Friday, March 17, 2017

barn design homes

hello and welcome to this video will show you the complete constructionof a tall barn style shed like this, using the plans available on my website at this shed is 10 ft by 12 ft with 12 inchesof overhang on all 4 sides, has a crows beak, 6 ft double doors, a loft and a window. ibuilt it especially for this video series. this first video is a general video showingall the 10 steps rolled up into one. for more detailed information for each of the 10 constructionsteps to build this shed, see the links at the end of this video, or in the descriptionbelow. thanks for watching this video on buildinga 10x12 tall barn style shed. if you liked

it please click on the subscribe link buy the plans to build this shed and to see the rest of my shed building videos pleaseclick on these links or visit my website at


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