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beach design homes

taking us inside the high- what you're seeing here now is the penthouse unit. what you see is what you get when you buy the unit. it's the 8500 design center that just opened this week. it's a partnership of desert development about the related

group. it comes with a luxury price tag. we are developing 308 units that is going to be, it's a building designed and interior design by the folks here. we have our own restaurant and spa and our own bar,

i'm looking here and there's a part of it. and the way with i have scene. my favorite part, you can shut it off from the rest of the space. when you need the kitchen,

you just open it and you have it. the living room with full views is huge and designed with custom oversized furniture there are two entrances to the master closet that doesn't look like a closet at all everything is tucked away.

when you close the door. i'm assuming are armani. it's elegant, spacious and calming the bath is all luxury. double sinks in onyx. the residents of rathermani --

Thursday, March 30, 2017

bc home design show

in this video i'm gonna take you through my morning routine plus i'll show you more than thirty five amazing life hacks and diysthat can change your life! hey loves! today's video is one of my mostrequested ones so i'm super excited about i'm going to show you my morning routinefor days when i have a bit more time, and i don't have to wake up and run out the door.i also included a bunch of diys and life hacks that i use in the morning and that i totallythink you should try too. it's like the best workout, nail art, beauty, food and otherlife hacks mixed into the morning routine. so i can't wait to share with you all of thesesecrets - lets just get started. no matter how harsh or painful my wake upcall may be, what instantly puts me in a good

mood in the morning, is having a motivatingand uplifting quote near my bed. seeing this canvas painting reminds me that i should bethankful for another day and that i need to make the most of it. to make this beautifulwall art, start by coloring the background in blue. i wanted to make a nice gradient– so i'm coloring the top half of the canvas in light blue, while on the bottom part iam using even lighter blue shade. blend the two colors in the middle to get a smooth transition.leave the paint to dry completely and start sketching your design with a pencil. you cantotally skip this step, but i am terrible at free hand painting so i would mess it upfor sure. when you're happy with your sketched design, simply color it like you do in acoloring book. red balloon is done, time for

the pink one. to make the edges neat i recommendlaying your elbow on the table and to move the brush slowly. you can draw any design on yourmotivational canvas. just choose something that makes you happy and puts you in a greatmood. it could be your favorite city or your pet – anything you love about life. allof my 6 balloons are colored and looking gorgeous. in order to keep this happy bunch togetherwe need to tie them, right? i am using a silver pen to draw a string to each balloon. drawingthin lines like these with a paint brush would be way to difficult. a final touch is a bigred bow, because who doesn't like bows? to write a quote i am using my black permanentmarker because writing with a paint brush calls for a disaster. at least for me. i decidedto write adventure is out there on my painting.

seeing this in the morning reminds me thatevery day is a treasure and i have to make the most of it. ok, the world is waiting,so let's get ready and start this day! if i feel like a good girl i make my bed,but this doesn't happen every day. next i head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. igot a very cool life hack to show you. this one is especially handy when travelling, whenyou don't have a glass or a pot to put your toothbrush in. you don't want to lay yourtoothbrush on a counter, which can be unhygienic. a great solution is to use a laundry pin! clipit on your toothbrush like this and place it on the counter. pretty smart, huh? i like to workout in the morning so i quicklychange into my sporty clothes and head to

the kitchen. today i decided to make a mojito- without the alcohol of course. i squeeze the juice of half a lime and pour it intomy drinking bottle. i also like to throw in a couple of lime slices. we cannot miss themint. mint gives such a nice fresh scent and taste to your drinks. lastly add some wateror sparkling water. be careful if you're using sparkling water because as you can see it,can be pretty aggressive. got to pour it into my drinking bottle and my yummy virgin mojitois all ready. i need to eat something to give me energy before my workout so i made theseyogurt berry popsicles the evening before. they are a perfect healthy breakfast on thego and they are extremely easy to make!

take some fruit - i am using raspberries and blueberries- and mush it quickly with a fork. get your popsicle molds ready and pop in a tablespoonof yogurt. i'm using the greek version. then, grab a tablespoon of blueberries and add themon top. make another yogurt layer. time to add the raspberries, which are one of my favoritefruits. finish your popsicles with a spoonful of yogurt. place the lids on and pop theseyummy treats into the freezer overnight. the next morning, you have a delicious breakfast onthe go, ready! another plus is that they look amazing on pictures. especially in the summeri like to go out, grab my bike and eat the popsicle whilst strolling in the fresh air.i have to put my hair into a pony tail when working out, otherwise it just drives me crazy.but some hair elastics can be harsh, pulling

and breaking your hair. an amazing life hackis to make your own hair elastic from an old nylon sock. cut the top edge of the socksand you have the softest and most gentle elastic that your hair will love. finally, i'm readyto do some cycling. it feels so nice to be able to go out now when it's warmer. in thewinter i always do my workout in the living room because it's freezing outside. aftermy cardio, i like to stop and do some strength training. if you want your strength exercisesto be more effective, grab some weights. you can easily make them yourself. fill two bottleswith sand or water and you have a new pair of weights in no time! now your squats willbe even more effective. another squat tip is to slightly point your toes out. this wayyou are also training your inner thighs. keeping

