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Buy Purple Bathroom Accessories Sets

the significant fixtures in your bathroom are extremely valuable to the overall appearance -- but you ought to be certain that you also think about the effect which the minor toilet accessories will have in your overall toilet. For example, towel racks, soap dishes are available in many diverse styles and colours, which means you'll have a great deal to pick from when you choose to groom your new toilet.

It's crucial to select purple bathroom accessories sets that fit the fittings which you currently have set up -- but you should not feel limited to only the accessories that include that specific toilet layout. You should start looking for something which has the designs for your toilet, but which are interesting. Instead of using the collections which have been assembled -- by matching and mixing a small, you might think of your own personality.

A number of these purple bathroom accessories sets that you ought to think about getting for your toilet include matters such as towel racks, additional counter space, as well as a dirty clothes hamper! Once you've got the fittings in place, the sky is your limit. The key thing is that needs to be set up in the place that will be the most suitable for you.

If you are trying to obtain purple bathroom accessories sets -- particularly if you intend on buying an entire group of accessories for the bathroom, you need to think about purchasing online first. Not only can there be a choice that you would find at a hardware store -- but you're going to have the ability to have them delivered to your dwelling. These accessories will be a lot less costly than they are Find Article, and savings are always a great thing! you can more information visit to

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best container home designs

why not take these vintage tins and turn theminto containers for some of your favorite herbs? if you're into a vintage look in yourhome, why not use some of these vintage tins for planting some of your favorite herbs?for instance, in this one, i have curly leaf parsley. over here, in an old folger's coffeecan, you can see, i got some thyme. they're very happy in these containers. now if youwanna plant an herb in one of these, there are a couple of ways to go about it. whati'd like to do is show you the way i've done it because both work really well. first, youwanna take a tin, and if you don't mind puncturing some holes in it, you'll need to do that anyway.this one is not exactly vintage, but it's made to look vintage. you can see, on thebottom, it looks very modern. if you're gonna

use this to support plant life, you need tomake sure that it's plant-friendly. and right now, without any drain holes in the bottom,it's not plant-friendly. so all you need to do is take a nail and drive a few holes inthe bottom of it like this. for a container this size, all you really need are about threedrain holes. the herbs like well-drained soil. so it's critical you give the plant what itwants. next, you'll wanna add some soil to the container. and you wanna soil that's specificallyblended for container gardening. so i'm just gonna add a little bit of this soil here likethis. i'm gonna take an all-purpose organic fertilizer and add just a little bit of thatinto the soil and mix it up, and then the herb itself. in this case, i'm going to plantthyme. just clip off the plastic wrapper like

this, and pull off the biodegradable peatpot, at least around the upper edge, and then i'm gonna position the herb in the container.and you can see, it just needs a little bit on the sides to fill in. here and here. therewe go. and now all i have to do is water it in. this'll look great in a window sill orsitting on a table. and if you do set it on a table or a surface, that you wanna makesure it doesn't get stained or messed up. just take and place it on a saucer like thatbecause, again, you have the drains holes in there, so it will drip when you if you don't want to drive holes in the bottom of a vintage tin, there's another wayto go about it: you just wanna take some gravel and place it in the bottom of the container.about 3/4 of an inch of gravel is all you

need. then take a plastic freezer bag andplant the herb in it. and then puncture the holes in the bottom of the back and placethe bag in here like this. the plastic serves as a liner. the excess water drips throughthe bag and ends up in the bottom of the container of the tin. and it's elevated with this gravel,so the herb doesn't stay soaking wet. the other thing you need to do is just make sureyou're not over watering these herbs. hey, i hope you found these helpful. if you enjoythese tips, check in with us regularly and make sure you subscribe to ehow home.

