and scissors in a minute! my white polish was getting quitethick and gloopy so i had to mix in a few

drops of nail polish thinner. voila! the perfectstripes in no time! oops i did it again! no problem because the precise brush takes careof such small errors in a sec. and here is our last design all done!i made the same designs on my right hand but i made horizontal stripes on the ring fingerand flowers on the thumb. finally we have to apply a top coat to sealall the designs, add some shine and protection. a matte top coat would look gorgeous on thesenails too, but unfortunately i couldn't find it in any local store! that is it for my monochromemix and match nail art. i hope you'll give it a try and if you do so, please share yourmasterpieces with me on my social media because you guys know that i love to see those. letme know in the comments, what nail art you

would like to see next and off course don'tforget to watch jen's mix and match nails and subscribe to her channel for more of herawesome videos. thank you so much for watching, i heart you and take care until next time.bye! black and white can sometimes be associatedwith plain and boring, but the story behind this strongest contrast is all but that. there'sno shadow without light and not a day without night.

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at home interior design

villa interiors in hyderabad

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asian paints home designs

[choosing home interior paint colors - how to choose room colors] hi, i'm nadia geller, interior designer for homestyler. [nadia geller, interior designer] today, i'm going to show you how to find the right paint colors for your home. first, you want to equip yourself like a pro. go to your local paint store and buy a fan deck. [buy a fan deck] it's a book of all the colors available by a certain paint manufacturer. [match paint colors to household objects]

now, go around and match a paint color to all the main objects in your home, things like furniture, window treatments, cabinets, and accent pieces, then go back to the paint store and get individual paint chips of each color. [get matching paint chips] these are the main colors of your home, and you'll use these to find wall colors that will complement them. using online software, you can experiment with different color combinations. [www.homestyler.com] this is homestyler, and i've used it to recreate a home so i can literally see what my choices will look like from room to room.

it's so great to try before you buy or lift a finger. you can even change the angle of your view to determine what shade of paint will look best where. also, look through decor magazines to see how pros make color work in different spaces. and pay attention to what you like. do softer colors appeal more than brighter ones? consider the sight lines in your home.

if you are going to paint your dining room a royal blue, for instance, and you can see into your living room, don't paint the living room a color that will clash, like lavender. choose colors that will work in harmony with each other. that doesn't mean you can't be bold. use the program to experiment with some dramatic options, like painting one wall a different color than the rest of the room. once you've found colors you like, i suggest painting a larger surface with your top two choices,

then place them against the wall you're going to paint. let them live there for a couple of days, so you can see how they make you feel and how they change with the light. you'll be surprised how a new color can transform a room. it truly is a fun and inexpensive way to completely change your home. [finding the right paint colors, determine the main colors of your home] [pick colors that don't clash from room to room] [paint sample boards and live with them before you pick a color, www.homestyler.com]

so go ahead, color your world. i'm nadia geller. to start designing your dream kitchen today, go to homestyler.com. [to start designing today, go to www.homestyler.com]

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asian paint home design

[music playing] from the hot arid desertsof arizona, nevada, and new mexico to the cool, moistsea coast of california, dunn-edwards paints areformulated specifically for the climate of the southwestto protect and beautify a wide variety ofarchitectural surfaces. since its founding 85years ago, dunn-edwards has provided more than 450million gallons of paint

to the region, enough to covermore than 6,000 square miles of surface area. but why do so manyprofessionals choose to paint their most importantprojects and their own homes with dunn-edwards paints? because they knowfrom experience it's the highestquality paint available. in 1925, two youngwallpaper salesmen, frank buddy dunnand charles smith,

formed the dunn-smith company. and by 1927, it evolved intothe consolidated wallpaper corporation of los angeles,selling wallpaper and paint. by 1937, paint sales beganto exceed wallpaper sales. and the company openedits own paint factory consisting of two usedstone mills, an agitator, a cooking kettle,later, some rotor mills. its crew consisted of oneman who made the paint and cooked the varnish.

the next year, arthur c. edwardsbought into the business, becoming half owner. sales immediately improved. and a businessphilosophy was born-- make the finest line ofpaint, and give the best service at fair prices. it's a philosophy thatendures to this day. throughout the 1950s, hundredsof thousands of new homes were built across californiaand the southwest.

many of them werepainted with the brand the professional paintersrecognized as the best available-- dunn-edwards. the following decadesaw dunn-edwards continue to expand. [cameras snapping] today, with more than 100stores across the southwest, dunn-edwards remains theforemost manufacturer and supplier of premiumarchitectural and industrial

coatings in the region. with landmarks such as staplescenter arena, caesar's palace, the walt disney concerthall, and many other renowned structures all entrustingtheir beauty to dunn-edwards, we understand theimportance of continuing our legacy of producing the veryhighest quality paint possible. towards that goal, in 2009,dunn-edwards began work on a new state-of-the-artproduction and distribution center in phoenix, arizona.

the new facility includesa manufacturing plant, product development, andquality control laboratories, a distribution center,store, and office space. totaling over335,000 square feet, it has a capacity to produce30 million gallons of paint annually and can employ upto 150 full time workers. for 85 years, dunn-edwardshas prided itself on providing world classservice and great paint. and we continue tostrive towards that.

