Friday, March 10, 2017

bar designs for home basements

aah! daah! very funny what if that guy eats drugs? *laughing* don't eat drugs or you'll end up like this guy! *burp* (intro) what's up fgteevers? we are back playing more

hello, neighbor! he is a creepy neighbor. run from that creepy old man! (run!) uh-oh. oh-oh.. this is a cutscene that we haven't seen. ooh, that must be him. he's in his car. no, that's us. that's us?

yeah. let's se-oh! so.. this is a new update. we haven't played this version, so hopefully there's something new. thank you for telling us about this ok, because you guys are awesome! press e- oh! oh, oh! press e to open. oh, oh! oh!

whoa, that's us. ooh! hello. now what? this is a box that we got- it looks like- it looks like we're just moving in! "get inside" and "move stuff inside". alright, so we have to go inside. "the key is under the stone beneath the mailbox." got the key- what was that?

a crow? the crow's got the key! ok, throw it at the crow! and go! hiya! we- heh, we threw the rock at the crow. pick it up! oh, whoa, i got it! oh dude go open the door there we go!

hello? wha- no way, this dude is that strong? oh, we're gonna go get the hammer! he's got a hammer! don't tell me he has a hammer! what? yeah, let's switch! we're crowbarring it!

no no no! we need that! we just have to take all the nails off the door. and now.. home sweet home! i'm here! push! push! yaaa! awwwwwww, this is my home?

whoa, my home's bigger! dude, our home's bigger! is that my hat? *gasp* that's my hat! how do i wear my hat? our lights are out! did you pay the bill? ok.. so what's happening? *yawns*

i'm tired, i'm gonna lay down... nice, is that comfy or what, bro? oh, he's going to sleep? was that chapter 1? wait, what? dude, that's us! no, this is just a dream. this is a dream, daddy. no way!

yeah, it is. he's boarding up something? that's his basement! he's drinking something called "kilm"! *gasp* why is his house so creepy and ours isn't? lucky dude we woke up outside are you sure that was a dream?

chase: yeah *gasp* there he is chase: that's him, that's his house what just happened? dude he just spotted us hold shift to run ? ok you do it you want to do it chase: no ok

why does his house look different *chase screams* dude his house got a makeover from the last game. we must of played a test run what? what's inside *gasp* there he is. dude he's got a steel vault door! chase: basement. oh my gosh there is no way we can get past that

dude he heard something wait wait wait. what run wait wait wait that wasn't fair im picking this up im so picking this up now throw it at him i'll throw it at you dude why did it start us off like this where did he go ok il just throw it there

oh nice what happened chase: he heard you dude that's sick now when you go oh shut that now when you go inside. what is this? binoculars chase: no that's a *screams* this is like

why does he keep letting me in here chase screams stop he won't find me in here ha ha ha ha i'm in here and you will never find me dude that's a creepy whoa whoa

noooo! *laughs* scared me. chase: he teleported i know he did teleport something is in my house and i am going to find it no you may not! what is this? ooooooh chase: that's a wheel don't

sir just let me in your house! ahhh that dude just busted out the window chase: you did that so he can bust out no he. that was a double bust out ok ready and run chase: go go go go go what whats the lock combination chase: you need a hammer in his shed

aww dude what's this that's his garage wait what, what was that? ahh! wait what is he not going to dude see he just busted out the house run run run run run he didn't catch us he caught us

i don't know what to do chase: that's a bucket chase: run run run. i don't think he coming ohh ohh ok ok jump jump jump jump run run run go inside of his house go inside go inside

ohhh that was so close oh what? he doesn't see me? the dudes blind i just gave myself ahernia hurts from laughing so hard oh my goodness ahernia is in your foot right dude i can not believe we made that holy smokels

waaa i was going to go in there ahhhh *chase screams* stay right here watch out behind imma jump scare him you ready boo! i scared him *laughing* chase screaming

ok there's a bear trap at the door that one that one that one go! no wait that's just the other side of the house what's in here? dude his kitchen got a makeover! nooo! ok quick close the door! chase: turn the lights off ok wait wait wait wait

yes! how can i lock the door? chase: you can't what if oh no! that didn't work i'm just trying to use the bathroom chase: hes going to be up there wait let's try to get him trapped

ok let's see if he gets trapped in his own trap trick or treat what awww no fair oh no run *screaming* you know what i got a idea alright he's not coming to my house

dudes not coming up in my home quick hey neighbor great day outside isn't it yeah go inside chump chase: go to your house wait is this even my wait chase: that's your house

wait this is not my house chase: yeah it is hello? who needs a phone for emergencies? why's my couch out here? i can't even get out of my.. my house is a prison for real though, this is our house??? chase: yes. why's it so different? chase: i don't know.

like the bedroom was over there before *gasp* let's turn of his electricity woah we just turned off his electri.. aah! tricity! tricity! trici trici trici tricity! no way that old man is faster than me! i was ballstone running sprinter whaat?!

what's this for? wait what? turn it off! he's captured you whaa he's coming! he's coming! he saw us! he saw us! he saw us! i'm running home! i'm running home! i'm running home! i'm running home! please let me make it! please let me make it!

okay you can't come inside my house sir. you can't come inside my house sir! hey sir? sir? oh he's stretching! oh? evil. evil (slightly slow deep voice ) evil. (slow deep voice) evil (really slow deep voice)

hey! can you show me how to stretch sir? can i touch him? aah! (neighbor's voice) no one stares at me when i'm working out wow, sorry we just like to stare geez what's so wrong with that? crazy guy. *gasp* wait a minute oh nothing nothing nothing nothing

i just wanna borrow this, my grass is long! my grass is long! i just wanna cut my grass chase: throw it. chase: oh my gosh! take that! okay nothing's in there. there's like nothing good anywhere

sorry there's a lawn mower on your deck wait a minute, what does that go to inside there? run! run! run! run! run! i'm on my side of the street, i'm on my side of the street! (deep and slow voice)i'm on my side of the street! yeah got back into your house fool. what's up? what's up with you, what are you going to do about it? nothing. you are going to do nothing

woah, i can go on this road?! that's it wait, can i hop his fence? yooo yes! we'll have to do something with this right here. that opens something i wanna get up there though we gotta find out what that wire does

but here this dude's got no electricity just run for it! run for it! run for it! somehow we have to get him to come out and we have to go back into that room like look see that wire? it goes in there. where does it go to? wait no it goes out of there! no wait. *gasps* i found something. *knocking*

was that him? chase: yep wait he's sleeping? oh i can hide chase: how did you do that? i just pressed e i don't care about time. let's test it. okay now hide, let's see if it works.


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