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bar cabinet designs for home

here’s how to organize literally everythingwith command hooks hook it.hook it real good. this is 37 clever ways hook can organize your entire lifeby natalie brown . the kitchen 1. hooks have many functional uses in the kitchen,like holding baking utensils. 2. or, you know, regular cooking utensils.they might clank a bit every time you close the cabinet, though.a neat way to store your pans

is with screw-in cup hooks.for an overhead cabinet, line them up on the underside of a shelf,spacing them apart enough to ensure they'll each be easy to access. 3. and, of course, hot pads.if you hang them on the wall or side of the fridge,they can do double duty as decor. messy cabinet, pretty potholder. 4. they can also transform an old door intoan all-purpose kitchen storage unit. now with the magnetic knife additionand some re- organizing, i really, really love it.

5. a hook can hold a measuring cup on theside of your cereal bin, so you can portion it perfectly every morning. 6. use two hooks to make foil and plasticwrap easy to reach and tear.the pantry door was the best location for my handy wrap and tin foil direction: i found this package of plastic hooks at walmarton the isle with the bathroom storage accessories. and it only cost a couple of bucks!first, i took measurements and spaced the hooks 10 5/8 inches apart from inside to inside.

the boxes fit on by sliding one end on firstand then slightly pulling the other hook so the opposite end can be inserted.the hooks have just the right flimsiness factor to allow you to do this!and there they are hanging, just waiting to be used! 7. add some shower curtain ringsand rods to the side of your fridge for an easy-to-customize kid’s art gallery.even better: this keeps the art in nice, neat rows,and it will never fall off because the magnet isn’t magnet-y enough. 8. a solitary hook can makefor convenient back-of-the-high-chair bib

storage.then it’s easy to remove the hook when you want to donate the high chair later. 9. they can also hang beautiful country-stylewindow vases. you can gaze at themin between your baby’s bites of purã©ed carrot. 10. mount a vertical herb garden nextto your kitchen window with a few small hooks. direction:1. drill hole a plastic container 2. hang your command hook{sturdy, but removable and it won’t damage your cabinets or walls}3. fill your plastic container

with some dirt and plantsand hang it. 11. station a hook next to your sinkto guard your rings while you do dishes. having the hook there can help you rememberto take them off. in the bathroom. 12. create more storage space by securing a wire spice rack to the backof your bathroom cabinets… i used extra-strong command hooks to hanga small wire rack for perfumes and nail need to drill into or purchase over-the-door hooks.

make sure to get a spice rackthat won’t let your stuff fall out, like this one. 13. or hang a wire file boxon the side of your sink. or over your toilet, or next to your mirror,or wherever works best in your bathroom. 14. combine the organizational power of hooksand caddies, and everyone can have their own shower rack.just hang ‘em on their own hooks. (make sure to use water-resistant adhesive,if you’re using adhesive hooks.) 15. switch those shower racks for bath-toybaskets if and when your situation is more kid-focused.again, water-resistant hooks are key.

i nabbed a couple plastic-covered wire storagebaskets on amazonand hooked them daintily over the command hooks.the wide slats on the baskets help everything drain trapped water! around the house 16. store the entire family’s sunglasseson two hooks and a dowel (you can make sure the dowel stays in placewith a tiny bit of sticky tack). but no guarantees your teenagerwon’t “borrow” your favorite pair every time they head out.instruction:

1. after locating just the right spot on theback of the cupboard door, adjust the interior shelves up or down a bitso that the sunglasses would not interfere with the shelving.2. two more command hooks were put on, dowel rodswere cut to length and spray painted, and tiny balls of sticky tack applied. 17. an upside-down hook can hold a wreathin place. directions on how to make this work at 18. and a small hook nestled on top of a doorframecan hold banners and bunting. i messed and fussed with inconspicuous waysto hang the garlands

for a long time until i came upwith this ultra-easy solution… when i don’t have a banner hanging theyaren’t visible because the hooks are clear and have a lowprofile (there is also one in the center ofthe door frame if i’m doing a drooping number)… i know, so easy! 19. pair a couple with a baseboard to hanga big quilt. i used damage free hanging hooks (like commandbrand, found at all big box affiliation, just like them.)