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best computer table design for home

hey and welcome to my actually first video on this channel i'm glad you watch my video i get often the question daniel, how you built your studiodesk? can i buy the table ready? where to find the components? everything about you learn in this video have fun and enjoy! all parts you need to build are:

2x oval tabletops i used ikea oppeby i really like them, because they have a white high gloss finish 2x ikea alex the table tops are later placed on it next: 3mm acrylic glass you could use smaller glass than 3mm, but not bigger than 3mm higher than 3mm acrylic glass is hard to bend that it fits into the oval table tops the height of the glass is 80mm

then larger power adapters fit into the table for the stand you'll need 2x ikea capita also you'll need for the monitor stand 2x ikea lack boards as an add-on unit i use ikea alex to hide all cables you'll need 3x cable feed-through the led lighting is installed later in the table last but not least i installed a desk usb hub all products are linked in the info box! let's start the assembling

first i built the drawer units thereafter, the planning began because the table is standing in front of a wall, i've cutted 10cm at the back for the cable outlets, you need three holes in right measure of the cable lead-through one hole on the left side and one on the right side ...and one in the middle of the desk for your display as an additional extra i've cutted a hole for the usb-hub the last two holes are for the monitor stands ...thereon the speakers could be placed safe

to place the acrylic glass between the two tabletops syou need to cut two grooves into the tables in this step, a carpenter helped me once this is complete, you can begin to assemble i started with the wood distances on the lower tabletop then i installed the led lighting after that i installed the plexiglass into the wooden grooves this step is not so simple, because the plexiglass is all the time under tension you will need a second person to help now the two tabletops are connected by screws

finally attach the monitor stands on the tabletop and you are ready to install all technical components if all goes well, you have your own studio desk i hope you liked my first video all products are also linked in the info box! if you're interested in seeing what else i'm doing.. follow me on snapchat: danny.chris or instagram @dannychris if you want to see more videos of this style, then i really appreciate it if you give me a thumbs up i am pleased about each subscriber <3 thanks for watching, bye! :-)

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best cad software for home design

welcome to learning archicad 18 with medona i am an engineer in building andconstruction, also an educator specialized in designing software i've already tell too many people on howto use archicad i've already done many projects with theold version of archicad then inhance architectural design and models withphotoshop this learning archicad video course is foranyone who wants to draw an architectural design in this tutorial will try to make thismodel from

a to z in short i start at thesquare one and do not assume you have any experienceusing computer edit design in the course of this journey you'll get up to speed in all complexities needed to get yousuccessfully and protectively with this amazing software so here is the interface so far kit kat and let me bring you on a tour guide here we have the menus in here we havethe tool box and here we have the and navigator

and in the toolbox we've got the select the select barton's such as aeromar keen and in that thesign we have the wall the doors the windows the colonne for beam the sled exeter up any document we have thirddimension arm level dimension told text labile he'll line exeter a and in more we've got the creed elementswall and

corner window lamb exeter a so the first thing to do when you're using our key kid is arm the specified you're working units as you do with other drawing software we go to option projectpreference working units and amor use centimeter then okay then i we alsospecified done the dimension units

ago to options still at project perfriend said go to dimensions and i may use any meter and without decimals okie then what am i gonna do now is i will disable the screed display ago to view and click on create display then on myfeet in window in then um what we will do

is wield wrote this model as 8 seed earlier to do so but the first thing we going to do is i we gonna said our collins with a great system we go to design grid system a check collins and dimensions and we gonna set thecollins a go to settings and among make i'm gonna use our a collar no twentycentimeter square

in and amor change the model i will use cool stucco white raff heat okay been here i will put ninety 50 this is thedistance between the dimensions and and next thing to do is i will said the creed elements and i go tomarker a said these 26 that's all to make the circor smaller

ajito k and that distance a real to one aged 50 in great position i'm not gonna use the ende soma delayedthem you press on the minas if you wannadelayed if you wanna edgy press on the loss okay a delete this one and i hear i we'll food 430 and 290 in the other side

this is the crossing so here i will boots 200 470 end here 315 sorry 15 in here farm 200 85 then a heat okay here we are i'll put it here this way there you go now we've got ourcollins in the great system and there are somecollins in these the designing that i will not choose soi'm a delayed

them lake dez these n this one here delete and now we can preview 18 3d window i right click and go to a 3d window or f3 next time i'll just brisk f/3.5 cf3 means 3d windows okay a click it here we are

but leader problem not really a problem but i am here westill have the greed in the three-team in the 3d window so i am i'm going to disable it so i select the create when you select in our key kid you needto bridge shifts so as to use the magnets because thereis a them a kind of a magnet system to snap the objects you on the select

