Wednesday, January 25, 2017

attic home design

hi, i'm tim gipson and i'm going to talk toyou about how to construct an attic bedroom. now adding an attic bedroom is a great wayto add square footage onto your home with utilizing some existing space that's alreadythere. and now when we're looking at constructing and finishing out an attic bedroom there iscertain things we got to do. first you want to make sure you do a good gauge check, andyou can either do this yourself instead of going down and meet with your building codes,doing up a sketch, bringing in some measurements of what you want to finish out. and they canhelp you as far as making sure that the space meets minimum requirements to make it a livablespace. and some things that are going to come into play is you've got to have a minimumceiling height for the space and it's got

to be a certain width and usually about halfthe room has to be at your minimum ceiling height. okay. so that's the first thing you'regoing to look at. and then the next thing is you're going to have to have a window thatmeets the minimum size for egress. now one thing i recommend if you do take an atticspace and convert it to a bedroom, keep in mind there is only one access that way, andthen you have this window. so it's a good idea to get one of these, and what this is,this is an emergency ladder that if there was an emergency and your person up here occupatingthis room had to egress, they'd open the window, this attaches over the window, and then theladder would drop down allowing them to be able to get out. so that's an important considerationin a finished attic room. now something comes

into play is that we've got to make accommodationsup here for some of the storage space and also for some equipment that may be up inhere. so these are knee walls that are built up and typically this is about as low as youwant to get, these are about four foot knee walls. as you can see we have got these doorsthat we built in and this gives us access to our hvac system that happens to be up the furnaced portion of the hvac is right here. and you also - one thing that worksvery well is using recessed lighting. again you're not going to typically have a lot ofceiling height, you're going to have usually minimum ceiling heights you're working with,when you finish out this attic space, so using recessed lighting is another good way to goabout it. so i'm tim gipson talking to you

about finishing out an attic space for a bedroom.


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