Thursday, May 11, 2017

best cad software for home design

welcome to learning archicad 18 with medona i am an engineer in building andconstruction, also an educator specialized in designing software i've already tell too many people on howto use archicad i've already done many projects with theold version of archicad then inhance architectural design and models withphotoshop this learning archicad video course is foranyone who wants to draw an architectural design in this tutorial will try to make thismodel from

a to z in short i start at thesquare one and do not assume you have any experienceusing computer edit design in the course of this journey you'll get up to speed in all complexities needed to get yousuccessfully and protectively with this amazing software so here is the interface so far kit kat and let me bring you on a tour guide here we have the menus in here we havethe tool box and here we have the and navigator

and in the toolbox we've got the select the select barton's such as aeromar keen and in that thesign we have the wall the doors the windows the colonne for beam the sled exeter up any document we have thirddimension arm level dimension told text labile he'll line exeter a and in more we've got the creed elementswall and

corner window lamb exeter a so the first thing to do when you're using our key kid is arm the specified you're working units as you do with other drawing software we go to option projectpreference working units and amor use centimeter then okay then i we alsospecified done the dimension units

ago to options still at project perfriend said go to dimensions and i may use any meter and without decimals okie then what am i gonna do now is i will disable the screed display ago to view and click on create display then on myfeet in window in then um what we will do

is wield wrote this model as 8 seed earlier to do so but the first thing we going to do is i we gonna said our collins with a great system we go to design grid system a check collins and dimensions and we gonna set thecollins a go to settings and among make i'm gonna use our a collar no twentycentimeter square

in and amor change the model i will use cool stucco white raff heat okay been here i will put ninety 50 this is thedistance between the dimensions and and next thing to do is i will said the creed elements and i go tomarker a said these 26 that's all to make the circor smaller

ajito k and that distance a real to one aged 50 in great position i'm not gonna use the ende soma delayedthem you press on the minas if you wannadelayed if you wanna edgy press on the loss okay a delete this one and i hear i we'll food 430 and 290 in the other side

this is the crossing so here i will boots 200 470 end here 315 sorry 15 in here farm 200 85 then a heat okay here we are i'll put it here this way there you go now we've got ourcollins in the great system and there are somecollins in these the designing that i will not choose soi'm a delayed

them lake dez these n this one here delete and now we can preview 18 3d window i right click and go to a 3d window or f3 next time i'll just brisk f/3.5 cf3 means 3d windows okay a click it here we are

but leader problem not really a problem but i am here westill have the greed in the three-team in the 3d window so i am i'm going to disable it so i select the create when you select in our key kid you needto bridge shifts so as to use the magnets because thereis a them a kind of a magnet system to snap the objects you on the select

appreciate and i click one because they are all grouped if i selectone all of them will be selected and i e go to the settings and in 3d view i a and check display in 3d view okay there we go so now we don't have the grid system then what we gonna do now is we gonna give a specific hate

a specific height for i for each colin so i'm just gonna work in the 3d window i select the scholar in here this one and ago to the settings do some and choose a not linked and as a hate as the hyatt i am do 400 okay and the swine in these these

vs they will have the height love 82 890 okay their ego and next is dez these will have their hate of i am okay in the drop down menu i'llchoose not linked 670 a heat okay and i'll choose these three we've this one

then they will have to hate the i am 700 10 bucky there we go um this will be the hi-eight are fourbuildings and some these are the call and thereare used in the model


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