Friday, May 12, 2017

best computer table design for home

hey and welcome to my actually first video on this channel i'm glad you watch my video i get often the question daniel, how you built your studiodesk? can i buy the table ready? where to find the components? everything about you learn in this video have fun and enjoy! all parts you need to build are:

2x oval tabletops i used ikea oppeby i really like them, because they have a white high gloss finish 2x ikea alex the table tops are later placed on it next: 3mm acrylic glass you could use smaller glass than 3mm, but not bigger than 3mm higher than 3mm acrylic glass is hard to bend that it fits into the oval table tops the height of the glass is 80mm

then larger power adapters fit into the table for the stand you'll need 2x ikea capita also you'll need for the monitor stand 2x ikea lack boards as an add-on unit i use ikea alex to hide all cables you'll need 3x cable feed-through the led lighting is installed later in the table last but not least i installed a desk usb hub all products are linked in the info box! let's start the assembling

first i built the drawer units thereafter, the planning began because the table is standing in front of a wall, i've cutted 10cm at the back for the cable outlets, you need three holes in right measure of the cable lead-through one hole on the left side and one on the right side ...and one in the middle of the desk for your display as an additional extra i've cutted a hole for the usb-hub the last two holes are for the monitor stands ...thereon the speakers could be placed safe

to place the acrylic glass between the two tabletops syou need to cut two grooves into the tables in this step, a carpenter helped me once this is complete, you can begin to assemble i started with the wood distances on the lower tabletop then i installed the led lighting after that i installed the plexiglass into the wooden grooves this step is not so simple, because the plexiglass is all the time under tension you will need a second person to help now the two tabletops are connected by screws

finally attach the monitor stands on the tabletop and you are ready to install all technical components if all goes well, you have your own studio desk i hope you liked my first video all products are also linked in the info box! if you're interested in seeing what else i'm doing.. follow me on snapchat: danny.chris or instagram @dannychris if you want to see more videos of this style, then i really appreciate it if you give me a thumbs up i am pleased about each subscriber <3 thanks for watching, bye! :-)


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