Thursday, February 2, 2017

australian home designs floor plans

how to taylor make your dream home with feng shui hi, i'm master george bennis let me show you how designing your home with feng shui can bring health wealth and happiness the benefits of feng shui designed homemay include health and well-being the house will have to feel-good atmosphere and you'll love where you live

the chi helps to maximise your life potential and you'll enjoy good fortune the house will feel like it is taylor made to you feng shui may be used in conjunction anyarchitectural style a feng shui house does not have to look asian it is what you can't see that makes adifference in the feng shui home what sets it apart is the beauty of designthe sense of flow and the good fortune you may receive design from the ground up maximalist isthe potential of your site

the exact orientation the placement of each room landscape features and interiordecoration things are all carefully chosen to achieve harmony and balance bedrooms are located for maximum healthrest and rejuvenation the living areas are located near the activevibrant energies for that feel good atmosphere a feng shuio consultation begins with anaccurate compass reading if your consultant does not use a compass

it is not authentic feng shui the compass is used to determine thedirection a building faces the direction a building faces and the time it was built to is used to determine the invisible chi a mathematical formula he's used todraw an energy map for the building the map of the invisible chiis called a star-chart the ideal place for all rooms aredetermined by the energy map of each houseyour birth details are used to find the perfect position for each family member

at the heart of feng shui is the understanding that living energy surrounds our environment what we would call the atmosphere or the ambience is called chi if the design and placement of your home is in harmony with these energiesthen health well-being and prosperity may result feng shui simply maps these energies andplaces you in harmony with them johey & mike's feng shui journey

johey had learned some feng shuiand applied it to her unit she had seen some fantastic resultsso she decided that her & mike would love to build that dream home with feng shui from the very beginning at the initial consultation using their birth-details along with their occupations & interest a precise orientation tolook for was chosen johey & mike searched for an appropriate site starting with the site the exactorientation is chosen

the floor plan is laid out the house is divided into the eightsectors of the compass each one of the 8 sectors has a different quality of chi the rooms are designed so that the energy matches the function of the space and each person is perfectly positioned the design, layout and interior decoration

is informed by the energy map and your personal style we work with your builder, draftspersonor architect to ensure the plans are just right we can also recommended anarchitect for you here are some of our projects and designs that we have worked on this is the currumbin waters home designed for a young professional couple the exact orientation of the home

the orientation of the importantfeatures such as the door the bed and the home office are all chosen using theirbirth details their occupations and their interests this house is the samford house it too was designed using the same information, of using the birth details to find the exact orientation for the home and the

placement of all the rooms and thateach family member is matched to the engine map of the home this house also includes passive solar eco design components well johey & mike eventually built their dream home called the kholo house it's on a beautiful residential estate the bedroom is located in the energiesthat represent rest and rejuvenation here we have a modern ensuite it shows you that

the design does not have to have an asian architectural feel this is the floor-plan for an eco home there will be built using straw bale and rammed earth the house also employs sacred geometry besides classical feng shui theories embedded in the design of the house square the circle and the vesica piscis

here's another eco home this home has an open central court-yard so that there is passive ventalation get the home of your dreams get the feng shui advantage


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