Friday, January 27, 2017

australia home design

hello and welcome to our presentation. i am lin ronald commodore of champagne yacht club, representing michael avery of california. one of the most successful and awarded architects in our world today. you can see the depth of his work in this brief video slide presentation and it is obvious that he has a love of fine luxury homes he has also developed a niche market in garage architecture for car collectors he knows this better than anyone since he has done some very famous peoples work if you are considering getting some plans done for your new home , a new office of a garage for special collectible items us today.

for a limited time your professional design by michael is free in return for granting him master builder status on your upcoming project. imagine how much that can save you plus you have a licensed master builder that already knows exactly how much material and supplies are needed to buld your dream ( just the savings in that simple fact will be substantial.) we would also like to offer you a chance to get a free copy of michaels book by responding to this video. its easy just click the i for information button. great to meet you and we look forward to meeting you in person sometime soon. take care for now


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