appreciate and i click one because they are all grouped if i selectone all of them will be selected and i e go to the settings and in 3d view i a and check display in 3d view okay there we go so now we don't have the grid system then what we gonna do now is we gonna give a specific hate

a specific height for i for each colin so i'm just gonna work in the 3d window i select the scholar in here this one and ago to the settings do some and choose a not linked and as a hate as the hyatt i am do 400 okay and the swine in these these

vs they will have the height love 82 890 okay their ego and next is dez these will have their hate of i am okay in the drop down menu i'llchoose not linked 670 a heat okay and i'll choose these three we've this one

then they will have to hate the i am 700 10 bucky there we go um this will be the hi-eight are fourbuildings and some these are the call and thereare used in the model

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best architecture design for home

translator: joseph genireviewer: krystian aparta today i'm going to speak to you about the last 30 yearsof architectural history. that's a lot to pack into 18 minutes. it's a complex topic, so we're just going to dive right inat a complex place: new jersey. because 30 years ago, i'm from jersey, and i was six, and i lived therein my parents' house

in a town called livingston, and this was my childhood bedroom. around the corner from my bedroom was the bathroomthat i used to share with my sister. and in between my bedroom and the bathroom was a balcony that overlookedthe family room. and that's where everyonewould hang out and watch tv, so that every time that i walkedfrom my bedroom to the bathroom, everyone would see me,

and every time i took a showerand would come back in a towel, everyone would see me. and i looked like this. i was awkward, insecure, and i hated it. i hated that walk, i hated that balcony, i hated that room, and i hated that house. and that's architecture. (laughter)

done. that feeling, those emotions that i felt, that's the power of architecture, because architecture is not about mathand it's not about zoning, it's about those visceral,emotional connections that we feel to the places that we occupy. and it's no surprisethat we feel that way, because according to the epa, americans spend 90 percentof their time indoors.

that's 90 percent of our timesurrounded by architecture. that's huge. that means that architecture is shaping usin ways that we didn't even realize. that makes us a little bit gullibleand very, very predictable. it means that when i show youa building like this, i know what you think: you think "power"and "stability" and "democracy." and i know you think thatbecause it's based on a building that was build 2,500 years agoby the greeks.

this is a trick. this is a trigger that architects use to get you to createan emotional connection to the forms that we buildour buildings out of. it's a predictable emotional connection, and we've been using this trickfor a long, long time. we used it [200] years ago to build banks. we used it in the 19th centuryto build art museums. and in the 20th century in america,

we used it to build houses. and look at these solid,stable little soldiers facing the oceanand keeping away the elements. this is really, really useful, because building things is terrifying. it's expensive, it takes a long time,and it's very complicated. and the people that build things -- developers and governments -- they're naturally afraid of innovation,

and they'd rather just use those formsthat they know you'll respond to. that's how we end upwith buildings like this. this is a nice building. this is the livingston public library that was completed in 2004 in my hometown, and, you know, it's got a dome and it's got this round thingand columns, red brick, and you can kind of guess what livingstonis trying to say with this building: children, property values and history.

but it doesn't have much to dowith what a library actually does today. that same year, in 2004,on the other side of the country, another library was completed, and it looks like this. it's in seattle. this library is about howwe consume media in a digital age. it's about a new kindof public amenity for the city, a place to gather and read and share. so how is it possible

that in the same year,in the same country, two buildings, both called libraries, look so completely different? and the answer is that architecture workson the principle of a pendulum. on the one side is innovation, and architects are constantly pushing,pushing for new technologies, new typologies, new solutionsfor the way that we live today. and we push and we push and we push until we completely alienate all of you.

we wear all black, we get very depressed, you think we're adorable, we're dead inside becausewe've got no choice. we have to go to the other side and reengage those symbolsthat we know you love. so we do that, and you're happy, we feel like sellouts, so we start experimenting again and we push the pendulum backand back and forth and back and forth

we've gone for the last 300 years, and certainly for the last 30 years. okay, 30 years agowe were coming out of the '70s. architects had been busy experimentingwith something called brutalism. it's about concrete. you can guess this. small windows, dehumanizing scale. this is really tough stuff. so as we get closer to the '80s,

we start to reengage those symbols. we push the pendulumback into the other direction. we take these forms that we know you love and we update them. we add neon and we add pastels and we use new materials. and you love it. and we can't give you enough of it.

