Wednesday, February 8, 2017

autocad home design software

we are more connected nowthan ever before, and it's changing everything -- including the way structures are imagined,designed... and even constructed. building information modeling,or bim, helps teams realize a new connectedway of working that allows structural engineers,detailers, and fabricators to explore better designsand install better structures. bim is connecting design and constructionthrough fabrication, and it's changing the way structuresare being delivered.

when everyone is connected,it's easy to coordinate across disciplines, communicate changes, and sharethe most up-to-date 3-d models effortlessly. powerful bim tools from autodeskhelp ensure seamless fabrication at the shop and coordinated installation on-sitewhile eliminating common mistakes. by using tools like autodesk revit, engineers can explore design alternativesand produce precise 3d models. this gives engineers the ability to createaccurate structural designs and documentation quickly and confidently. connecting design to detailingis easier with autodesk advance steel.

built on the familiar autocad platform, advance steel provides dynamicand intelligent modeling, a comprehensive library for steel connections,automatic tools for stairs and railings, and ready-to-use templatesto create drawings. advance steel's integration with revitallows detailers and engineers to iterate through changeswithin the 3d model to coordinate changes easily. autodesk tools connect detailingto fabrication to help ensure the virtual modelis constructable.

teams can use navisworks to combinebim models across disciplines for a holistic analysis of project design. using navisworks, teams can performclash detection to resolve conflicts earlier and perform construction simulationto allow for better control over project outcomes. interoperability standards connectautodesk bim fabrication models to partner mis softwareto drive shop and field execution. connect fabrication to fieldwith tools like point layout that allow teams to use the 3d modelfor construction

and improve installation efficiency, while products like bim 360 fieldallow the construction team to document as-built informationfor the client's project handover. autodesk cloud-based toolsconnect teams and make it possible for them to collaboratein a single central workspace by viewing and sharing files on the goon any device. a collaborative bim workflow connectsideas, people, and materials in a new way that turns concepts into structuresfaster, with fewer errors. connect your design to fabricationwith autodesk.


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