Thursday, January 12, 2017

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i can't really explain what the alaska elementof music is because if you're not from alaska, you wouldn't get it, you know? you hear aboutlike real shit that's going on in alaska, not like bear hunting or hunting or's like normal city shit. it's hip hop. you can be a rapper in brooklyn and it's accepted.if you're from alaska and a rapper, people automatically assume you should be like workingon the slope, or like on an oil rig, like doing something else with your time. i thinkpeople see it as a waste of time. i was alkota, the kid from south anchorage who makes beats,you know? making it would have been like a major deal.making it in the hip hop industry, if someone signs a deal, gives you an advance, puts yourcd out on a national level. it gets heard

by potentially millions of people. i thinkthat was like the idea of making it. when i was working with arctic flow records, theseguys are like my idols, like local, like i'm looking up to them, like "yeah, they're sodope" but now i'm working with them. i feel like that was ... that was probably like oneof the coolest things, just being part of a movement, like you feel like you’re involvedin something. like you honestly believe that they're about to pop off, cause they werelike touring. going into york, recording albums like having their shit mixed by big lou, whomixed the shook ones for mobb deep. going to la. touring in europe. going to amsterdam.they were, they were grinding, like they were actually like about to pop off.

so as a fan, you would, uh, you would believethat. you would believe in their movement because alaska is so isolated, you know, solike to be part of a movement or potentially something that's going to escalate into somethingmaybe national, like put your hometown on the map, being from a small town. that's prettybig, you know? you win over a lot of support. that's why they had so many fans. over time, people started to get older, shitdidn't pan out like it was supposed to. things weren't materializing the way that you thinkthey're going to. so what i'm going to show you guys today, this is a 1700 squarefoot house. it was built in 1946. remodeled

in 2009. um, the cool thing about this houseis that it's on a bluff overlooking like the bike path and a park, so you never have anyneighbors behind you. um, you get a view of kinda the downtown sunset. um, and the coolthing ... another cool thing about it is it has this really big two car garage detachedin the back, so that's pretty awesome. most definitely love rapping. i don't do itas much as i used to, anymore, and i've been trying to figure out why. in our early twenties,we were like traveling the world, like we went to amsterdam, new york, la. i mixed myfirst album in unique studios in times square, like doing it, like really doing it all overthe world and getting love everywhere we went. the thing that kind of slowed it down overtimewas just the fact that, you know, we came

back and lived here.second bedroom here. life takes over, and i either had to leaveeverything that i had and go somewhere else to where i could spread the music, or stayhere and be a dad and a husband, you know? that was kind of like the decision that ihad to make. decide between your family and your, your career and your dream, basically. you're going to catch stigmatism from beingfrom alaska. there's no way around that cuz there's no alaskan rapper out there that'smade it, you know. so that's going to be a big thing when one does, you know. 907's own ...skydiv. 907's own ... arcticflow, arctic flow.

i'm sleeping ladies baby. these city streetsare what raised me. out here riding filthy, chasing gravy since the 80's. said i'm sleepingladies baby. these city streets are what raised me. i've been riding filthy, making gravysince the 80's. tryin to get up, get out, get some.yeah. walter payton's eyes, i'm in the backfield, i can't stand still, i'm bout to come up. yeah. hold up, what. what we i do that for? why would i hold up the flow? let it pour. seeping in, creeping up out of my pores. hoffingthe defense so we don't get bored. coughing the keif like we was on tour. oh that's yourpeople, i wasn't too sure. even that blood it don't even be pure. swerve. curve. sellinghella herb. let that fella work. get back boy, before i go berserk. ain't shit sweet,i don’t like dessert. rep that turf, i'm

from that soil. slow boy rich, i don't needthat oil. 907's own, heaven's own, ain’t been gone,i just ain't been on, but it been too long, gotta get em that bomb. fucking with the kids,young keez, we one, gone, get up, get out, get some. folks round town want to know boutme, bout where i'm from, bout where i been, bout if i'm done. fuck arctic flow, coldest spit, tsd that's familybitch. when the handle shit, i'm like pistol pete. see the lane, crystal clear. this adheresto the ear. walking with god i aint got no fear. half my squad got caught, ten years,can't shed no tears, hold it down right here. fuck it.907's own. 907's own. i'm sleeping ladies