here we'll be able toexpand our capacity and improve our efficiency. this new facility in phoenixrepresents the next chapter in the story of dunn-edwards. at the heart of the new facilityis the state-of-the-art paint manufacturing plant thatproduces the finest paint formulations in the world. the process begins with thedelivery of raw materials that include resins andvarious paint additives.

storage capacity of morethan 400,000 gallons is used to store over 250unique ingredients that are used in dunn-edwardsdiversified paint lines. many of the liquid rawmaterials are stored in a 60 tank fishbowl system. each fishbowl, which is a275-gallon mini bulk tank stores a different additive. the weight of eachtank is precisely measured using afloor scale which

allows for accuratedelivery of small amounts of these ingredientsto a batch of paint. one method of dryraw material addition is through ouradvanced slurry system which convertssolid raw materials into liquid slurry that can bepumped throughout the plant. this system allows solids tobe mixed 30% more efficiently. and dunn-edwards is theonly us paint manufacturer were to use thisslurry technology.

dry raw materialsthat are not processed using the slurrysystem are processed using high speed dispersers. weight controlledthrough load cells, these stainless steel tanksprovide high speed mixing to achieve specifications. the speed and heightof the mixing blades are automaticallycontrolled and tailored for specific formulations.

these high speeddispersion tanks use an integrateddust capture function so that 100% of thepigment is used in product and there are noparticle emissions. this makes good senseboth economically and environmentally. in the final mixing steps,the end process materials and remaining ingredientsare mixed in let down tanks. these tanks gently agitateup to 12,000 gallons of paint

at a time to the finalproduct specifications before the fillingprocess begins. to design the processcontrol system in this plant improves the accuracyand efficiency of paint manufacturing. there over 1,600automated valves that are used to the materialsthroughout the system. every tank sits on its ownload cell which can precisely weigh the amount ofraw material that

goes into every batch of paint. this automation ultimatelysaves us time, reduces waste, and helps us create ahigher quality product. after the painthas been produced, the job of packagingand shipping begins. dunn-edwards automatedfilling lines can package over100,000 gallons per day. it starts with the de-palletizerwhich automatically sorts empty cans frompallets and places them

on a conveyor to be filled. as cas speed down the conveyors,they're labeled and filled. the automated fillersdispense paint into the cans based onspecific formula weights to ensure accurate fill levels,cleaner fills, and lower product waist. one line alone iscapable of filling 44 one-galloncontainers per minute. lids are placed on the cans,ensuring proper placement

and seal. gallon cans are baled. each and every can is identifiedfor manufacturing, quality control, and tracking purposes. the processes and technologyused in this paint plant are unsurpassed inthe paint industry. this allows us tocreate a quality paint that's consistent canafter can, batch after batch. product is bundledin four-pack gallons

and nine-pack quarts of paint. using a strong lightweightrecyclable polyethylene film, the bundler reduces packagingcost by more than 50% and eliminates the wasteand energy costs associated with cardboard boxes and trays. as product completesits journey, the palletizer stacks bundlesof one-gallon and quart cans onto pallets. the pallet wrapper wrapsthe pallets with film.

it uses a pre-stretchedcarriage that allows the film to be stretchedup to 300% for optimal use and cost savings. this saves the equivalentof approximately 60 miles of unstretched film per year. larger five-gallon containersgo through much the same process as the gallon and quart cans. one step that is differentis the palletizing of the five-gallon buckets.

here, a robotic arm actuallylifts and stacks the buckets. it's capable apologizing upto 60 five-gallon buckets per minute. the robot offers a safer,quieter, and more energy efficient alternative totraditional palletizing technology. this plant can be describedas an ultra-low discharge facility, meaning wastegeneration is minimized. in addition, the entiredesign and construction

followed leed guidelines andhas achieved leed certification. this is all in keepingwith dunn-edwards greener by design philosophy of beingas eco-efficient as possible. from the company's first paintfactory in the 1930s to its industry-leading practices todevelop environmentally safer formulations, dunn-edwardscontinues to set new standards of quality with the openingof this state-of-the-art eco-efficient paint factory thatwill pave the way into this new century.

dunn-edwards was founded onstrict standards of excellence backed by stringentquality control, testing, and eco-efficient principlesto assure the finest and safest paint products possible. our highly precisecomputer-controlled manufacturing process resultsin the best formulated, most reliable paint andcoatings in the industry: can after can,batch after batch. no wonder dunn-edwards paintis the number one choice

of painting anddesign professionals. in fact, morepainting professionals paint their own homewith dunn-edwards than any other paint. we could think of nobetter endorsement. dunn-edwards-- thenumber one choice of painting professionals.