we take chippendale armoires and we turned those into skyscrapers, and skyscrapers can bemedieval castles made out of glass. forms got big, forms got bold and colorful. dwarves became columns. swans grew to the size of buildings. it was crazy. but it's the '80s, it's cool.

we're all hanging out in malls and we're all moving to the suburbs, and out there, out in the suburbs, we can create our ownarchitectural fantasies. and those fantasies, they can be mediterranean or french or italian. possibly with endless breadsticks.

this is the thing about postmodernism. this is the thing about symbols. they're easy, they're cheap, because instead of making places, we're making memories of places. because i know,and i know all of you know, this isn't tuscany. this is ohio. so architects get frustrated,

and we start pushing the pendulumback into the other direction. in the late '80s and early '90s, we start experimenting with somethingcalled deconstructivism. we throw out historical symbols, we rely on new, computer-aideddesign techniques, and we come up with new compositions, forms crashing into forms. this is academic and heady stuff, it's super unpopular,

we totally alienate you. ordinarily, the pendulum would justswing back into the other direction. and then, something amazing happened. in 1997, this building opened. this is the guggenheim bilbao,by frank gehry. and this building fundamentally changesthe world's relationship to architecture. paul goldberger said that bilbaowas one of those rare moments when critics, academics,and the general public

were completely united around a building. the new york timescalled this building a miracle. tourism in bilbao increased 2,500 percent after this building was completed. so all of a sudden, everybodywants one of these buildings: l.a., seattle, chicago, new york,

cleveland, springfield. everybody wants one,and gehry is everywhere. he is our very first starchitect. now, how is it possiblethat these forms -- they're wild and radical -- how is it possible that they becomeso ubiquitous throughout the world? and it happened because mediaso successfully galvanized around them that they quickly taught usthat these forms mean culture and tourism.

we created an emotionalreaction to these forms. so did every mayor in the world. so every mayor knewthat if they had these forms, they had culture and tourism. this phenomenonat the turn of the new millennium happened to a few other starchitects. it happened to zaha and it happened to libeskind, and what happenedto these elite few architects

at the turn of the new millennium could actually start to happento the entire field of architecture, as digital media startsto increase the speed with which we consume information. because think abouthow you consume architecture. a thousand years ago, you would have had to have walked tothe village next door to see a building. transportation speeds up: you can take a boat, you can take a plane,you can be a tourist.

technology speeds up:you can see it in a newspaper, on tv, until finally, we are allarchitectural photographers, and the building has becomedisembodied from the site. architecture is everywhere now, and that means thatthe speed of communication has finally caught upto the speed of architecture. because architectureactually moves quite quickly. it doesn't take longto think about a building. it takes a long time to build a building,

three or four years, and in the interim, an architectwill design two or eight or a hundred other buildings before they know if that buildingthat they designed four years ago was a success or not. that's because there's never beena good feedback loop in architecture. brutalism wasn't a two-year movement, it was a 20-year movement. for 20 years, we were producingbuildings like this

because we had no ideahow much you hated it. it's never going to happen again, i think, because we are living on the vergeof the greatest revolution in architecture since the invention of concrete, of steel, or of the elevator, and it's a media revolution. so my theory is that whenyou apply media to this pendulum, it starts swinging faster and faster,

until it's at both extremesnearly simultaneously, and that effectively blurs the differencebetween innovation and symbol, between us, the architects,and you, the public. now we can make nearly instantaneous,emotionally charged symbols out of something that's brand new. let me show you how this plays out in a project that my firmrecently completed. we were hired to replace this building,which burned down. this is the center of a towncalled the pines

in fire island in new york state. it's a vacation community. we proposed a building that was audacious, that was different than any of the formsthat the community was used to, and we were scaredand our client was scared and the community was scared, so we created a seriesof photorealistic renderings that we put onto facebook and we put onto instagram,

and we let people startto do what they do: share it, comment, like it, hate it. but that meant that two yearsbefore the building was complete, it was already a part of the community, so that when the renderingslooked exactly like the finished product, there were no surprises. this building was already a partof this community, and then that first summer, when people started arrivingand sharing the building on social media,