hydrated during the day is super importantwhether you are working out or not. let me tell you - this lime mint drink is so delicious,you need to try it! when i feel like i've done enough of sports for the day i cycleback home. i don't work out every single day, but lately i've been trying to do it at least2 times per week. before taking a shower i apply a thick layerof vaseline on my face. my skin gets red quickly and hot showers aggravate the condition. applyingvaseline before shower locks in the moisture and prevents your skin from getting dry andirritated. this hack has totally saved my skin and i really recommend you trying itout! by the way, how cool is this popsicle shower sponge?! while i'm washing my hairlet me share the most important hair

hacks. apply your shampoo only on your scalp,because this is where the hair gets oily and needs a proper cleanse. from your ears downapply the conditioner to hydrate the your hair. rinse with a bit colder water to diminishfrizz and to make your hair look shiny and pretty! i like to wash my face the last thingin the shower still using colder water to prevent irritation. an oil based face washworks best for my sensitive skin. when it comes to drying your hair try to usea cotton t-shirt instead of a towel it works wonders in diminishing the frizz. mostof the days i let my hair dry naturally. but, when using the hair dryer always put it onthe cold air setting. a great tip for getting more volume is to flip your head upside downwhen blow-drying. this gives you so much volume,

it's crazy! normally i have the part on myright side and my hair looks quite flat that way. for the days when i want extra volumei make my part on the left and boom – tons of volume. sometimes i like to pin my hairto keep it off my face, but i don't have any pretty pins. no problem because here is asuper easy diy that will make all your bobby pins look amazing! all you need are some plainhair pins and nail polish. you know how pretty bobby pins are so much more expensive thanthe plain ones. now you can buy them for cheap and then customize them to your liking. ifyou want to make dotted bobby pins simply dip a toothpick or dotting tool into the polishand make dots all along the pin. now tell me if this isn't the best diy you've everseen. so useful and done in seconds!

i got kind of obsessed and made a bunch ofthese. try using metallic and glitter polish too – your bobby pins will look amaze-balls! ok, hair is done and i love it. time to sort out my nails. i don't paint themevery morning but i like to do it once every week or so. after applying a base coat, i'mpainting my middle finger and pinky with a minty blue polish. on the pointer and thumbi'm going for corally pink. to make a glittery statement nail apply two coats of metallicgold on the ring finger. today i am going for colorful leopard print inspired nails,and i'm gonna share with you some of my top nail art hacks along the way. instead of applyingchunky glitter polish with a brush, try doing

it with a sponge! you would need a lot ofcoats using a polish brush if you'd want to get this glitter opacity, while with a spongeyou get it right away. for the leopard design start by wiping the brush of your white polishreally well. make a few white patches allover the middle finger nail like this. a greathack is to apply white before layering different polish colors. every color looks much morevibrant with white underneath. i actually want my patches to be corally pink, so we'regoing to apply it on top of white. take a toothpick and snip away the pointy tip. dipit into darker blue polish and there you have a diy dotting tool. make small dots closetogether around the pink patches. don't go all around but rather make little bracketsand c shapes like this. i like leopard nails

because you literally can't mess it up. theshapes have to be all a bit different and imperfect. in the end make some dots to fillup the empty spaces. i decided to leave my pointer and pinky in one solid color and onlyadded a blue dot like this. on the thumb i am doing the same leopard design as on mymiddle finger, only switching up the colors. see how vibrant this blue is on top of white?!i love it! dip your toothpick in dark blue and use the dotting motion to draw some bracketsand some c shapes around the light blue patches. make a few dots here and there to fill upthe empty spaces. finish your manicure with a clear top coat to seal the designs and addsome shine. how beautiful are these nails right? i like how easy these were to makeplus no special tools were needed except for

the toothpick. even if you never tried nailart before, you gotta give this one a go. i love painting my nails but i hate waitingfor my nail polish to dry. a great hack to make the polish dry faster is to dip yourfingers in the ice cold water. that's it my nails are all done looking rather epic, soit's time to move on to makeup! before starting with makeup i like to exfoliateand prep my lips. i made this pretty lip scrub myself. here's how. i'm making a rainbow scrubso i need 4 containers. put one tablespoon of sugar in each container. add half a teaspoonof olive oil. optionally you can put in a few drops of flavoring and scent – i wentfor strawberry and peppermint. lastly add some food coloring into each container – ichose green, yellow, blue and red. mix well

until all the ingredients are nicely combined.pour the scrub mixtures into a little jar or any other container of your choice. ingoes my green scrub, followed by the blue layer here comes yellow scrub and lastlythe red one. how pretty it looks with all the colored layers! this could make for agorgeous gift as well, but i'm keeping it for myself. i like to rub it on my lips toexfoliate them. wipe the scrub away or simply eat it because this is completely edible.i'm applying on a bit of lip balm and my lips are all prepped. for my face i like usingthe cushion foundations, which are becoming very popular lately. they give such a naturaland glowy finish to my skin. i don't want

