Friday, May 5, 2017

best 3d home design software for mac

when i saw the surface studio for the first time, the jaw drops a little bit. the surface dial, with the studio, there’s just this magic that takes place. it’s definitely redefining the concept of desktop. the sketchable was principally designed for pen and touch input. the surface studio fits it to a t. with the surface studio, what i saw, immediately, was the size of the screen.

whatever you’re doing, if you’re trying to be productive, real estate matters. the really special thing about the surface dial is when we can change the color while you’re painting, without even picking up the tip. that’s not just as good as real life, it’s better. at bluebeam software, we make solutions for the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. with the surface studio you really have a new collaborative way of interacting with documents. it is essentially the same angle as a drafting table. you’re more immersed in the technology once you’re down in studio mode.

with the dial, there’s an off screen and on screen presence and so i can work however makes sense to me. mental canvas combines free hand drawing with 3d capabilities. you could draw on a canvas, but then you could also project your strokes into space. with surface studio, you just get this really fluid experience of creation that’s just not possible anywhere else. the experience so far has been seamless. it’s going to change the way that people do work at their desk. once you start to use it, you don’t feel like you’re working with a computer anymore. you feel like the computer is serving you, rather than the other way around.


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