Monday, January 9, 2017

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when you're designing the interior of yourtiny house, or any space for that matter one of the keys is to truly find ways of customisingthe space and making it work for you. today i'm going to show you a really cleveridea which uses digital imagery to completely transform a home. right now i'm traveling north america filmingtiny houses and i'm so excited to be bringing you this new series of tours in the near future. at the moment i'm here in las vegas at a friendsplace where i was given a unique challenge of using digital images and photographs tocompletely transform a space. you may not know this but you can have digitalimages printed onto almost everything, from

pillows and shower curtains, chopping boardsall the way through to simple coasters. in this video i'm going to show you how iuse these images to customise a space. to begin i'm using a website called graphicstock to find images that i really like. this website has the largest unlimited downloadlibrary of graphics, photos, vectors and illustrations with more than 350,000 really cool imagesthat you're able to use. this month graphic stock is launching a newcollection featuring thousands of futuristic and dream inspired images which now all comeincluded with your subscription. if you sign up you can get 7 days free withgraphic stock and so can try out and explore this whole collection.

i want to give a big thank-you to graphicstock for sponsoring this video and helping to make our north america trip possible. head over to or clickthe link in the description box below to get started on your design project. so to start i'm just looking to find imagesthat i find really inspiring. to give my friends room a few cool elementsi'm going to create an extra blanket for the bed as well as a pillow and some coasters. using the graphic stock website i'm just searchingto find images that i really like. i absolutely love this image of a crying eyeturning into a waterfall.

so i'll get started with this one and turnthis image into a throw blanket. i think this one is super cool! next i'll use the websites colour range featureto find something in the colour pallet that matches. my friend loves to travel so this vintagemap of the usa would be a really great feature in the room too. lastly for the coasters i found this awesomeimage of the constellations of the northern sky. remember you can use this idea to transformall elements of your space.

using digital imagery is a powerful way toreally make your space your own and create items you'll never be able to find in stores. after all if you live in a tiny house youneed to love your fittings as there really is no escaping them! i really hope that you've enjoyed this designtip and that you've found a little bit of inspiration here in this video. if you do use any of these ideas be sure tolet me know how it goes. i'll see you again soon with more video toursfrom here in the usa! till next time.


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