baby. these city streets are what raised me.out here riding filthy, chasing gravy since the 80's. said i'm sleeping ladies baby. thesecity streets are what raised me. i've been riding filthy, making gravy since the 80's.tryin to get up, get out get some. get up, get out, get some. get up, get out, get some.get up, get out, get some. uh. it's like people almost expect you to fail,coming from alaska, becasue we are so far away. it's a battle dude. like anything inlife you struggle with, you know what i'm saying? there comes times when you just feellike it's pointless almost, or hopeless. that being from alaska man, what the hell am idoing. fifteen years, ten years, working at this. there's been times where i've been readyto just close down the studio. i'm not recording

no more. i'm not doing it. but i can't stopdoing music. i can't. i'll go, i'll go a month without writing something, then all of thesudden it just clicks in my head and i'm in the studio at three in the morning, makinga song, you know what i mean? it's just in me to do that. so i don't think ... i don'tthink i'll ever stop man. don't weep sons, no sweet songs, but thisis how it started. this world is cold and full of evil, can you beg my pardon. refuseto go, this retro flow, refuse to be no targets, but can i please just watch them grow andfinish what i started. this life is already hard enough without these prices shootingup. the gas bout four dollars a gallon, winter getting cold as fuck. plastic on my windowstoo, i already sealed them up. no matter what

i do it's still the same other thing.tryin to save a buck. co salary crazy as fuck. i've been out here, unemployed for over ninemonths.that's the brakes. don't get down in a slump. our whole economy screwed up anddown in the dumps. they eyes was light, they shine so bright,they look something just like mine. the wrong chick but the right time, made some kids,some homies got time. now time pass and we getting older. simply put, i'm outta isn't blowing, don’t wear no chips up on my shoulder. keep my balance, help myheart from growing colder. cause the malice actions they like them sending ashes. burningboulder. when it's all over, simply put, there's nothing left. just know i tried my best, andnever live with regrets.

so i'm like, hey homie, what it is, i guessthat's what it always be. struggle to bring home groceries. the fridge is only half filled.working more than two jobs, and this rap game just won't pay the bills. living in a worldthat is cold as fuck. everything that embodies me is because ofalaska. so i think it's important to like represent like something that people can lookat like a handicap, and show them that that's your strength. i think i would just compare it to anybodytrying to do anything that's like far fetched from a place that nobody knows anything about.we've heard the stories from all these people. we've heard the stories about la, we've heardthe stories about atlanta, we've heard new

york, we've heard chicago, like there's rappersfrom all those places. people in the states don't know shit aboutalaska, you know what i'm saying? they think it's just like igloos and like moose and's so much more to being in alaska than that. if somebody from the future came toyou right now and told you "you'll be broke off this shit if you keep rapping. you'lljust be doing this for fun for the rest of your life." would you keep going? and i waslike yeah. you have to be willing to like lose everything, you know what i'm saying,to gain it all. that's all i know. you know what i'm saying? uh, uh, uh. lifestyles of the young and hustlingcan't do no business with younger niggas,

they always bluffingain't really trippin' got bigger pictures, it's always somethin'right on my plate, something for me to take, ayei'm giving you all i got i'm anita bake and my time coming don't know why you tryna' makekeezy wait are you grind frontin'? homie that's my assumptionyou standing in line look like you hiding behind somethin'overcompensation from niggas hatin', i'm focused but i ain't patient cause' i remember vaguelywhen i didn't have a dime i was not on your mind, but see now i'm doing my thing yeahi'm doing fine i'm getting to the checks like that "justdo it" line

due to dollars i'm due to demolish i'm doingcrime close your eyelids is what i'm advising youknow that i am... flying through the whole town, no licensefor this pilot praises to the most highest ridin' through the city with my tank on eyou know who gone' make it you can bank on me!i got the city on my back right? okay! and in the past when i ain't have it, it justmade me want to grab it i was riding through the city with my tank on etho' you know who gone' make it you can bank on,me though, got the city on my back, city on my.


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