the building ceased to be just an edificeand it became media, because these, these are notjust pictures of a building, they're your pictures of a building. and as you use them to tell your story, they become partof your personal narrative, and what you're doingis you're short-circuiting all of our collective memory, and you're making these charged symbolsfor us to understand. that means we don't needthe greeks anymore

to tell us what to thinkabout architecture. we can tell each otherwhat we think about architecture, because digital media hasn't just changedthe relationship between all of us, it's changed the relationshipbetween us and buildings. think for a second aboutthose librarians back in livingston. if that building was goingto be built today, the first thing they would do is go onlineand search "new libraries." they would be bombarded by examplesof experimentation, of innovation, of pushing at the envelopeof what a library can be.

that's ammunition. that's ammunitionthat they can take with them to the mayor of livingston,to the people of livingston, and say, there's no one answerto what a library is today. let's be a part of this. this abundance of experimentation gives them the freedomto run their own experiment. everything is different now. architects are no longerthese mysterious creatures

that use big wordsand complicated drawings, and you aren't the hapless public, the consumer that won't acceptanything that they haven't seen anymore. architects can hear you, and you're not intimidatedby architecture. that means that that pendulumswinging back and forth from style to style,from movement to movement, is irrelevant. we can actually move forward

and find relevant solutionsto the problems that our society faces. this is the end of architectural history, and it means thatthe buildings of tomorrow are going to look a lot differentthan the buildings of today. it means that a public spacein the ancient city of seville can be unique and tailoredto the way that a modern city works. it means that a stadium in brooklyncan be a stadium in brooklyn, not some red-brick historical pastiche of what we think a stadium ought to be.

it means that robots are goingto build our buildings, because we're finally ready for the formsthat they're going to produce. and it means that buildingswill twist to the whims of nature instead of the other way around. it means that a parking garagein miami beach, florida, can also be a place for sports and for yoga and you can evenget married there late at night. it means that three architectscan dream about swimming

in the east river of new york, and then raise nearlyhalf a million dollars from a communitythat gathered around their cause, no one client anymore. it means that no buildingis too small for innovation, like this little reindeer pavilion that's as muscly and sinewyas the animals it's designed to observe. and it means that a buildingdoesn't have to be beautiful to be lovable,

like this ugly little building in spain, where the architects dug a hole, packed it with hay, and then poured concrete around it, and when the concrete dried, they invited someone to comeand clean that hay out so that all that's left when it's done is this hideous little room that's filled with the imprintsand scratches of how that place was made,

and that becomes the most sublime placeto watch a spanish sunset. because it doesn't matterif a cow builds our buildings or a robot builds our buildings. it doesn't matter how we build,it matters what we build. architects already know howto make buildings that are greener and smarter and friendlier. we've just been waitingfor all of you to want them. and finally, we're noton opposite sides anymore. find an architect, hire an architect,

work with us to design better buildings,better cities, and a better world, because the stakes are high. buildings don't just reflect our society,they shape our society down to the smallest spaces: the local libraries, the homes where we raise our children, and the walk that they takefrom the bedroom to the bathroom. thank you. (applause)

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best 3d home design

hey guys! mr. clark here. today, let’s design the perfect room! what does your perfect room look like? we can draw a floor plan also known as a blueprint.architects design blueprints to map out features of the building and also to see what each room is used for. today, i’m going to design a floor planfor my perfect room. what will you design for your perfect room? a bathroom? an arcade? you can design your perfect room to have whateveryou’d like in it. have fun and be creative! remember, when we design this floor plan; we are looking at the room from above – like there is no roof.

it’s a bird’s eye view. let’s begin by drawing four walls. i want the walls to be nice and straight - soi’ll use my ruler to draw a rectangular room. i’ll leave a space here for the door. thinkabout where you’d like your doors and windows. he can draw them right into the walls. and, you know what… i’m gonna have a closet door here. now, lets add some windows in our walls tolet some sunlight it. first, i’ll find the middle of my wall uphere, and then draw one window on either side with a little space between.

