Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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when designing an outdoor kitchen project,the key to success is a well thought out plan. that's right. there's a lot of things to considerto ensure your finished product matches your expectations. in the next couple of minutes we're goingto go through the tips and tricks on how to create a functional, yet feature rich, outdoorkitchen to be enjoyed for years to come. a great place to start this plan is to determinehow much space you have to work with. is it a predetermined area, or are you installinga new patio which gives you greater flexibility in the overall footprint of you new kitchen.make sure that your kitchen island or footprint

is proportional to the available space youhave to work with. it's a good practice to chalk out the area to get a visual image ofwhether the proposed kitchen size is a good match for the space and allows for easy accessand proper functionality. one of the most important decisions you'llneed to make is choosing the right grill for you. whether that's the traditional gas grill,or the charcoal ceramic smoker, there are plenty of options available. you'll want toidentify where utilities such as gas, electricity, and water are located on the property, anddetermine how accessible they are to the proposed kitchen area. although often overlooked, adequate counterspace is critically important to our outdoor

living environment. without ample room toset, prep, and prepare our meals, we're stuck moving inside and outside of the home ratherthan spending time outdoors with our guests. to make sure you have plenty of room for thoseguests, you may want to add a bar top to your design. in additional to counter space, you will alsowant to have a plan for storage and optional accessories. having a place to store barbecuetools, cleaning supplies, and fuel source is critical. optional accessories could includerefrigerators for you favorite cold beverage, power burners, warming drawers, and even apizza oven. another thing that's commonly overlooked isadequate power supply. you need convenient

locations to plug in appliances, a radio,or to charge your cell phone. to accentuate the beauty of your new kitchen, provide downlighting for you drawers, and of course, safety, you'll want to consider perimeter lighting. the perfect companion for any grill is a qualitybarbecue light. this barbecue light from fx has a flexible neck and allows you to aimthe light down onto the grilling surface, or back onto the counter top for food prep.when positioning the barbecue light, you want to place the light far enough back to whereyou have plenty of room to set down food and at the same time shine the light down on thegrilling surface. finally, you need to decide how to constructand finish your outdoor kitchen. ready to

finish cabinets, available at ewing, offera faster, more efficient installation over concrete masonry units. you should considerfinish materials that complement your home and existing patio area. if you'd like to learn more about designingyour outdoor kitchen, stop into your local ewing branch. or, visit us online at


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