no dark circles so i'm applying concealeron the inner corners of my eyes. to define those eyes i like to swipe some brown shadowon the crease using a fluffy blending brush. on the lid i'm first applying some white baseusing my finger. this makes your lid shadow pop much more giving you brighter and moreawake look. on top of the white base i'm popping light pink-ish eyeshadow using the spongeapplicator that came with the palette. smudging some black shadow on the top lash-line makesthe lashes look fuller while keeping that natural look. before curling the lashes, warmyour eyelash curler using a blow-dryer. the logic is the same as with the hot tools thatwe use for styling our hair. the lash curl will be more pronounced and will last muchlonger. if your mascara is a bit old and the

brush is getting clumpy, don't stressout! place the brush under the warm running water for 10 seconds and the brush will beas clean as new. if the mascara itself has dried out you can dip it into a glass filledwith warm water and wait for 10 seconds. the heat will soften up the product and you'llget many more use of your favorite mascara. you can see how much i love this pinky blush– i am almost out of it! for the lips i chose this pretty corally pink lipstick. acool hack, which makes your lips appear fuller is using some light shadow, concealer or powderon the center of your lips. another way to fuller looking lips is making your own plumpinglip gloss. just drip a few drops of peppermint oil into your lip gloss and shake it well.apply it on, and boom – lips look plumpier

and prettier. alright, my makeup is all doneand i can finally head to the kitchen to make myself a real tasty breakfast. i like eating fruit in the morning so i'mfirst gonna make myself a fruit salad. recently i've learned some awesome fruit cutting hacksthat i need to share with you. if you wanna cut your grapes in half, the easiest way isto lay a plate upside down on a table. put on a bunch of grapes and lay another plateon like this. press the top plate down to keep the grapes in place and cut the grapeswith just one swipe of the knife. voila all grapes are cut into perfect halves! this hackis seriously epic! for the strawberries use a straw to remove the green leaves. like that– no yummy strawberries goes to waste!

cut the kiwi in half and use a spoon to carveout the meat. no more messy pealing with a knife. this literally takes seconds. latelyi've been loving mangos. cut along one side up to the pit that's in the middle. take thismango piece and with the tip of the knife, make cuts vertically and horizontally cuttingall the way to the peel. then push the middle of the mango upwards and you'll see perfectcubes peeking out. cut these with a knife and you have evenly cut mango pieces readyto throw into your fruit salad. what else should i eat for breakfast... hmmpancakes! milk, flour and 2 eggs are all i

need! when you wanna separate egg yolks fromthe egg whites but you mess it up – just squeeze an empty bottle, then release it sothat the yolk gets sucked inside. such a great hack that has saved me so many times. to makethe pancakes super fluffy i am whisking the egg whites until stiff peaks. time to whiskthe yolks as well. add about 2 deciliters of milk i am using rice milk. and two tablespoons of rice flour! combine the two mixtures in a big bowl and you get the fluffiest pancake batter! put some coconut or regular oil into the pan. place in a big cookie mold and pouryour pancake mixture inside. this is a great way to make pancakes in fun shapes – todayi went for the hearts! to release the pancake

from the mold you may need some help of aknife and a spoon. gotta flip it around and my pancakes are all done smelling delicious!finally it's time to put together my breakfast of champs i'm adding some of my fruit saladon the plate, a big spoonful of cream and some sprinkles to make it look totally instagramworthy! how yummy! and yes, most days i eat my breakfast on the couch. i forgot to makemyself something to drink. so let's quickly make a raspberry lemonade. all we need isa lemon and some raspberries. cut two lemon slices and put them into a pan. add some raspberriesand pour in half a liter of water. place the pan over the stove and wait until it startsboiling.

there we go, while my drink is is cooling down i'm gonna decorate the glass.dip the edge of the glass into the lemon juice. next dip it in sprinkles or sugar. instantlyyou have the prettiest looking glass ever. this is such a great idea for a party. anotherway to take your drinks game to the next level is making these beautiful raspberry ice cubes.throw one raspberry into each of the ice cube holes. you can use different colored fruitsto make colorful ice cubes too. fill each hole with water and put it in the freezer. okback to our drink. here i'm pouring my raspberry lemonade into the glass omg. the last thing isto add is a big straw and my breakfast or destiny wuz here

maybe more brunch is all ready. of coursei don't make such a big breakfast every day. most of the times i simply eat oatmeal anddrink water. but sometimes you gotta treat yourself with a tasty breakfast like thisone. whilst eating i like to browse the internet, watch some videos, answer your comments andjust lounge on my sofa. before going out i need to change into somethinga bit more presentable and while choosing my outfit i'll show you some amazing fashionlife hacks! your button is about to fall off and you don't have time to sew it. relax!use a clear nail polish to temporarily fix it in place. it happens to everyone – whitedeodorant marks on black shirts. all you need is a baby wipe to remove those nasty stainsoff your shirt. your favorite sweater starting

to look old? remove the fluff clumps usinga razer. here you can see it even better. your sweater will look as new. no time toiron your dress or a blouse? use a hair straightener! a perfect hack for travelling too! i lovethis dress so this is going to be my ootd and i am ready to go out. oh another hack– if the sole of your shoes gets dirty, simply wipe the stains away with a cottonpad soaked in acetone. perfect, my shoes look brand new. weekends or weekdays – i spendmost of my days working on videos – filming, editing... it is my favorite thing in theworld! when the days are nice and warm i love being outside. i like going on hikes withmy boyfriend or take a walk down the streets

of bergen. i just try to enjoy the sunshineas much as possible. yes i'm still very proud of my nails, i need to stop showing off, haha.anyway, every morning is a new beginning and every day is a precious gift. so just smile,take a deep breath, and make the most of it! i hope you liked the video and learned somenew life hacks that you can use yourself. give the video a big thumbs up if you wantme to film a night routine video soon and tell me in the comments what you ate for breakfasttoday. i love food so i would like to know. thank you so much for watching guys and iwill see you soon! bye! start each morning with a grateful heart,because i know that you too have so many beautiful reasons to be thankful for.

