Friday, April 28, 2017

beauty home design

where i livehelene aumont hello, my name is helen aumont and welcome to my home i've been here for fifteen years and the countrysidedefinitely was very appealing to me, it actually is very similar to corsica, where i spent half of my childhood and the topography and the vegetationis so similar, i just love the countryside.

i'm a city girl, but i love to live in the country. what i loved was the old bones of the house, it really had charm and completely vernacular to this valley i think it will be a perfect place to raise afamily with young kids. my favorite room is actually the kitchen. it has the function but it's not an ultra modern kitchen, but it really works and we can make a meal for sixteen people

and make a small breakfast for four. i love my office inside the house because it's a very serene place where i'm still part of the house and still a little remote, andi love the in this room and i love the colors we used for the walls and for thedraperies, it makes it really a very secluded area which is inside but outside of this world. we love to live on the veranda because of the california weatherwhich we are so lucky to have six months out of the year we basically live in this veranda, we have

breakfast lunch dinners if it's not too cold at night and the animals are, it's their second home, and you are somehow inside the house but completely outside and protected by those screen porch and you have such a beautiful view of the garden. the master bedroom, because it is a large and it's uh,

a beautiful ambience for me, it's uh a nice place to rest away from the busy world we live in. the concept of pottery barn is a great concepteverything is merchandise for you and it is at your fingertips, it's all available, it's color, by themes it's just really clever, it's hard to resistin my family life

is to be appreciative somehow of the beauty of imperfection. the beauty and the atmosphere of a well-lived home where not everything needs to be perfect, and matching and being with the right nuances where sometimes the layering pieces catch your attention and you think oh, that's odd, but it's actually very pleasing to the eye. please visit for more home tours.


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