Tuesday, January 24, 2017

at home nail designs for short nails

what?! not again!as you can see i have a horrible weather here, but this is actually good news. because ofall this rain i had nothing better to do, than to film a nail tutorial for you guys.since my nail art tools still don't want to cooperate with me i did all these designswithout them and they turned out really cute. wanna see how? just keep watching...start with a base coat to protect your nails. since you girls always ask me for more easyand cute nail designs that don't require professional nail art tools, i decided to film my secondno tool nail art tutorial. the first design in today's tutorial is the ninja turtle. startoff with a green polish for the base... well, i need to go in with white first because mygreen polish is not that pigmented. when your

green background dries, draw a horizontalstripe across the upper part of the nail for the eyes disguise. you know the colors youshould use right? blue for leonardo, orange for michelangelo, purple for donatello andred for raphael. i went for raphael so i selected a dark red tone for the first coat and forthe second, a brighter orange-y one. i left the edges of the darker red peeking out fora slight 3d effect. now only the eyes are missing. make two white dots and then smallerblack ones on top of them. when drawing eyes with a nail polish brush it is important thatyou wipe off the brush really well. apply a top coat to bring your design together.this manicure looks really cool if you change the color of the mask for different nailsfor all the four ninja turtle characters.

next is a lovely flower design. you can chooseany color for the base; i applied two layers of minty green. draw 3 petals with a widerside of the nail polish brush in the corner of the nail like this. make 3 lines, one verticalone horizontal and one diagonal. i applied 2 coats of white to get sharp and opaque petals.now take another color, i went for a hot pink and draw 3 smaller petals on top of the whiteones. turn the brush for 90 degrees to use the narrow side of the brush. this way thepetals will automatically be smaller. the flower looks so pretty if you chose two verydifferent, contrasting colors. finally, make a large dot in the very corner of the nail.seal your design with a fast drying top coat. i think this flower design is so adorable!i painted all nails on my other hand with

it and look how pretty it turned out. besides,it didn't take more than 10 minutes and it looks just fabulous don't you think?!next is an adorable and super easy penguin design. you need black, white and yellow nailpolish for this one. start by painting the entire nail in black. i applied two layersto get that really sharp and opaque payoff. make a wide white stripe along the centerof your nail for his belly. for the head draw an oval stripe like this to extend the blacka bit. then make two white dots for the eyes and two smaller black dots on top of them.see how easy it is to make precise details with a nail polish brush. but as i said earlier,you need to wipe-off the brush off really well otherwise you can mess up your design.or just use a toothpick to make your life

even easier! here i just made a tiny stripeof white and i am going over it with yellow for penguin's beak. look how cute he is! andso simple to make! apply a generous amount of the fast drying top coat for the beautifulshine. a generous amount of top coat will prevent the bristles from touching the polishand this way the black color won't smear onto the white. also try to move as fast as possiblewhen applying it. how flipping adorable is our penguin right?ok, this design you guys, it must be my favorite of all the five! it is a design of a balloonand since we'll achieve it using a special technique, it will look like you have a stickeron your nail, but you actually won't. i'm first applying a white base and then a greenpolish on top for the background. look how

bright this green polish looks on top of thewhite! apply a thick layer of green so that it will take more time to dry. see how i'madding the green here. now we have to work quickly! don't wait for the green polish todry, just go straight for the three different colors of your choice and make 3 dots forthe balloons. it helps if you have your three polishes open and ready. see how cool effectthis wet polish technique gives you! now it's time to draw a small stripe to each of theballoons -- you know the part where you tie a balloon so that the air doesn't escape.at the end draw a curved white stripe to the side of each balloon for a highlight to addthat little something to your design. for these tiny stripes wipe the polish really,really well until you're left only with a

hint of a polish on your brush. the balloonsnow look so cartoonish and cute. apply a fast drying top coat to bring it together and protectyour work of art. see how adorable this manicure looks?! use this nail art as an accent nailon your ring finger or paint all your nails with it. i like that the technique is a bitdifferent which makes the design very unique. the last design in this tutorial is a spookyghost. well, not that spooky... i find him quite cute actually. create some darknessby applying two layers of black. once the black dries, go in with your white polish.draw a white stripe or oval shape in the center of the nail. then turn the brush and drawsmaller stripes out the main shape with the narrow side of the brush. apply a second coatto get it all opaque and to perfect the shape

of our cute little ghost. lastly, add somebig black eyes and mouth to make him alive. to protect the design apply a layer of fastdrying top coat. here you can actually use a thinner layer of top coat, because somesmearing is actually helpful -- the ghost will look even more transparent and spooky!so we've reached the end of this tutorial. please share your awesome recreations withme on my social networks. and rate this video if you want more nailart designs. talk to you soon. bye guys! as you have seen, no tool nail art goes farbeyond simple geometric designs. you can make so many cute and adorable manicures even ifyou don't own any nail art tools. i hope you enjoyed watching this tutorial and let meknow which designs you like best!


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