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bc home and design show

save the date: september 8 - 11, 2016

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bbc home design

the garvey's have gone for five days, we have been working on their project for eight months, and this is the week of the reveal. please join us to watch how the garvey project in san diego california comes to a complete and wonderful crescendo at the end. all the construction's been done, the built in's, the paint is on, but for five days the clients move out of their house and we come in as a team, bringing this entire project to completion. you're going to get to see not only the before pictures, but what it takes to get to the end, and exactly how our clients respond to their brand new beautiful home. please join us. husband: it was everything i expected and more. i'm not someone who cries often, but i cried when i saw the pictures of my dad put up in a way i could never have imagined. wife: the warmness of it, the colors and the warmth and to just feel like i am comfortable, and that others are comfortable coming here, and it's nice to see our own personal touches, the feel of it just feels right. rebecca: oh you like that?

wife: it makes it much easier to just grab glasses or you know. little girl: my favorite one is that one. rebecca: oh is it? little girl: yeah, that's my favorite picture. the garvey's wanted a family friendly home, with a modern twist on traditional style. using rich and sophisticated finishes fixtures and furniture, we updated it to be the home they were longing for. this stuffy living room was seldom used. so i created a cozy conversational area, with four upholstered chairs,

an eclectic set of side tables, and a ten foot tall bookcase. the perfect backdrop for liked and little accessories and plates. geometric patterned window treatments replaced the old traditional draperies, creating a first impression drama the room was screaming for. the china hutch was abandoned, and traditional panel mould in a deep espresso finish was added to one wall. this provided the perfect spot for the commissioned painting of our clients beautiful little girls. modern, classic dining room furniture placed beneath the fabulous new chandelier tops this room off as a destination spot for parties and for entertaining, this once average staircase and hallway, now set a clean and updated transition between rooms. . one thing this house did have was a large family room.

large in fact. at least for its existing entertainment center. our clients dream of a flat screen television was in serious question. first order of business, i eliminated the deep hole intended for the tube t.v., and created a stone fireplace with a beefy mantle. i incorporated hand forged rod iron pieces for the windows and added bookcases spanning the entire width. now, the plasma television, oversized sectional sofa and comfy chairs fill the space appropriately. touches of brilliant color tie the room together with artwork, pillows, books and accessories. it%u2019s tough to be excited about an outdated kitchen. changing the finish on the cabinetry to deep espresso brought this kitchen up to today's standards. with eight foot tall maple cabinets in a ten foot tall room,

dark pieces of art trick the eye into believing that the cabinets extend all of the way to the ceiling on the left. while custom made cabinets on the right actually do. a new pantry door, custom window treatments, and a swanky new pendant light dropped over the island do the trick for this kitchen's mini facelift. when our client needs to escape from the family for occasional work at home, the room just off the living room proved to be the perfect spot. a quiet retreat in mind, i closed in the opening between the two rooms with a custom made arched window and beautifully crafted iron inserts, which still allow light to filter through. handsome wood paneling, textured grass wallpaper and a custom made desk, suiting his specific needs combined with some personal touches, this room is fit for today's executive at home. one thing i'm sure of, our clients are enjoying the investment they made in their home. they now know what it means to live. your. style.

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bathroom designs ideas home

it doesn't have to cost a fortune to whipthis shared home space into shape. in this video, we will share 11 dollar storebathroom organization ideas by lauren smith. check it all. 1. use a lazy susan nothing's worse than having to hunt down yourcleaning supplies when you're already in a rush to clean up before guests arrive. use a lazy susan to make every product feellike it's front and center. 2.

add plastic baskets use these cheap-but-handy baskets to organizeyour drawers so everything from your morning routine has a home: cleaners, moisturizers,and makeup. 3. try a shower organizer who says these caddies are only good for theshower? stash your most-frequently-used sprays onone inside of your cabinet door so you can keep 'em off your counter but nearby duringyour rushed mornings. 4.

create chic open shelving if you have five minutes, you can finish thisdiy project that transforms a wicker into a stylish shelf. even better: add another so you can separateyour body and hand towels. 5. file away hot tools all it takes are a couple of command hooksto create a station on the side of your sink out of a wire container. suddenly, your blow dryer, curling iron, andstraightener won't feel like they take up

your entire vanity. 6. contain your cups use velcro to attach plastic cups onto theinside of a cabinet door so your little ones always know where to find their toothbrushesbefore bed — and even better: where to put them back. 7. use a spice rack the same organizers you use to hold spicesis the perfect size for the equally small

bottles in your adorable nail polish collection. 8. hang a shoe organizer anyone with an extensive brush collectionneeds to toss their sneakers from their shoe organizer and use it for their hair toolsinstead 9. add another rod to make more storage in your shower, add asecond rod near the wall to hang loofas and bins from with the help of s-hooks.