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asian homes design

eddie huang: yo, i'meddie huang, and i got high on munchies. i got to make fun of my boyeating a pear in a men's locker room. i got to tell plan b jokes. i told jokes about panda shit. you can't really do thatanywhere else. it's fun. and we're not knuckleheads.

we're not idiots. we are telling stories that meansomething, but in our own vernacular. and that's what i really love. so there it is, thewhole shebang. vice presents munchieswith eddie huang. female speaker 1: thisfamous cook? eddie huang: what is this? i don't know this.

oh, i would definitelychef here. i'm going to create aspecial health menu. eddie huang: chinese juices,dragon sweat, panda shit, the best. mmm. my name is eddie huang. the name of my restaurantis baohaus, and we serve taiwanese-style street food. bao just means bun orbread in chinese.

everybody has variationson pork bun. but i was like, yo, let's takea step back and do the og shit, the real, authentic,taiwanese way they've been doing since the '50s. so i wanted to red cook the porkand topping with peanuts and sugar and cilantro, likehow we do in taiwan, and it just really took off. it's not like my mission inlife was to open a bao restaurant.

this was the item thatmade the most sense. it's portable. it's the asian answerto a taco. the names for thebaos are cool. the original's named afterchairman mao, because mao's from hunan. and my technique for thered-cooked pork belly is from hunan the province. that's where my family's from.

and then we got thebird house bao. it's chicken. the inspiration for that wasrobin givens because she's the biggest bird in the world. i hate that bitch. ruined mike tyson. so yeah, we're going to go hangout with detective max koshkerman. he always sounds like he'sinterrogating people.

max koshkerman: what do you gotfor breakfast, a salad? eddie huang: the other dudeis simonez wolf, chef sez. i know sez from thedoor at le band. he's always clowningmotherfuckers outside, not letting anybody in. he's a funny cat. emile haynie: how's it going? eddie huang: this motherfuckeris the latest one man. what's wrong with you?

you all know emile. he produced "runaway". he produced lana delrey's new album. honestly, we should just eat thefucking, that new pot pie. that new kfc pot pieis the moves. really we all just hang out. and we like to eat. so we're going to goeat at nan xiang shanghai-style breakfast.

after you mr. jimenez. so flushing's an interestingneighborhood because a lot of people feel like thebest chinese food comes from taiwan. after the revolution,most chinese master chefs fled to taiwan. they came to new york, setup shop in flushing. simonez wolf: which way? you know the way.

eddie huang: first restaurantwe went to was nan xiang xiao long bao. they do the best shanghainesebreakfast i've had in new york hands down. deep bow. that's a dismissive one. [speaking chinese] eddie huang: you think chinesebreakfast, and everybody just assumes dim sum.

but dim sum is a cantonesething, southern china on the coast. a lot of the rest of the easterncoast of china, people like to eat soup dumplings,hot soy milk, cruellers. these are dishes that youdon't usually see in the american canon ofchinese food. so i like people to seeit because that's what i grew up with. max koshkerman: i'lltell you what man.

only eat fresh soy milk. people don't even understand-- eddie huang: game over, dude. game over. max koshkerman: --howincredible it is. eddie huang: this is a beefscallion pancake, one of my favorite dishes. this dish, it's beef and tripetogether, spicy oil. but the folk name forit is [chinese],

husband and wife platter. now soup dumpling 101. i'm going to show this. you see a lot of goons pokingholes right in the top. hooligans. this is what you do. soup dumpling gets a sauna. you put it in the vinegar. let it chill out, maybe 30seconds to a minute.

it'll cool. then you eat it. this is the only way to do it. you do it any other way-- max koshkerman: don'tbe a hooligan-- eddie huang: don't bea fucking hooligan. max koshkerman: --while eatinga soup dumpling. eddie huang: yeah. and you see all thesemotherfuckers on facebook, oh

my favorite food issoup dumplings. they're like pokingthem like this. max koshkerman: respectthe dumpling. don't be a hooligan. simonez wolf: can i do this? this is good? max koshkerman: i don't know. eddie huang: that looks likesome crazy french shit. see, i should host a showteaching people how to do this

called, "so you think you wantto be a chinaman." "so you think you can chinaman."oh thank you. thank you grasshopper. eddie huang: oh and then afterthat, we went to probably the best cantonese restaurant inany of the five boroughs, imperial palace. max koshkerman: respectfor that. i can't reach that. oh now hold on.

simonez wolf: oh ninja. oh, can't reach you. eddie huang: [speaking chinese] eddie huang: i got thecrab on rice, seafood on pan-fried noodles. i got a little fried grouper. i think we're good. max koshkerman: is thatlobster in that? max koshkerman: whatare you saying?

eddie huang: so max wasbeing extra difficult. i usually don't go to restaurantand order all fucking shellfish dishes. i asked max what he wants. he goes, oh, lobster. son, we're gettingdungeness crab. you still want to get lobster? he's like, i only wantto eat lobster. he wants lobster.

he's going to be difficultuntil he gets his fucking lobster. max koshkerman: i just want totry that cantonese style. eddie huang: how difficult. i thought you were difficult. this guy's fucking difficult. simonez wolf: i'm difficult? eddie huang: no he'sdifficult. max koshkerman: i'm justhigh maintenance.

simonez wolf: i'mnot difficult. i'm just proper. eddie huang: we gotonly shellfish. that's some bowl of shit. we only ordered shellfish. cheers. and we got dungeness crabover sticky rice there. they take a live dungeness crab,butcher it live, take the top off.

