Tuesday, February 21, 2017

bali home design

welcome to our little eco, hut this is called the new earth amethyst dome i want to give you guys the couple's house course you can really experience what we have been? experiencing the last few days and see how yeah how there's other ways to travel in other ways for when you stay in places in foreign countries to have those places give back and be a part of weaning cycle of life i thought we start with packed in here. this is the path from the road and we take pure backyard which is the rice field over here? very very beautiful and down here. we have a pass to our neighbors that that dome number two. we have our other neighbors on this side here who were featured in our last video. i believe we had them he was showing us his musical talent

this is our front yard you know you can play soccer in it or lawn darts or whatever you might want to say enough is enough room for soccer alright, and so here. we have our outdoor bathroom facility. there's a beautiful little outdoor bathroom sink and mirror how the brain actually that goes right into the rice field and the same thing [goes] for our? amazing adorable outdoor shower and all the water just goes back into the earth here up these stairs is the choice cause everything you do in there is a part of the recycling program media business here and i was here this morning and saw some perverse in our front area

catching of you, so lucky we have this afternoon door juliana, why don't you take everybody inside and let's see what's going on in there, so we have our threads are so welcome to your cute little home we're actually taking off after this so we have [all] our stuff or two passed out but this is our seating area near and then this is what our laden's our work has been going on for low beautiful right here in this table. this is my favorite part the land and you guys want to see the coolest thing about this place is that all the lights at night are controlled by the system?

so you literally do the on and off bedside lamps, and it controls too much everywhere around the house and it's actually enough enough lighting at night. which is pretty awesome. so [i'll] take you guys upstairs this is their bed this guy right here is very important to sit there technically outside there isn't a windows or doors so at night you want to protect yourself from all the mosquitoes and weird bugs that live in the rice field and right here couch along down area when you can just complete book be on a computer or have it now no, but it's wonderful here. it's really peaceful that's pretty much it. that's a cute little dome and we have skylights. it gives me beautiful stars on a clear night

so that is under the tune of our amethyst dome and cause a beautiful home we'll put the air b&b link in the description if you guys want to check it out and if you're coming to a boot we much recommend something a little bit of side of the city like this anyways we hope you guys enjoyed this video if you'd like to see more of our adventures subscribe to our youtube channel give us a thumbs up or comments below if you have any questions about food or other places being up alright guys see you later nice you


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