Tuesday, January 31, 2017

australian home design software

gary lo: i want people toenjoy finding their next home. i want people tobe happy when they imagine what it'sgoing to be like for them to live in this home. to be part of that processis a real privilege. yeah, that's what it'sreally about for me. my name's gary lo. i'm the lead androiddeveloper at domain. we provide searchtools, information

for buyers, investors, sellers,renters, and agents australia wide. we're a big companywith over 500 people and a number ofdifferent products. we have three developerson the android team, and we work very closelywith our design and ux teams. henrique marassi: i'm henrique. i'm product managerhere at domain. it's been a veryinteresting time for us.

our android app has come a longway over the past few years. when gary and i started, thatwas really counterintuitive. there were problemswith navigation, and user feedbackwas really poor. gary lo: we had toeducate our team, and we designed ourapp specifically for the android platform. henrique marassi:we were really lucky that the business supportedus and really invested

in developing a bestpractice android app. gary lo: once we did avery standard framework, we really started to takeadvantage of all the tools that google and android gave us. we wanted to provide theuser with understanding of the surroundingsof a property. we've got google maps. we wanted timelynotifications to the user, and we've got gcm push.

we wanted to help usersdiscover companies as they walk along the street,and you've got geo-fencing. play's services justmakes it so easy for us to createthose experiences. henrique marassi: 2014 wasa really big year for us. we released a number of greatfeatures-- finger search, integration with google now,and adoption of material design. gary lo: material design givesyou a very strong guideline as to how to design an app.

it just makes the experienceso much more immersive. and the response was amazing. we've had a 44% increasein monthly downloads, placing domain app inthe top five lifestyle apps in australia. being able to hear real peopletell us how great the app is and how it's helped themfind a home is fantastic. we've gone from a 2.8 starrating in the play store to a 4.1.

henrique marassi:the future of the app is constantlyevolving and changing to really make thelife of our users easier in that homebuying process. and has been reallybig year for us, and we can't wait to see whatthe android platform will give us next.


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