10. mount rustic crates when hung from the wall, wooden crates becomestylish open shelving. keep 'em their natural color for a rustictouch or paint them a bright hue to match your bathroom decor instead. 11. store by the cord talk about a genius solution:if wrap the cord of your hair tools to create a loop at the end, you can hang them froma command hook and create bonus storage space

under your sink.

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bathroom designs for home

transform a blank canvas bath into a spa-likeretreat on a $500 budget. here's how. to start go for a sophisticated color palate. softtaupe walls, calming blue accents paired with crisp black and white accessories accomplishesthe look. then, give existing fixtures a fresh look. layers of paint, stain and glaze, aswell as a sanded finish, give this vanity antique appeal. crystal knobs add sparkle,and a new faucet imparts modern style. for a budget friendly window valance, try a stenciledcanvas dropcloth. to add impact to your walls, hang custom artwork in an inexpensive blackframe. this mirror, which was cut to size for 5 dollars completes the look. when itcomes to the floor, vinyl tiles create the look of stone for less. and for extra storageadd a free standing shelf unit to hide accessories

and store towels. these simple upgrades madea big impact on a small budget. [music] [blank_audio]

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basement home theater design ideas

steve:hello everyone, steve messri here. i am here in hollywood hills today. a beautiful areaall the way up in the north of hollywood where all the famous people stay. we're in dohenyestates we're doing a home for one of our clients. who has a contemporary overviewingthe entire city. and quite a goegeous view. they wanted to have a movie theatre put intothe house. a home theatre look. so i'm here and we're working on the draperies. its goingto be blocking out the light in the entire area. without having a room set up for that,we're doing it by creating draperies that can block out the lights. these drapes areceling mounts to avoid any light peeking through the side of the windows or from the top. theguys are working on it and were about to go

ahead and complete the job and its lookingreally good for now. so the job is now complete. the drapes turnedout quite beautiful. these are very soft draperies. we used blackout. we had to special orderit specifically for this client. the idea was to have no light coming through and theywanted it black on black. it turned out really well. they're also reverse rod draperies soit also allows the customer to pull the cord on one side and have the drapes be stackedon the other side. and i'm looking forward to being invited back here to watch a moviewith them. so for those of you interested in gettingthis type of work done, having your home theatre done. you're welcome to visit us at you for watching!

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basement home office design ideas

spider plant a usual sight, spider plant is easy to grow and maintain. one of the best air-purifying plants, it gets to work quickly, removing upto 90% of toxins in two days time. it effectively removes carbon monoxide, benzene and formaldehyde from the air. the plant also does well at removing mold and other allergens, being an added advantage for those with common allergy symptoms. english ivy the most effective at filtering out formaldehyde and benzene, english ivy works wonderfully for both home and office. it is ideal for those who have pets as it removes airborne allergens such as mold and fecal-matter particles. an evergreen climbing plant, english ivy is adaptable and thus easy to grow. boston fern

a classic beauty, boston fern adds to both look and health of your home. a natural humidifier, it is an excellent plant to have if one suffers from dry skin problems. also it helps maintain air moisture level in dry winter season. it absorbs the commonly found toxin formaldehyde, a chemical related to neurological diseases. a beautifully placed boston fern lights up the room while one enjoys health benefits of purified air. peace lily living up to its name, peace lily is a wonderful flower plant. it has been proven to absorb the highest number of toxins than any other plant. it eliminates substances like xylene, benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. peace lily does fine in both low and bright light, however low light conditions are ideal for flowering. in order to make the most of your plant’s air purifying ability, ensure the foliage is dust-free. chinese evergreen

chinese evergreen is an easy to grow evergreen perennial that produces tiny red berries. it is great at absorbing toxins including formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide. the best part is that it begins to remove more toxins as time and exposure continues. the long lasting chinese evergreen requires repotting every two to three years. golden pothos this speedily growing foliage is another great air-purifier. golden pothos effectively eliminates benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and carbon monoxide. whether cascading from a hanging basket or spiraling your garage, golden pothos looks beautiful with its neon tinge. it is also known as devil’s ivy due to its ability to remain green even when kept in dark. bamboo palm an attractive, sturdy looking indoor plant, bamboo palm is easy to care for.

with highest transpiration ratings and good overall score, bamboo palm is excellent at eliminating toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxide and trichloroethylene. it also helps maintain moisture level during dry winter months. bamboo palm thrives on low to medium light and even produces tiny buds on reaching maturity. rubber plant these evergreen trees of indian origin have broad leaves that are deep green in color with a glossy touch. however some variants have purplish tinge to their color. excellent at eliminating formaldehyde, these also absorb carbon monoxide and trichloroethylene from surrounding air. rubber plant is easy to grow and may be trimmed to control growth or allowed to grow into a tall tree. a point to note is that it produces latex when trimmed or its branches are broken, so there is a need to be careful with kids or pets in the house. aloe vera

a member of the lily family, this is one of a gem. with its medicinal and air cleansing properties, aloe vera finds place in many homes. its gel works wonder at healing minor burns, cuts, skin problems and even insect bites. also an effective air purifier, aloe vera filters out common indoor air toxin formaldehyde. philodendron heart-leaf philodendron is a commonly grown indoor plant, often found hanging from baskets or sitting nicely at a corner. having a refreshing feel about it, philodendron is an effective air purifier. however, keep the plant out of reach with kids and pets around. if eaten, the plant is toxic. philodendron can easily adapt to a wide range of conditions and is drought tolerant.