from the front (and side),you can't see the baseboard or the hook!cool right 20. hang curtains neatly by painting yourhooks the same coloras your crown molding with jumbo command hooks from amazon.tutorial on how to hang these curtains (plus info on trimming plastic hooksif they’re too tall for your space) pasted under this video.the only drawback to the process was that using the command hookswith our curtain rod didn’t allow us to use the finialsthat came with the rod-they were much too

bigto allow the rod to sit as close to the wall as required by the hooks. 21. clean up your entertainment centerwith the help of zip ties and small hooks. the ultimate cord-organizing combo.1. ease your entertainment center slowly awayfrom the wall. do it gently.2. then start unwrapping and sorting through the cords.3. use zip ties to keep cords for each device together making one thickcord. i placed my zip ties about every 6-8 step : attach small command hooks

near the topof your entertainment center to hang the newly zip tied cordsto so they cannot be seen once you push the entertainment center backagainst the wall. now i can sit on my couch and don’t haveto worry about delilah grabbing or pulling them,plus i can easily clean underneath! it is a total win-winfor $5 and 30 minutes! 22. or you can seek out hooks designedspecifically for holding cords. find a video link under this videoto get more details related to this solution.

23. improvise a paper towel holderwith two hooks and some spare wire. good if you don’t want to buya special paper towel rack for the garage but happento have some extra materials laying around. the bedroom 24. basic but beautiful (and useful).hang costume jewelry on a corkboard. 25. or just along the sides of a shelf.or on your wall, or the back of your closet door. 26. hate the way the white plastic looks?spray-paint your hooks gold. more inspiration.including info on how to use washi tape for

a cool cube 27. or coat them in some glittery mod podge.1. mix the glue and glitter together. i used a ratio of 2:1 glue to glitter.2. paint the glue/glitter mixture onto the 3m hooks.allow a couple minutes between coats of the mixturefor the hooks to dry some. i did 5 coats to ensure the hookswere completely covered with glitter. once done, wait at least an hour before hanging. 28. painting plastic hooks can helpyour decorations look more finished. i mean, if you know they’re command hooks,they’ll still look like command hooks.

but they won’tstand out quite as much. 29. “hammered metallic” spray paintcan make them look more, well, like only need: four 3m sticky hooks cost $4rust-oleum hammered spray paint cost $7 and basic spray painting skill. 30. have lots of time on your hands?decoupage your hooks. 31. give yourself some extra shelvingin a small dorm room by hanging a spice rack on your wall.spice racks (like this one $9.99 and this one $13.79)tend to be prettier

than bathroom shower caddies,but those work too. 32. use hooks to hang baskets on the wall.the perfect spot for kids to turn in their homework foldersevery day. 33. diy a fun party gamefor your next get-together. it could also just bea fun way to hang kids’ artwork. 34. make your own affordable photo backdropfor a wedding, birthday party,or random special occasion. 35. hang a dowel between two hooksfor pretty washi tape storage. this would also workwith spools of ribbon,

if you’re the type to build a gift-wrappingstation. 36. get the perfect macram㩠creation spotwith the same dowel-and-two-hooks trick. (for those awesome people that macram㩠wallhangings.) and, 37. position buckets on the side of the kids’craft table (or your grown-up work desk).•sand down table, rinse with water and let dry•spray paint entire table holding can about 10 inches away.may need two coats. •once table is dry, fasten hookson the side and add buckets.

super simple and super cute! always, comment this video before you leaveor press like and share button if you don’t have a minute or two. don’t leave subscribe button un-checkedif you never visit this channel before and see you again later. thanks’ for watching.


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