Monday, February 20, 2017

bali design homes

rain forest retreat design – bali floor plans bali floor plans: one of the largest structures in the teak bali product line, with a demonstrative lanai and a large common area, the rain forest retreat states family/community. our most popular model utilizes larger spans to achieve a spacious ‘hang out’ area in this bali floor plan. making use of less walls/partitions gives more feeling of interior space successfully creating an expansive feeling. combined with the spacious ceiling, the rain forest retreat truly has an unrestricted, vast mood. a grand atmosphere for those who wish to live in a more unobstructed, free environment.

and as is possible with all teak bali models, the rain forest retreat can be altered to our clients tastes in this case with the possibility of adding in a 3rd bedroom. interior living area – 2,368 ft2 (220 m2) front lanai area – 420 ft2 (39 m2) house height – 26 ft (7.8 m)


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