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barn homes designs

where i livesara anderson hi i'm sara anderson and if i have an antique shop in sonomacalifornia and i was very drawn to this home it's my favorite home in all of sonoma. it's one of oldest homes in sonoma, i think one of the first five that was ever built here from eighteen seventy five we knew we wanted to maintain the integrityof the house and not make too many the changes because it's an old victorian home and i wanted to keep it as it was originally.well the overall focus in setting up the

home was to make it very warm and invitinglike a farm house and just creating an environment that thatpeople felt comfortable that they walked in and sort of felt like they were getting a bear hug when they walked into the house, just cozy. so the entertaining space that i find very interesting is the diningroom because we have a long trestle table in there and it's very narrow and when i used to come and visit my friend who was the previous owner she would have all of her neighbors sitting around the tableand it was just a very fun gathering and i tried to replicate that here in this house

but of course the kitchen everybody's alwaysin the kitchen so i try to find other areas in the house where i can you know, have cocktails and appetizers and things but everybody alwayswants to follow me back into the kitchen and it's a nice space because it's pretty largeand there's a big island in the middle also i i don't mind well everybody who walks through this house says you needto change everything now that you have a child and i keep thinking well i, that's going to be very complicated becausei like the space that i live in right now where my husband and i spend our time nowin the television room has a nice cushy carpet

there really isn't anything that needs to be baby-proofed in that room and i feel that we'll spend a lot of our time in there. i had lunch with a friendand she had a dream about the baby's room, and it included black and white photographsthe famous baseball players and great thinkers of the day so my husband's just so happy to havea collection of black and white photographs of famousballplayers and a few great thinkers of the day likewinston churchill and jfk my husband thought it would be a great ideato put it chalk boards above each of the photographsand put different words that were inspirational fora child like

courage and strength so that was very fun when pottery barn was here they would just recreate spacesand after seeing the photos behind the camera it was just amazing the transformationthat they could put this house through and it was an enjoyable experience all the way around the one thing that really sticks out inmy mind when they were working upstairs and one of the bedrooms that i had finished but

when they took all the furniture out and put it into another bedroom and put the pottery barn furniturein they had a wonderful bed and a desk and i looked at way the room was situated and i thought that's how this room should be situated so i was just about to leave town and i talkedto one of the stylists and i said when you put the room back together becausethey always put it exactly as you had it before i said when you put the room back together will you just be creative and put it back however you thinkthat it should be and so i came back home from my vacation

and i was so pleasantly surprised because the room wasperfect i just love the way they would layer all these interesting objects from a throw to plants andthings on the table that sort of brought all of the whole scene of the interior together and it was very interesting to me becausethat's the way i like to approach my own home and have layers of interesting things that mean somethingto me and just make feel like it's been lived in forever pottery barn

Friday, March 17, 2017

barn design homes

hello and welcome to this video will show you the complete constructionof a tall barn style shed like this, using the plans available on my website at this shed is 10 ft by 12 ft with 12 inchesof overhang on all 4 sides, has a crows beak, 6 ft double doors, a loft and a window. ibuilt it especially for this video series. this first video is a general video showingall the 10 steps rolled up into one. for more detailed information for each of the 10 constructionsteps to build this shed, see the links at the end of this video, or in the descriptionbelow. thanks for watching this video on buildinga 10x12 tall barn style shed. if you liked

it please click on the subscribe link buy the plans to build this shed and to see the rest of my shed building videos pleaseclick on these links or visit my website at

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barbie home design games

fun toy time - where kids watch, learn and play today, we're going to open... three barbie surprise eggs one... (1) two... (2) three... (3) let's open this one heart sweets a barbie sticker

there's so many cool barbie toys to collect! what's inside? it's a barbie picture frame time for surprise egg number two (2) more sweets! it's barbie's dog what's this? it's a barbie hair clip one more egg surprise to go

yummy! more sweets yay! another barbie sticker it's another barbie picture frame

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bar in home design

hi. i'm mary dewalt. i'm president of mary dewalt design groupand we specialize in model home merchandising for new home builders. we're in the kitchen of a jimmy jacobs modelhome in the austin, texas area. and i just wanted to talk a little bit aboutsome of the trends that we're seeing in kitchens today. kitchens are probably the most important roomin the house to so many people. it's the heart of the home.

everybody, you know, congregates here. and so one of the first trends that we'reseeing, is instead of having the bar raised up to 42 inches for the bar stools, we'relowering everything to the 36 inch counter height. that makes the kitchen feel larger, you don'thave to climb up on bar stools, and you also have more counter space to work in. another trend is cleaner, less cluttered interiors. so this kitchen has some great cabinets thathave a... they're light stain with a brown glaze on'em, kind of a tea stain.

