Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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from ridiculously lazy light switches to insanelydangerous lightbulb fixtures, we count 10 of the dumbest home renovations and repairsever. 10 – light switches• what might seem like common sense to you and i, is actually a challenge for othersto attempt the world’s stupidest home repairs. • these light switches probably could havebeen solved with a standard dual-switch fitting, but no, that would be too obvious. insteadthese crafty home renovators chose to just jam one switch on top of the other.• because for some crazy reason they thought this was an outstanding idea. 9 - sofas• these genius sofa repairs fall elegantly

under the title of ‘redneck innovation’.• who needs a chair leg when you can easily replace it with an empty bottle of bourbon?and why buy a brand new sofa when you have an endless supply of duct tape to seal upyour broken one? the people who tried to repair these pieces of furniture definitely shouldn’tgive up their day jobs. • it’s like the saying goes, when lifegives you broken lemons, you duct tape those bad boys back together.8 - clocks • while some of these renovations mighthave been done out of necessity, these clocks make literally no sense.• why anyone needs an old-school analogue clock on a wall in this day and age is beyondme, but why on earth did they go to such lengths

to fix these broken clocks? why didn’t theyjust replace them, or move them across slightly? it’s absolutely baffling.• and this one, well, i have no words for this highly inappropriate children’s timepiece. 7 – kitchen drawers• i would’ve given anything to be in the room when somebody literally said, ‘hey,you know what’s a good idea? drawers that can’t be opened.’• it looks like children designed these kitchens. actually, children probably wouldn’thave even been this stupid. why? why would anyone do this? is it really that hard toinstall drawer handles properly? • if this is your level of renovation expertise,then maybe it’s time to hire somebody who

actually knows how kitchens or even life works.6 - faucets • being a plumber must be pretty hard work,but whoever installed these faucets must have skipped the class where they taught them howtaps actually work. • there’s almost no attempt to make thetap water land anywhere near the basin. i wonder whether the plumber intentionally madethese taps unbelievably useless or whether he went, ‘yeah i don’t see any problemwith this whatsoever’. • not to be rude, but we’ve sent humanbeings to the moon and you can’t even make water land into a damn drain.5 - windows • i’m not one to generally criticise people’slife decisions, but what in the holy hell

were these building designers thinking?• the windows on these buildings are just about the most infuriating thing i’ve everseen. they’re out of line, asymmetrical and just downright ridiculous. is it too muchto ask to just have a building built properly without giant dick windows?• it’s okay though, i’m not mad. it’s fine. i’m just disappointed that peopleare trying to ruin my life with these preposterous window displays.4 - toilets • you’d think that installing a toiletwould be pretty straight forward, but you’d be so wrong.• in this example, the person who built them must not understand what shitting actuallyentails. sometimes they’ve installed the

toilet roll holder too far away and sometimestoo close. this last toilet even has a pipe blasting water at your ass cheeks, so thatyou can’t sit down at all. • maybe it’s just me, but i prefer notto do acrobatics or get my whole ass wet when using the bathroom.3 - handles • here is a selection of doors which makeabsolutely zero sense. • one person figured a bicycle pedal isa perfectly fine door handle, and some other person didn’t see any problem with buildinga door behind an unmoveable pole. and then there’s this garage door which opens toa sheer drop. maybe they have a sideways flying helicopter stored in there? or just maybethey didn’t think it through at all.

• -sigh- and we call ourselves evolved beings.2 - stairs • there really aren’t too many rules forbuilding a staircase, but going from one place to another seems pretty key.• the problem with staircases is that they take you up or down into a different place,but this pesky problem was solved by a brick wall built directly in the path of this staircase.and then there’s this one that was built by someone who clearly ran out of fucks togive. • it’s pretty simple, guys: if you can’tbuild stairs properly, don’t build stairs! 1 – lighting• i don’t want to be that guy or anything, but i feeeeel like there’s something sortof wrong with these lighting fixtures.

• a big old lightbulb above a hot steamyshower head is surely not the best way for electricity, water and the human body to beintroduced. and this lamp which has been very discreetly duct-taped to the wall is justso elegant i can’t even deal. but this dual-bulb makeshift coathanger fitting really does take the cake.• i don’t know whether the person who created it deserves a medal or a straightup punch in the face.


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