they'll take sticky rice. then they'll throw itin the wok a little. then it goes on top of lotusleaves into a bamboo steamer. it's probably the illest dishout there in any restaurant in the north right now. go ahead. go ahead emile. you go in. go dig in emile.

this is the best part,see inside the brain? that yellow shit. get up in the brains. this shit is the best. so this is steamed oyster withxo sauce, chili oil, dried scallop, all kindsof good stuff. and then the fried rice dishthat we had was a salt fish fried rice. the protein that you see inthere is diced chicken bits.

but the flavor for that friedrice is coming from salt fish. and i think i justsaid fried rice. [laughs] eddie huang: thatchinglish just pops its head up sometimes. so ugly. simonez wolf: oh look,look, look. eddie huang: oh here we go. i want you to take a photowith your lobster.

yo, if people knew sim wasgeeking out, taking food photos like that, i don't thinkhe could control any door in the city becausehe stunts on everyone. he the coolest guy you know. but now he's got his yelp on,fucking taking photos of food for his blog. so it's a funny dynamic,all of us. but we don't give a fuck. we'll geek out over shit.

we act a fool. anywhere we go, yousee we act a fool. after imperial palace,emile pussied out. he didn't want togo to the baths. simonez wolf: you coming? emile haynie: no,definitely not. no. eddie huang: so then we wentto the russian baths. just sweat it out, because wefelt gross from all that food.

how are you simonez? we are here at the russianbaths right now. simonez wolf: whoawhoa, gangsta. eddie huang: max was in therewith a bunch of dudes with no drawers on eating a pear. definitely let the streetsknow, that's max's shit. see, he was eatingthe fucking pear. you see him eatingthe fucking pear. no better place to eat a pearthan in a locker room full of

naked dudes. yo, i like to just getblazed and sweat. it's kind of cool. it's the perfect thing to dohigh because you don't have to think about anything. your mind is just consumedwith sweating. and you feel likeyou worked out. you feel like you burntsome calories, even though you didn't.

so we just fuckinggo to the baths. look at this shit. some intense negotiations goingon here at the baths. max, the price is listed man. the prices are listed. max is always fuckingnegotiating with people. he don't ever want to payfull price for anything. he'd go to chipotle and fuckingnegotiate if he could. max koshkerman: this plug, iwant one more round on the

house next time i come here. eddie huang: these persianpeople are the cheapest. female speaker 1: yeah, buthe know how to deal. eddie huang: you should takeanother photo here of him. put it up. this man steals. stealing memberships. max koshkerman: i'llsee you later. eddie huang: take care.

female speaker 1: good luck. eddie huang: after we wentto the baths, we just had the munchies. and we were like, whatcould we make? we're going to go to baohaus andmake fried bao ice cream sandwiches. it's going to be good. it's this way. male speaker: we're happy, no.

simonez wolf: neighborhoodwatch. eddie huang: damn, you juststunted on him in front of his girl, yo. you stealing shorties tonight? you stealing shorties? all right, we're goingto make this. drop eight baos in the fryer. eddie huang: no, just for fun. you want one?

we'll make one for you. female speaker 2:can i have one? eddie huang: yeah, we'llmake you one. no problem. male speaker 2: cani have one too? eddie huang: had them fried baoswith the red bean paste, the little shiso leaf, allthe finest greenery. and then vanilla ice cream orgreen tea ice cream, depending on what your flavor is.

oh delicious. here you go sim. you want ice cream sandwiches? all right, come get it. don't be shy. y'all scared of icecream sandwiches? male speaker 3: i'm a littleconfused about this. eddie huang: yeah, what areyou confused about? it's fucking ice creamand fried baos.

what's there to beconfused about? we're going to feed the streetsright now, everybody. simonez wolf: it's like a soupkitchen for ice cream. eddie huang: yeah, it'sa soup kitchen. this is a ice creamsoup kitchen. here you go. enjoy man. yeah man, motherfuckerslove free shit. they like anything free.

i could've taken a shitin a bao and they would've loved it. see this high munchie shit, itdoesn't need to be pretty. it just needs to be delicious. it's a fucking recession. i'm going to feed people. i'm going to run on thisplatform, ice cream. if your platform can be like,no, you cannot use plan b. i'll be like, i'm a nice guy.

i want you to eat ice creamand use plan b.

