Thursday, March 23, 2017

bathroom designs for home

transform a blank canvas bath into a spa-likeretreat on a $500 budget. here's how. to start go for a sophisticated color palate. softtaupe walls, calming blue accents paired with crisp black and white accessories accomplishesthe look. then, give existing fixtures a fresh look. layers of paint, stain and glaze, aswell as a sanded finish, give this vanity antique appeal. crystal knobs add sparkle,and a new faucet imparts modern style. for a budget friendly window valance, try a stenciledcanvas dropcloth. to add impact to your walls, hang custom artwork in an inexpensive blackframe. this mirror, which was cut to size for 5 dollars completes the look. when itcomes to the floor, vinyl tiles create the look of stone for less. and for extra storageadd a free standing shelf unit to hide accessories

and store towels. these simple upgrades madea big impact on a small budget. [music] [blank_audio]


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