and we call this look sort of a "new countrylook." we've got the rooster over here. but what makes it fresh and new is the stainlesstile backsplash that we've added. and we've installed it vertically, insteadof horizontally, and it gives you a little more heighth. another trend, remember the days where wehad all the ivies in the baskets and everything cluttering the top of our cabinets and itwas just nothing, but a big dust catcher? so these days we're accessorizing the topof the cabinets with fewer accessories, little groupings, and adding a lot of color.

and then, we also add color to the walls. the walls in this kitchen are really brightterracotta, kind of a coral color, and it makes for a really bright, happy environment.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

bar home design

do your skin a favor -- go all-natural, evenhomemade. it's amazing the things you can make in your own kitchen. now i wanna showyou how to make a homemade moisturizer. this is a soy oil moisture bar, and it really,really works. and all you have to do is start with a double boiler. you don't even haveto buy a double boiler. what i like to do is just take a large saucepan like this, bringthe water to a boil, and then just take a metal bowl, place it there. and then whatyou're gonna do: you basically just have four ingredients in this. you're gonna start with2 parts soy wax, 1 part coconut oil to 1 part cocoa butter, and then you can use any sortof fragrance you like -- lavender is great. i'm gonna mix a little lavender with somerosemary. and this is the sort of thing that

is so good for chapped hands if you've beenworking in the garden. it's all-natural and very easy to make. so what we're gonna dois we're gonna start with the soy wax -- this is hydrogenated soy oil, which makes it wax-like.what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna let this melt. and you can see, it's already melting. beautiful,look at that. so this is what 16 ounces of the wax looks like melted. and now what i'mgonna do is i'm gonna add 8 ounces of this cocoa butter, and it will melt very quickly.while that's melting, i'm gonna go ahead and add the coconut oil. and you can see, coconutoil is an oil, but it's almost in a solid state itself at room temperature. it doesn'treally take long for all three of these ingredients to come together. you see, the thing you wannado is just constantly stir it like this. okay,

now, with everything melted, it's time toadd the essential oils. and i like lavender, so i'm gonna add about 6 drops of lavender-- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 -- whoop -- 7 drops of lavender. and then also some rosemary.those two combined are wonderful -- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. what a great combination of aromas.okay, now it's time to pour the liquid into the molds. alright, you just wanna bring itover like this and then just begin to dip it out. and you can fill these individualmolds. and what i like to do is just take a cooling rack and place them on the coolingrack with a little wax paper underneath. and if you can't find some of these molds or don'thave them, you can use a little mini muffin pan like this -- they make great little lotionbars. now i'll get all these poured up and

i'll let them rest over night. by then they'llbe hard, and they can be used or you can give them as gifts. if you're enjoying these tips,make sure you tell friends about them. and subscribe to ehow home.

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bar for home design

♪ music playing ♪ the new macbook pro combinesthe fundamental qualities of an ultraportable devicewith uncompromising performance. with our new design, the product's overall volumehas been reduced dramatically. this results in an extremely purposefuland powerful creative tool. ♪ it has the best retina displaywe've ever put in a notebook.

a precisely designedled spectrum projects througha metal oxide backplane. this yields a remarkably bright, high-contrast picturewith a wider color gamut. the larger force touch trackpad now provides an expansive areafor a whole range of gestures. we've continued to refineour keyboard design to be more accurateand efficient. dome switches beneath each key

have been optimizedfor a more responsive feel. we're introducing a new wayto interact with your notebook. a multi-touch bar provides a more intuitive, more immediateconnection to your content. commands that were once hiddenare now visible, easily accessible,and also customizable. in each application, the most relevant controlsare displayed dynamically, allowing you to workwith greater efficiency.

[phone ringing] this is also the first macwith touch id. this seamless integrationof hardware and software is truly unique to apple. the speakers have also beencompletely redesigned to maximize air displacement and project high-fidelity,room-filling sound. at its core,pro-level processors, integrated with high speedsystem memory

and storage technologies, make everything you dofaster and more responsive. in a notebook this powerful,thermal management is critical. thinner, variably spacedfan blades propel air quietly througha nearly solid structure. the new macbook proachieves a design that optimizes bothperformance and portability. it marks a milestonein the evolution of the mac.

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bar designs for home basements

aah! daah! very funny what if that guy eats drugs? *laughing* don't eat drugs or you'll end up like this guy! *burp* (intro) what's up fgteevers? we are back playing more

hello, neighbor! he is a creepy neighbor. run from that creepy old man! (run!) uh-oh. oh-oh.. this is a cutscene that we haven't seen. ooh, that must be him. he's in his car. no, that's us. that's us?

yeah. let's se-oh! so.. this is a new update. we haven't played this version, so hopefully there's something new. thank you for telling us about this ok, because you guys are awesome! press e- oh! oh, oh! press e to open. oh, oh! oh!

whoa, that's us. ooh! hello. now what? this is a box that we got- it looks like- it looks like we're just moving in! "get inside" and "move stuff inside". alright, so we have to go inside. "the key is under the stone beneath the mailbox." got the key- what was that?

a crow? the crow's got the key! ok, throw it at the crow! and go! hiya! we- heh, we threw the rock at the crow. pick it up! oh, whoa, i got it! oh dude go open the door there we go!

hello? wha- no way, this dude is that strong? oh, we're gonna go get the hammer! he's got a hammer! don't tell me he has a hammer! what? yeah, let's switch! we're crowbarring it!

no no no! we need that! we just have to take all the nails off the door. and now.. home sweet home! i'm here! push! push! yaaa! awwwwwww, this is my home?