Friday, January 13, 2017

asian home designs

say goodbye to summer by adding a few cozyautumnal touches around your house. before we begin, please check the descriptionarea first, there are listed all the original projects that exist in this video. 38 cozy ways to decorate your home for fall,by michelle profis. 1. dining table display. place white pumpkins, dried hydrangeas, andfallen leaves on a tray to create a portable centerpiece. 2.

add a rocking chair. a plaid blanket and a basket full of pumpkins? all that's missing from this autumnal sceneis a steaming pumpkin spiced latte. 3. think outside the pumpkin. not all pumpkins need to be carved into aspooky scene. by adding a lace doily over the stem, thepumpkin becomes a bright focal point on your front porch. 4.

craft a woodland frame. ann from on sutton place diyed her way toa woodland-themed frame that's complete with moss, acorns, and pinecones. 5. craft an elegant table setting. white dishes, diy napkin rings, and brancheswith berries combine to make a fall-themed dinner table. 6. deck the door.

a "happy fall" wreath made of wood slicesand twigs turns your front door into a beautiful fall entrance. 7. bring the outside in. collect fallen leaves from your backyard andturn them into a beautiful piece of art. 8. mix colors and neutrals. the barely blue paint color in this livingroom provides a breezy backdrop for a little sweep of something from the garden—likethis oakleaf hydrangea—and understated white

"baby boo" pumpkins. 9. go all out. sometimes, more is more! this front porch in connecticut spares noexpense, with a giant wreath, an assortment of gourds, and cozy throw blankets to boot. 10. don't be afraid of red. together, they create a cozy, rustic aestheticthat stands out in fall, but could also last

throughout all the seasons. 11. add a pop of pumpkins. no need to go overboard: place two small whitepumpkins on an entryway table to greet guests with a smattering of fall spirit. 12. switch out pillows. you can quickly transform the feeling of aroom by trading out pillows. opt for plaids and strips with deep hues toadd a more autumnal vibe.

13. decorate with corn husks. add seasonal curb appeal with these easy diys. 14. create a rustic room. french leather club chairs from wyatt childs,plus a pair of mitchell gold + bob williams sofas, serve up plenty of cozy seating inthis georgia lake house. 15. offer creative seating.

a gymnastics pommel horse, with its legs shortened,serves as a bench in a mudroom. the seasonal wreath hangs on a framed chalkboard. 16. include autumnal colors. wicker pieces, accented with burnt-orangeaccessories, offer seating on this glassed-in porch. 17. add vintage details. the owner of this new jersey home displaysfall foliage in transferware atop a 19th-century

mahogany dresser in her dining room. 18. warm up your outdoor space. country willow throws and a wire basket filledwith firewood adorn this front porch. 19. add foliage to pumpkins. hit the road, jack! carved pumpkins don't hold a candle to thisnaturally brilliant idea. just use modpodge to dã©coupage a white gourdwith pressed leaves.

20. arrange crabapple branches. the best thing about this sort of autumnaldisplay? there's absolutely no arranging involved. liza lubell of brooklyn's peartree flowerssimply stripped the leaves from each limb before putting it in a vase. 21. stow firewood. the owners of this pennsylvania home removedthe cabinet doors underneath the window seats

to create a clever spot to stash logs forthe woodstove. 22. paint patterned pumpkins. you can create all of these nifty designsusing acrylic paint and painter's tape. 23. keep a cabin porch cozy. the homeowners of this tennessee cabin enjoywatching the leaves change on their screened porch, outfitted with a frontgate wicker sofa,a pair of antique beach chairs, and a woven trunk turned coffee table.

24. try an asian pear arrangement. "cut or buy these beautiful branches long,"liza lubell of brooklyn's peartree flowers says, then balance their heft with an equallysizable container. 25. amp up the entryway. the owner of this adirondack-style home linedher mudroom using color copies of seven antique bird prints bought for $7 each, making bootsand brightly colored jackets pop against the wall.

26. add natural elements. the owners of this vermont home used oak leafstems, crabapple branches, and a few pumpkins as a quick way to bring fall indoors. 27. cozy up with throws. the owners of this michigan cabin utilizetheir screened-in porch during colder months by keeping an array of cushy pillows and warmblankets within reach. 28.

create a pomegranate centerpiece. "ripe fruit is as lush as any flower," saysliza lubell of brooklyn's peartree flowers, who used opulent pomegranates for these autumnalcenterpieces. 29. warm a room. a roaring fire takes center stage in the livingroom of this new hampshire home, furnished with a nubby cream sofa and white slipcoveredchairs, both from crate & barrel. 30. make tree-branch coasters.

to make these rustic drink perches, you'llneed a tree limb that's roughly three inches in diameter. 31. set out pride of place pumpkins. let revelers know they're at the right addressby emblazoning your house number—and hometown—on pumpkins. 32. dress your door with an autumn wreath. bark is the key to these autumn "leaves."

33. leaf art. instead of framing pressed foliage, placeleaves on card stock. then affix leaves with spray mount and tackthese naturally good-looking pinups into place. 34. decor doesn't have to be orange. blogger alice created a door adornment madeof indian corn to balance out the graphic tribal-print textiles below. 35.

think longterm. the best part about this fall mantel? its simple, colorful components make it anappropriate display for september, october, and november. 36. create a pumpkin-lined trail. a walkway lined with an eclectic assortmentof pumpkins sets the tone for fall decor. 37. display fall gourds under glass.

