Wednesday, March 22, 2017

basement home theater design ideas

steve:hello everyone, steve messri here. i am here in hollywood hills today. a beautiful areaall the way up in the north of hollywood where all the famous people stay. we're in dohenyestates we're doing a home for one of our clients. who has a contemporary overviewingthe entire city. and quite a goegeous view. they wanted to have a movie theatre put intothe house. a home theatre look. so i'm here and we're working on the draperies. its goingto be blocking out the light in the entire area. without having a room set up for that,we're doing it by creating draperies that can block out the lights. these drapes areceling mounts to avoid any light peeking through the side of the windows or from the top. theguys are working on it and were about to go

ahead and complete the job and its lookingreally good for now. so the job is now complete. the drapes turnedout quite beautiful. these are very soft draperies. we used blackout. we had to special orderit specifically for this client. the idea was to have no light coming through and theywanted it black on black. it turned out really well. they're also reverse rod draperies soit also allows the customer to pull the cord on one side and have the drapes be stackedon the other side. and i'm looking forward to being invited back here to watch a moviewith them. so for those of you interested in gettingthis type of work done, having your home theatre done. you're welcome to visit us at you for watching!


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