Tuesday, May 2, 2017

beaver home designs

welcome back to another video my name is adamfrom wpcrafter.com where i make videos for nontechies like me and i'm going to show you how to do somethingreally really cool in this video and that is how to add a pop up box that can have anythingyou want in it on your beaver builder website and you have to have the beaver builder themefor this you just need to have the beaver builder plug-in and an add-on package thati'm gonna show you that adds this really awesome functionality you can do some really amazingthings with pop-ups and i had a client recently where they asked if i would put a video ona page i designed for them and i know when i looked at it it just really wouldn't fitand i thought this should really be maybe a button where they click on it and a videopops up and so i was looking at my favorite

add-on package now part of the reason is myfavorite add-on package is because it's the only one i own about it with my own moneyi'm not some rich guy buying all these add-on packages also i'm very conservative when iend up buying something i want to buy stuff that i'm good use and i'm usually not to buysomething else that does the same thing to stick with what i have unless the other thingthat does a better job at it so i went to the ultimate add-ons website for beaver builderand i saw when i clicked on modules they have this module right here mode dial pop up idon't know why they called the mode dial i know it's probably a technical term but mostpeople don't know what the heck that is so just pop up and it's coming soon so i contactedthem and asked them if i can have an advanced

copy of the the plug-in that has this add-onalready in it so that i can use it for this client and they were very generous and i askedif i can make this video and they said yes as well so go over this new module that they'readding and other creative uses for it and us all to try to cover some of them as bestas i can in this video but they do have some demos up and they have these eight demos ofit so here is a demo where when you click on it just some content comes out and everythingis customize woman to show you all the options in it here's one for a photo you notice ican change the color of the background there and you can also choose if you want a borderthere you don't have to here's a video embeds when you click on it just pops up a videoand if if you noticed that others different

animation options okay so here's where youcan have a saved row so you can creator rowan beaver builder and you can select that tobe the contents of your pop-up that is some powerful stuff right there here's for savethe modules and also saved page templates and i was actually thinking this would bereally good for anyone that wants to have a portfolio but not have it be that take upso much space on their website so if your client to design some pages and beaver builderwhen you can actually export those pages import them on your site and add them to these pop-upsto really showcase some of the work that you do so anyways this is your full saved pagetemplate youtube video you might see someone familiar and you can even get rid of thisborder by the way also if you don't want the

border you can get rid of it you can changethe background color here the color the opacity everything is controllable including thisis controllable to you can have it be whatever you wants and here's a video video so theseare the eight demos let's jump into the backend of word press and take a look at the settingson my site so here i am i'm logged in now i'm going to give you a little bit of a teasehere so if i go to settings and then page builder and is where you simply find yourbeaver builder settings you can see right here something pretty interesting but i amnot to click on that that something for different video i just asked if i could get an advancecopy for the pop up and if i can make a video of it all go into what this is in a differentvideo so you want to click on modules if this

is your first time installing it in when youscroll down this is where you can actually enable or disable modules when you scrolldown here so the ultimate add on modules right here and i have them all checked are rightnow but you can choose which ones you want this photo gallery is also a new one thisribbon is new they have a couple new ones in here but i just don't talk about thesepop-ups because they're so cool going to pages and skinny jump into my home page and clickon page builder so i can get into the beaver builder interface and here it is so i'm justa search for its pop that's enough there it is motile pop-up so the way it works is youcan drag-and-drop this wherever you wanted to say i wanted a pop-up button underneathhere i will drag-and-drop that there and up

pops my settings panel right here so may tryto go over all of these you know some of these pop-ups you don't even need to trigger withhave a button you can actually have a trigger was some action may be time on the page orthat whole exit and testing were when summonses scrolling off the page or maybe right whensomeone gets the websites there's lots of different triggers for these pop-ups whichis actually pretty darn cool and the reason why i think the way that ultimate add-onsis implementing it is so awesome as they actually also have pre-built a lot of this technologythey have a plug-in called convert plug that is a plug-in that allows you to capture optins and things of that nature on your website so anyways now you can do anything with theseproblems you can use them for lead generation

for relaying information for notices thereso many cool things you can do with it it's pretty pretty powerful so right here you canhave a real basic pop-up where you just have text you can have a title and some text righthere right here is the option we can actually choose different types of contents when iexpend this right here i can choose a photo my video embed code which is pretty awesomeso if you are using video that's not on video not on youtube you can embed it here as wellor maybe even an audio embed code here's reviewed choose your saved rows modules templates youtubeor video so i have some saved page templates i can click on that and i've got a couplehere maybe i can just chooses adams template right there you can see the width is definedin the pop-up options right here cc which