you may have a jack-o'-lantern on the porch,but these beauties from the great pumpkin patch in arthur, illinois, take the cucurbitato new heights. 38. wrap it up. when cooler weather sets in, keep blankets,throws, and quilts in easy reach. before you leave, please leave a like, comment,and share if you like this video. and if you want to see improvement in thischannel, please subscribe if you never done this before. thanks for watching.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

armani home design

i can't really explain what the alaska elementof music is because if you're not from alaska, you wouldn't get it, you know? you hear aboutlike real shit that's going on in alaska, not like bear hunting or hunting or rafting.it's like normal city shit. it's hip hop. you can be a rapper in brooklyn and it's accepted.if you're from alaska and a rapper, people automatically assume you should be like workingon the slope, or like on an oil rig, like doing something else with your time. i thinkpeople see it as a waste of time. i was alkota, the kid from south anchorage who makes beats,you know? making it would have been like a major deal.making it in the hip hop industry, if someone signs a deal, gives you an advance, puts yourcd out on a national level. it gets heard

by potentially millions of people. i thinkthat was like the idea of making it. when i was working with arctic flow records, theseguys are like my idols, like local, like i'm looking up to them, like "yeah, they're sodope" but now i'm working with them. i feel like that was ... that was probably like oneof the coolest things, just being part of a movement, like you feel like you’re involvedin something. like you honestly believe that they're about to pop off, cause they werelike touring. going into york, recording albums like having their shit mixed by big lou, whomixed the shook ones for mobb deep. going to la. touring in europe. going to amsterdam.they were, they were grinding, like they were actually like about to pop off.

so as a fan, you would, uh, you would believethat. you would believe in their movement because alaska is so isolated, you know, solike to be part of a movement or potentially something that's going to escalate into somethingmaybe national, like put your hometown on the map, being from a small town. that's prettybig, you know? you win over a lot of support. that's why they had so many fans. over time, people started to get older, shitdidn't pan out like it was supposed to. things weren't materializing the way that you thinkthey're going to. so what i'm going to show you guys today, this is a 1700 squarefoot house. it was built in 1946. remodeled

in 2009. um, the cool thing about this houseis that it's on a bluff overlooking like the bike path and a park, so you never have anyneighbors behind you. um, you get a view of kinda the downtown sunset. um, and the coolthing ... another cool thing about it is it has this really big two car garage detachedin the back, so that's pretty awesome. most definitely love rapping. i don't do itas much as i used to, anymore, and i've been trying to figure out why. in our early twenties,we were like traveling the world, like we went to amsterdam, new york, la. i mixed myfirst album in unique studios in times square, like doing it, like really doing it all overthe world and getting love everywhere we went. the thing that kind of slowed it down overtimewas just the fact that, you know, we came

back and lived here.second bedroom here. life takes over, and i either had to leaveeverything that i had and go somewhere else to where i could spread the music, or stayhere and be a dad and a husband, you know? that was kind of like the decision that ihad to make. decide between your family and your, your career and your dream, basically. you're going to catch stigmatism from beingfrom alaska. there's no way around that cuz there's no alaskan rapper out there that'smade it, you know. so that's going to be a big thing when one does, you know. 907's own ...skydiv. 907's own ... arcticflow, arctic flow.

i'm sleeping ladies baby. these city streetsare what raised me. out here riding filthy, chasing gravy since the 80's. said i'm sleepingladies baby. these city streets are what raised me. i've been riding filthy, making gravysince the 80's. tryin to get up, get out, get some.yeah. walter payton's eyes, i'm in the backfield, i can't stand still, i'm bout to come up. yeah. hold up, what. what we i do that for? why would i hold up the flow? let it pour. seeping in, creeping up out of my pores. hoffingthe defense so we don't get bored. coughing the keif like we was on tour. oh that's yourpeople, i wasn't too sure. even that blood it don't even be pure. swerve. curve. sellinghella herb. let that fella work. get back boy, before i go berserk. ain't shit sweet,i don’t like dessert. rep that turf, i'm

from that soil. slow boy rich, i don't needthat oil. 907's own, heaven's own, ain’t been gone,i just ain't been on, but it been too long, gotta get em that bomb. fucking with the kids,young keez, we one, gone, get up, get out, get some. folks round town want to know boutme, bout where i'm from, bout where i been, bout if i'm done. fuck arctic flow, coldest spit, tsd that's familybitch. when the handle shit, i'm like pistol pete. see the lane, crystal clear. this adheresto the ear. walking with god i aint got no fear. half my squad got caught, ten years,can't shed no tears, hold it down right here. fuck it.907's own. 907's own. i'm sleeping ladies

baby. these city streets are what raised me.out here riding filthy, chasing gravy since the 80's. said i'm sleeping ladies baby. thesecity streets are what raised me. i've been riding filthy, making gravy since the 80's.tryin to get up, get out get some. get up, get out, get some. get up, get out, get some.get up, get out, get some. uh. it's like people almost expect you to fail,coming from alaska, becasue we are so far away. it's a battle dude. like anything inlife you struggle with, you know what i'm saying? there comes times when you just feellike it's pointless almost, or hopeless. that being from alaska man, what the hell am idoing. fifteen years, ten years, working at this. there's been times where i've been readyto just close down the studio. i'm not recording

