Friday, February 17, 2017

balcony home design

again,take those eyesores from ugh to ugh-mazing with these 21 ingeniously easy ways to hidethe ugly stuff in your home by peggy wang 1. camouflage an oddly placed light switch platewith a photo gallery. no one will even stop to ponder why there’san effing light switch in the middle of the wall. using an array of frames in wood tones andwhite create a little gallery wall to draw attention away from the awkwardly placed (akabothersome) light switch plate. as for the art just picked up at a local thriftshop.

2. hang a black drop cloth behind your desk tohide a tangled mass of wires. use bucky ball magnets to affix the cloth,making this a supremely easy diy. 3. turn a low drawer into a pet-feeding hutch. 4. spray-paint your folding chairs. metal folding chairs, for whatever reason,usually come in that weird ugly brown color. make them fun and bright with a little spraypaint.

5. instead of your standard garment rack, optfor a ceiling rope-hung rack instead. store-bought garment racks tend to look cheapand messy, so just make one. using an old curtain rod just cut down tothe size needed, create a rope wrapped hanging clothes bar that is suspended from the ceilingwith very well secured hooks. use hot glue to help secure the rope to thecurtain rod. once the rod was completely wrapped in rope,anchored two hooks into the ceiling at about the same width as the rod. finally, use rope to suspend the new clothesbar from the ceiling.

simply cut 2 pieces of rope at the same length,doubled them over, created a knot at the ends, and then slipped the clothes bar into them. 6. turn those nettlesome basement poles intostately columns with molding. just cover the poles with rustic pine boardsand trimmed them out with moldings. and paint them an accent color. it’ll look totally striking in a mostlywhite room. 7. you can actually paint any ugly tile floorsyou’re not crazy about.

does anyone actually like that mottled linoleumlook? after cleaning it very well and use some krudkutter to taped it off. put little pieces on the squares not to paintin. use primer before using chalk paint for checkerboardblack/gray and white color. seal the whole thing with a couple coats ofpoly-acrylic. 8. buy or sew your own crate cover for the pup. 9. stash peek-a-boo plants in your cinder blocks.

your backyard will look like it’s just burstingwith greenery. 10. use electrical tape to make over your washingmachines. if you get sick of your stripes and polkadots, they’re easily removable. 11. install a rolling recycling bin in your kitchencounter or island. 12. update your garage door with a fresh coatof paint. bonus points if it matches the shutters.

13. easily update your boring built-in bathtubwith airstone. things you need are two boxes of gray airstone,2 tubes of pl premium construction adhesive, caulk-gun, a putty knife, and a hacksaw. just apply the adhesive, and then stick itto the tub, end-to-end however you like, make your cuts as you go. apply molding trim after the last row. 14.

transition your backsplash into the wall seamlesslywith a shelf bracket. 15. keep your charging station in a kitchen ornightstand drawer, just by drilling some holes. many nightstands have open drawers in theback too, so you can keep your gadgets out of sight and out of mind. 16. if you have popcorn ceilings, you can actuallyscrape the “popcorn” off. it is a labor-intensive project, and makesure you get tested for asbestos before you begin.

many homes built before 1978 have ceilingsthat contain asbestos. instructions:prepping the room, cover everything from the top to the floor. using a squirt bottle water spray the popcornuntil it is wet and waits a couple of minutes for it to soak in and then wet it again. use a razor and a flathead screwdriver toscrape popcorn off, dry overnight before sanding. use the white tube ceiling texture. clean up all the debris. prime and paint your ceilings after you’redone.

you can also cover them with plaster. instruction:cover furniture and floor with plastic cloths put your joint compound in a plastering trayor small bucket. start in a corner of the room. starting at an edge of the ceiling least noticeable,press enough compound in to cover the popcorn. smooth it with a plaster knife,let the ceiling dry about a week before trying to paint it. 17. turn your balcony into a yard with astroturf.

your mini “backyard” waits. 18. use hooks underneath your desk to keep wiresout of the way. 19. upholster your unsightly box springs withfabric and a staple gun. add furniture legs to get your bed off thefloor. 20. hide florescent lights in your home or officewith these lattice covers. you could re-purpose covers out of an old headboardor cabinet door.

21. give your kitchen appliances a stainless steelmakeover with stainless steel contact paper. yep, it exists. here is how julie blanner revamped her dishwasher:instruction: 1st. cut a piece of contact paper 3″ longer thanrequired. then, open your dishwasher door and start at theedge. line the paper up with the top, peeling onlyan inch or so of the backing off at a time.

partner 1: start at the top, slowly workingyour way to the bottom using the credit card. partner 2: hold onto the contact paper witha little tension to keep the paper from adhering then once you reach the other side, trim the excessoff with a razor blade. and remove any bubbles working them out with acredit card. last,for those ugly things you have no plan to pass on to your children and grandchildren. try this brabantia sort and go waste bin. no endorsement. no commission transfered between product ownerand me,

i assure you that. done see you again next week with tons storage solutions that will expand your horizons to new level. meanwhile, like this video with your friends,or share it with anyone you know. last, subcribe to keep our channel in yourwatch list and thanks for watching


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