Tuesday, February 28, 2017

bar at home design

hi jim at the furniture workshop. today i'dlike to give you a quick preview of the next woodworking income project - the three panelbar. now this is the third project in my woodworking income series. and now that folks are spendingmore time indoors, this can be good project to build for customers. now like the otherincome projects, it goes together fairly quickly and can offer you a decent hourly rate afteryour expenses. so, looking at the bar construction. the frame is solid pine stock. the skin ishalf-inch birch plywood, oriented vertically. and i created the decorative panels using1 by 4 pine and some cap molding. now the top is also pine with a half-inch plywoodbase and a laminated pine rail. to help the build go quickly, i'm using pocket hole jointsto assemble the frame. the skin is secured

with liquid nails, a few wood screws and brads- and that's all hidden under the panel frames. i've installed the plywood with a verticalgrain, so i can have the option of finishing the bar with paint or stain. now this prototypehas two shelves but we could probably squeeze another shelf into the final design to makethings a little more convenient for the bartender. so, that's the basic design for my home bar.i'm hoping to have the final project done in the next week or so. and i'll have woodworkingplans available a couple weeks after that. now if you'd like to see the full build video,subscribe to our youtube channel right here and you'll get an update as soon as the video is ready.and i'll also put together videos on pricing, costs and some marketing tactics to help reachnew customers. in the meantime, if you'd like

to check out our other income projects, visitour website at homegrownfurniture.com. and thanks for watching today.


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