no more. i'm not doing it. but i can't stopdoing music. i can't. i'll go, i'll go a month without writing something, then all of thesudden it just clicks in my head and i'm in the studio at three in the morning, makinga song, you know what i mean? it's just in me to do that. so i don't think ... i don'tthink i'll ever stop man. don't weep sons, no sweet songs, but thisis how it started. this world is cold and full of evil, can you beg my pardon. refuseto go, this retro flow, refuse to be no targets, but can i please just watch them grow andfinish what i started. this life is already hard enough without these prices shootingup. the gas bout four dollars a gallon, winter getting cold as fuck. plastic on my windowstoo, i already sealed them up. no matter what

i do it's still the same other thing.tryin to save a buck. co salary crazy as fuck. i've been out here, unemployed for over ninemonths.that's the brakes. don't get down in a slump. our whole economy screwed up anddown in the dumps. they eyes was light, they shine so bright,they look something just like mine. the wrong chick but the right time, made some kids,some homies got time. now time pass and we getting older. simply put, i'm outta order.music isn't blowing, don’t wear no chips up on my shoulder. keep my balance, help myheart from growing colder. cause the malice actions they like them sending ashes. burningboulder. when it's all over, simply put, there's nothing left. just know i tried my best, andnever live with regrets.

so i'm like, hey homie, what it is, i guessthat's what it always be. struggle to bring home groceries. the fridge is only half filled.working more than two jobs, and this rap game just won't pay the bills. living in a worldthat is cold as fuck. everything that embodies me is because ofalaska. so i think it's important to like represent like something that people can lookat like a handicap, and show them that that's your strength. i think i would just compare it to anybodytrying to do anything that's like far fetched from a place that nobody knows anything about.we've heard the stories from all these people. we've heard the stories about la, we've heardthe stories about atlanta, we've heard new

york, we've heard chicago, like there's rappersfrom all those places. people in the states don't know shit aboutalaska, you know what i'm saying? they think it's just like igloos and like moose and shit.it's so much more to being in alaska than that. if somebody from the future came toyou right now and told you "you'll be broke off this shit if you keep rapping. you'lljust be doing this for fun for the rest of your life." would you keep going? and i waslike yeah. you have to be willing to like lose everything, you know what i'm saying,to gain it all. that's all i know. you know what i'm saying? uh, uh, uh. lifestyles of the young and hustlingcan't do no business with younger niggas,

they always bluffingain't really trippin' got bigger pictures, it's always somethin'right on my plate, something for me to take, ayei'm giving you all i got i'm anita bake and my time coming don't know why you tryna' makekeezy wait are you grind frontin'? homie that's my assumptionyou standing in line look like you hiding behind somethin'overcompensation from niggas hatin', i'm focused but i ain't patient cause' i remember vaguelywhen i didn't have a dime i was not on your mind, but see now i'm doing my thing yeahi'm doing fine i'm getting to the checks like that "justdo it" line

due to dollars i'm due to demolish i'm doingcrime close your eyelids is what i'm advising youknow that i am... flying through the whole town, no licensefor this pilot praises to the most highest ridin' through the city with my tank on eyou know who gone' make it you can bank on me!i got the city on my back right? okay! and in the past when i ain't have it, it justmade me want to grab it i was riding through the city with my tank on etho' you know who gone' make it you can bank on,me though, got the city on my back, city on my.

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architecture home designs

the enduring legacy and influence of the casestudy house program in the united states on residential design is remarkable given thatit was essentially a regional architecture movement centered in southern california. in part as a response to the post-war worldwar ii housing shortage and building boom, arts & architecture magazine announced thecase study house program in january of 1945. the editor at the time, john entenza, handpickeda select group of architects to design and construct homes that were affordable, modernand efficient. entenza wrote in the program's announcementthat the houses were required to be quote, "conceived within the spirit of our times,using as far as is practicable, many war-born

techniques and materials best suited to theexpression of man's life in the modern world." in other words, the houses were to be devisedto disseminate modernist ideas and design culture on a mass scale. despite the fact that so few were built, manyof the case study homes and the ideas they inspired persist today, including the eameshouse shown here, designed by charles and ray eames in 1949. the homes reflected post-war attitudes towardreinvention and social awareness. they helped to define the style of mid-centurymodernism but they were much more than style. the open floor plans that the homes imagineddecades ago are still seen today.

they offered a new way of thinking about spaceand made modern design available and approachable for all. their budgets were modest, which meant theyhad to employ off-the-shelf, standardized materials, and they were small in scale. open plans blurred lines between inside andout and a simple, honest use of materials were key to their economy. here are seven enduring lessons the case-studyhouse program offered and a call-to-action for architects to consider developing theirown case-study homes. lesson 1: case study homes as teaching toolsfor the value of architecture.

few of the original case study homes wereactually built, but the ones that were became immensely popular. the first six were toured by more than 368,000people in 1946 and 1947. people were eager to experience the designs. architects often rely on technical, abstractlanguage and drawings that most have a hard time interpreting to describe space. these instruments don't accurately portraythe physical reality of architecture in a way that a case-study home would. for example, a reverse living concept, suchas the one employed in this home, may make

implicit sense to an architect when visitinga particular site, but for a client to experience the building describes the concept in realterms. the benefits of lifting the living plane abovestreet level is made explicit here. lesson 2: real solutions to real problems. just as the housing shortage provided theimpetus for the case study house program in 1945, the lack of affordable real estate,density restrictions and underdeveloped housing stocks are problems affecting our communitiestoday. solving these difficult problems inherentlytakes more creative horsepower and consequently more design fee.