these lines just represent the window frame. i’ll do the same on this wall. good. now, let’s start drawing some itemsinside our room. like maybe a bed! you gotta sleep right? ok, so i’ll draw a rectangle bed here onthis wall. you can just draw the basic outline of the bed so you know it’s there – or you can add lots of cool details. take your time and be creative! cool, now i’ll draw a nightstand next tothe bed. of course, when viewing our room from above,we won’t be able to see these drawers, but

i’ll still draw them just for fun! i’ll even draw a lamp here on the top. that’llgive me a light source. cool! now on the other side of the room inbetween the windows, i’ll draw a big computer desk where i can make art videos and shareit with you all! on that desk, i’ll draw my laptop. i usea macbook pro. and i gotta have big speakers so i can listento music - all night long. i’ll even draw the cords going to an outlet. the floor plan symbol for an electrical outletis a circle with two lines attaching it to the wall. you can add outlets wherever youneed power!

good! now, i’ll draw my computer chair - abig comfy chair – that swivels. yeah… ok, what next? ooh! i know! how about a basketball hoop! yeah i want a basketball hoop in my room soi can take 3pt shots with my friends. i’ll draw it here in the corner: the backboard,the rim and the net. and of course a basketball to shoot. next, i’ll draw a toy chest up here on theother wall between the two windows. this is where you can keep games, legos andmaybe some art supplies to share with friends. on the other side of my computer desk, i’lladd a bookshelf. here is where i keep all

my favorite books. books from school, comicsand other cool books that i enjoy reading! again; normally we wouldn’t be able to see the books from above, but i’ll still draw them so we can see what it is. now, let’s see... in this corner, i’lldraw an art table. yeah… this is where we can draw, color anddo neat art crafts like painting and origami! two chairs - one for me and one for a friend. this is a pretty cool room! what else shouldwe add? now, i’m choosing to make this little rooma closet, but why don’t you try to make it something else? like a bathroom! or makeit bigger to add a home gym!

you know what to do – have fun and be creative! these are my shirts hanging up, here are mypants and i’ll put my shoes here on the floor. and lastly, i’ll add a rug here in the middleof my room - a big area rug with cool designs on it. nice! i designed my perfect room! and send me your floor plans for your perfect room! i can’t wait to see your designs! now, let’s illustrate it! i’ll show you how. join me in the next video to illustrate andanimate our perfect room! subscribe to creative cricket for more coolart videos, free printables and monthly giveaways.

i hope you all had fun and i’ll see younext time. thanks for watching!

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best 3d home design software free download

do you want the competitive edge in winning bids for lucrative home improvement projects with 3d house design brought to you by 3d solutions animation services you can communicate complex and creative 3d designs to inspire your client and close the deal what we really wanted to do was incorporate our house the inside of our house and extend it to the backyard and

so we really wanted to focus on this outdoor room and incorporate that extended living space and we interviewed with eddie and we interviewed with a couple of other companies but for me the 3d imaging is huge because i'm not a visual person that can see it in the future i can conceptually see space but not this

i can't see how this looks with my house and so that was huge and i think when you are looking at a company especially from a contractor standpoint i really think about follow up and fall through communication and that's what i think one of their biggest drinks was for me as communications constantly getting back to me anything i sent

constant response 3d solutions is a premier company offering 3d modeling visualization and rendering we cater directly to residential commercial outdoor living design and contracting industries we bring your designs to life in today's high-tech world it is imperative that you reflect the image of a seasoned

professional your competitors are using this technology and you should too if seeing is believing 3d solutions will help give your customers full confidence in your design our cutting-edge 3d designs not only increase sales but can save you time and money by avoiding expensive construction mistakes written quotes and simple 2d

drawings don't adequately communicate the full design if a picture is worth a thousand words a 3d solutions animation could be worth thousands and sales in addition your customer will be showing off your animated design to friends family and work colleagues with your company name prominently displayed it's like built-in marketing

3d solutions has a quick turnaround excellent customer support unbeatable pricing and a one hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed all we need is your autocad file with respect and a few pictures of the site no house plan is required imagine using this with your next customer 3d solutions has over 28 years of

experience in the field of design and construction our animations are the ultimate and construction design presentation why because your customers will see your talent in 3d visualize themselves in your design and be won over by your professionalism please call 3d solutions today to

discuss how we can help you better communicate with your customers and reach your sales goals 3d solutions where your outdoor living space comes to life via 3d home design

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