Monday, March 13, 2017

bar for home design

♪ music playing ♪ the new macbook pro combinesthe fundamental qualities of an ultraportable devicewith uncompromising performance. with our new design, the product's overall volumehas been reduced dramatically. this results in an extremely purposefuland powerful creative tool. ♪ it has the best retina displaywe've ever put in a notebook.

a precisely designedled spectrum projects througha metal oxide backplane. this yields a remarkably bright, high-contrast picturewith a wider color gamut. the larger force touch trackpad now provides an expansive areafor a whole range of gestures. we've continued to refineour keyboard design to be more accurateand efficient. dome switches beneath each key

have been optimizedfor a more responsive feel. we're introducing a new wayto interact with your notebook. a multi-touch bar provides a more intuitive, more immediateconnection to your content. commands that were once hiddenare now visible, easily accessible,and also customizable. in each application, the most relevant controlsare displayed dynamically, allowing you to workwith greater efficiency.

[phone ringing] this is also the first macwith touch id. this seamless integrationof hardware and software is truly unique to apple. the speakers have also beencompletely redesigned to maximize air displacement and project high-fidelity,room-filling sound. at its core,pro-level processors, integrated with high speedsystem memory

and storage technologies, make everything you dofaster and more responsive. in a notebook this powerful,thermal management is critical. thinner, variably spacedfan blades propel air quietly througha nearly solid structure. the new macbook proachieves a design that optimizes bothperformance and portability. it marks a milestonein the evolution of the mac.


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