a case study house can propose adaptable solutionsto common needs and model designs sold to many effectively amortizing the design costsover a larger client base. frequently, the only properties that are affordablefor the average individual or family are the ones with the most latent liabilities. sites that require special permitting, alternativeconstruction procedures or those that are bound by development restrictions are viewedas intractable problems to most. infill housing schemes and accessory dwellingunit concepts designed by architects, especially in urban areas, are two areas where the casestudy home could effect positive change. lesson 3: the value of financial skin in thegame.

arts & architecture magazine initially agreedto commission the homes for the case study program, however due to a lack of funds thefunding burden fell to each architect charging them with the task of finding suitable clients-- of which john entenza was one. borrowing from this model, it's entirely possibleto solicit buy-in from interested clients or a personal need for a home by an architectto fund a case study model home. there's no substitute for the hard evidenceand real-world current cost feedback that construction provides. a personal financial commitment to a projectis a strong motivator too. understanding the real cost of systems andconstruction incentivizes invention rather

than a reliance on - potentially more expensive- common practice and conventional details. having some skin in the game shows futureclients you believe in the product too. lesson 4: regional prototypes for mass production. even though this was an integral part of thea+a's design brief, the case study house program never delivered on the goal of mass production. due in part to a shortage of building materialsafter the war and increasing opposition from builders eager to meet consumer demand forhousing but unwilling to adopt unconventional residential building practices. glazed walls, limited insulation and seamlessto the outdoor environment was another barrier

to wider adoption; it was a hard concept torationalize in many less-temperate parts of the us. yet the case study ideas persist to this dayin moderate climates because they work well; they're comfortable. the regional case study is an interestingidea that could be applied to a localized mass production or prefab facility. imagine architects intimately familiar withtheir regional climate bringing those hard-won lessons to bear on the problem of modern housingneeds. case study homes could achieve wide regionalacceptance if their prototypes were as well-suited

to their climate as the southern californianmodernists' designs were. lesson 5: product versus process. the case study houses were built to be touredand experienced by people. although the reality of the program was suchthat the houses were one-off constructions, the intent was that they were to be examples,full-scale mock-ups - products. the notion of architecture as product is rejectedby many architects because it's antithetical to the approach most of us rely on in oureveryday practice: the design process. yet, increasingly, this process is only affordableto a select few. it's part of the reason architects are commissionedto work on fewer than 1% of the new homes

constructed today in the us. the process of design we rely on isn't readilyreducible to a set of known outcomes and it's not linear. information is gathered and synthesized byan individual's (or firm's) personal design process. it takes courage for a client to agree toan unfamiliar process and an implicit trust that their architect will deliver on theirpromise. contrast this with the eminently familiaract of buying a product. with a case study house, the consumer canview (even experience) the product, understand

the cost and quickly make a value judgment. either the perceived value is there or itisn't. products can build-in profitability for theprofessional and affordability for the client. eliminating the stressful sequence of biddingand price negotiation has benefits for both parties. for the client it ties decisions to real costs. the architect can capitalize on their ownefficiencies, investing in the design and receive a royalty each time the design issold. profit can be built-into the product and onceit's created there's no inventory to store

or maintain. if changes or customizations are requiredthey can be performed at a fixed hourly rate, again with integrated profit margins. quibbling over invoices can be a thing ofthe past with a product model. and, there's no finger-pointing when bidscome in high because the costs are known from the outset. lesson 6: the perfect versus the good. custom, one-off bespoke commissions are prizedby any architect. who would argue if asked to tailor every squareinch of a home to a specific client's need?

although case study homes forfeit some customizationi would argue that it actually makes a home more marketable. the less owner-specific a home is the morepeople it can accommodate in the future. giving up a high level of customization helpskeep the budget in line too. we can't let our struggle for the perfectbe the enemy of the good. design isn't a zero-sum game, with the effortsof architects and the benefits of design conferred to only certain problems. thoughtful architecture can address the problemsfacing a wider spectrum of the population. case study homes can be explored for affordablebut less than perfect sites.

who better than to solve these problems thanarchitects? lesson 7: an ethos of experimentation. most admirably, the case study house programembraced an ethos of experimentation. the designs reflected a willingness to stepaway from traditional notions of home and try new things. some were successful - the open plan stillexists today - while others weren't. the things that didn't work, steel framingfor example, told us something about the world and our acceptance of new building technologiesin the home. to experiment with new living arrangements,novel materials, or more efficient ways of

constructing common details is rewarding. when it goes right, the spoils can be incorporatedinto future production processes and the finished product offers convincing proof. when it goes wrong you know which directionto pivot. either way you've learned something in theprocess. when we choose to educate, making our dailywork an instructive case study for all to learn from, we can all benefit. in this way, architecture can deliver on thepromise of relevant, affordable housing solutions

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