is maximum with that's why looks funny becauseit's taken this page in and scrunching it all in but i'm sure if i expanded this outto maybe like 900 or something like that it would go ahead and kind of look normal soyeah there it is it's looking better already and i can get rid of this content paddingright here i think i probably wouldn't really use the padding i would like to just set itas zero and there it is so here is a full page, and implement this on my website forshowing full-page designs especially for templates that might be for sale anyways when you scrolldown here you have the effect when it appears you could do something real basic there'salways really nice effects that you can choose to like hokey dorky type of effects i meanthere were the really cool facts that can

get your attention also if you're using whereyou're showing some of the v padding on the side you can write here choose the backgroundcolor for that and here's where we could choose the overlay color so right now i have as thisdark color so let's see if i make it like an annoying green or something like that andthen i can choose my opacity right here so i wanted it to you know have very little opacityi can do that is you have those options there since look at this tab word says appear onand this is where were you have all these options we can create a button it could justbe text it could be an image of someone clicks on an icon we can also tie this into a customclass which is pretty cool and automatic that's were working to choose some parameters whereit's not someone clicking something in order

for it to pop up show those real quick clickon automatic right here is before user leaves and this is like an accident and after a fewseconds and you can specify the second so if i click on yes i wanted to cure the minutesomeone got on the page i can have this set to zero or i can have there be some kind ofa delay so we said that to know see there's any additional options with this note thereis an okay right and so this is actually really thoughtful of them you can enable cookiesand this is going to allow you to control if someone comes back to the site or theycan see this again so just see what options are there to choose yes and right here wecan choose a range so i sent this to two when someone comes to my website and sees thispop-up it won't appear again for two days

or if they go on to another web browser it'llprobably appear are they clear their cookies but you have some pretty good control overit now you also have options for this close button so if you see right there it's an actsand we can choose whatever he wants if i click on replace you have the choice of all of thesedifferent options so you definitely don't want a form of an x because if you don't someonemight not know that they need to click on it unfortunately that does happen but youcan choose whatever you wanted like maybe throw in a house and then you could choosethe size here the color of it whatever you want and so now it's a little home for somepeople you might want to make it larger so i just change that to 60 which are probablyclose to double the size but that would make

sense you want and ask but you also changethe position of where you want it so there it is real sex in the top right i can putit may be on the top right of the actual pop up like that in that should move it to beright next to the pop up its self okay so now you can actually choose also what actionsomeone would do to make this go away so could be just clicking on that extra whatever youput there but you can also have it be if someone hits the escape key or clicks on the overoverlake i think you should enable this overlay click option because i do that sometimes ijust want to click there and have it go away and then you have your standard options yourtopography in your advanced options so anyways and then you can just go ahead and save itswhat i do i think i might've set this the

trigger after a few seconds right so see ifi click on don and then publish of late into the x and tendency take me to the page actuallyjust went back and made it work as the x intent and that just means when you take your mouseand you move it out of this browser window it should trigger it like that and there itis it just triggered it and you can scroll down so i had this full-page template showingbut you can see how really cool this would be to show you you can do just all kinds ofthings you can have page specific pop-ups you can have light boxes for your videos youcan capture leads you can do amazing things you can demo your portfolio you can do allkinds of cool stuff so that is it to making pop-ups for your beaver builder based websiteusing the ultimate add-ons plug-ins and add-ons

splitting is not expensive and it's like 60or $70 right now and that you get all these modules rose and pretty soon you're in a half-fullpage templates for it and i love it and i use it on my personal website i'll use a lotof the different modules now i do have links to beaver builder and ultimate add-ons downbelow know when you click on those links and it goes over to the website ulcer affiliatelinks and what that means is if you were to purchase it they give me a small commissionit's not a huge commission it's really small commission and so if you did want to purchaseeither of those i'd appreciate it if you did it through my links however that is not whyi talk about these products i talk about it because i own on bottom with my own moneyand i currently use them and love them and

fully believe in them now if you did by ultimateadd-ons or beaver builder through one of my links i have a corset i'd like to give toyou for free all you have to do is forward your receipt over to me now verify that youpurchase it through my link the name of the course is beaver builder essentials and whatthat's gonna do skin it take the person that's new to beaver builder and maybe even buildinga website in its continued through the whole process of having in building an entire websiteusing beaver builder in i'd like to give that to you before you go i have something foryou and before i get into that i wanted to ask you to do something for me to give mea thumbs up on this video and if you're not a subscriber click on the subscribe buttonright beneath me if you have a question on

this video i'm happy answering you can alsoleave a comment or question down below this video hey i put together a course just foryou and him and they give it to you for free all you have to do is click on the buttonright here on the right is called three steps to wordpress success is an awesome courseyou're gonna love it i would love for you to join in and enroll as a student in thiscourse thanks for watching this video i really appreciated and i do it just for you


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