Wednesday, February 15, 2017

balcony design for home

homeowners and contractors – check it out! beautiful homes are only as gorgeous as theirattractive exteriors, and nothing says beautiful exteriors better than gorgeously crafted balcony,porch, deck and stairway railings that create the flare your home needs to deliver a stunningoutdoor conversation piece! at mountain laurel handrail, we’ve carefullycrafted handrails that homeowners and contractors, just like you, can implement into the outwarddesign of your home – creating a look of uniqueness and exquisite taste! recently, our team completed this projectin highlands north carolina, where the traditional art of using mountain laurel branches andtwigs for rustic deck railings began.

mountain laurel handrails transform both interiorand exterior traditional guardrails into organic works of art. based on mastery once common in the smokeymountains of western north carolina, our artisans craft exquisite wood rails from the branchesof the magnificent mountain laurel tree with each branch unique in its shape and beauty. and now, these exquisite creations are availablenationwide, in easy to install sections. as you can see, our railings accentuate thealmost breath-taking views that this home boasts and complements the outdoor fireplace. these homeowners can enjoy a quiet morningcoffee, while rocking in the rocking chairs

and taking on the summer breeze as it flowsthrough the mountain laurel handrails! complete your deck with a unique wood railingfrom mountain laurel handrails and accentuate the natural beauty of the landscape. a specially stylized deck railing can addanother element of the outdoors, whether you’re looking to bring a more woodland feel to yoururban setting, or plan to highlight an existing landscape. whether you’re designing a custom deck,or you’ve recently moved into a home with a deck, you’ll want it to fit the styleof your home, and make sure it looks as good as possible.

mountain laurel handrails provide a beautiful,unique, natural feeling to the outdoor deck setting. each handrail is custom made to the deck’sspecification and can bring the beauty of nature and beyond to your deck. handrails not only update the appearance ofyour deck, but they also provided added protection for decks that aren’t at ground level. you’llgain peace of mind by using deck handrails to ensure the safety of children and pets,and you can do so in a way that is fashionable. thanks for checking out this video and makesure to visit the website


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