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i'm tired, i'm gonna lay down... nice, is that comfy or what, bro? oh, he's going to sleep? was that chapter 1? wait, what? dude, that's us! no, this is just a dream. this is a dream, daddy. no way!

yeah, it is. he's boarding up something? that's his basement! he's drinking something called "kilm"! *gasp* why is his house so creepy and ours isn't? lucky dude we woke up outside are you sure that was a dream?

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was that him? chase: yep wait he's sleeping? oh i can hide chase: how did you do that? i just pressed e i don't care about time. let's test it. okay now hide, let's see if it works.

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bar design in home

the 'balcony', famous for that magicalfirst kiss, with a lots of magical first boyfriend! so, let's see how we can quirk up yourbalcony! the first sign of addiction is denial. the second having a "mini-bar" in your balcony. if you don't recycle, forget the race. you're not even flagged off! we need space to sit and plants needs space to grow. it gets difficult, especially in crammed up cities like ours.

so how about we just hang them up! light up your balcony with these lamps by mebelkart from askme furniture. so step out and take-in that view. and let that quirked up balcony spend a little more time with you. find the perfect furniture for your home, on from askme furniture!

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bar design home

when designing an outdoor kitchen project,the key to success is a well thought out plan. that's right. there's a lot of things to considerto ensure your finished product matches your expectations. in the next couple of minutes we're goingto go through the tips and tricks on how to create a functional, yet feature rich, outdoorkitchen to be enjoyed for years to come. a great place to start this plan is to determinehow much space you have to work with. is it a predetermined area, or are you installinga new patio which gives you greater flexibility in the overall footprint of you new kitchen.make sure that your kitchen island or footprint

is proportional to the available space youhave to work with. it's a good practice to chalk out the area to get a visual image ofwhether the proposed kitchen size is a good match for the space and allows for easy accessand proper functionality. one of the most important decisions you'llneed to make is choosing the right grill for you. whether that's the traditional gas grill,or the charcoal ceramic smoker, there are plenty of options available. you'll want toidentify where utilities such as gas, electricity, and water are located on the property, anddetermine how accessible they are to the proposed kitchen area. although often overlooked, adequate counterspace is critically important to our outdoor

living environment. without ample room toset, prep, and prepare our meals, we're stuck moving inside and outside of the home ratherthan spending time outdoors with our guests. to make sure you have plenty of room for thoseguests, you may want to add a bar top to your design. in additional to counter space, you will alsowant to have a plan for storage and optional accessories. having a place to store barbecuetools, cleaning supplies, and fuel source is critical. optional accessories could includerefrigerators for you favorite cold beverage, power burners, warming drawers, and even apizza oven. another thing that's commonly overlooked isadequate power supply. you need convenient

locations to plug in appliances, a radio,or to charge your cell phone. to accentuate the beauty of your new kitchen, provide downlighting for you drawers, and of course, safety, you'll want to consider perimeter lighting. the perfect companion for any grill is a qualitybarbecue light. this barbecue light from fx has a flexible neck and allows you to aimthe light down onto the grilling surface, or back onto the counter top for food prep.when positioning the barbecue light, you want to place the light far enough back to whereyou have plenty of room to set down food and at the same time shine the light down on thegrilling surface. finally, you need to decide how to constructand finish your outdoor kitchen. ready to

finish cabinets, available at ewing, offera faster, more efficient installation over concrete masonry units. you should considerfinish materials that complement your home and existing patio area. if you'd like to learn more about designingyour outdoor kitchen, stop into your local ewing branch. or, visit us online at

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bar design at home

"i want it to be ours together, if you want it to be" - jane "yes" - adam

Monday, March 6, 2017

bar counter designs for homes

can you get through this post without callingyour contractor? before we begin, please check the descriptionarea first, there are listed all the original projects that exist in this video. 31 insanely clever remodeling ideas for yournew home, by peggy wang. 1. lower your living room to create a conversationpit. the bi-level living room will give your homean incredibly spacious yet cozy effect. 2. turn an attic nook into a pillow room.

what is life but one long, perpetual movie-nightslumber party? 3. display your book collection under the stairs. 4. or use the space underneath for storage. 5. or use that space for a book nook. so much cozy. 6.

dogs are people, too, which is why your dogshould probably get his or her own little haven underneath the stairs. 7. make space for two dishwashers instead ofone. you can load one while the other washes. kitchenaid also makes a double drawer dishwasher. 8. if you’re doing a huge remodel, ask yourcontractor about tacking on a treehouse or guesthouse.

this add-on might cost less than you think. 9. turn your shabby garden shed into a charmingartist’s shed. with big windows for lots of light and visualinspiration. 10. install an in-wall pest control system. pest-tube installation means that all theexterminator has to do is inject some stuff into one end to keep insects and rodents away. 11.

maximize your space with baseboard drawers. especially in the kitchen and bathroom. 12. consider a hidden room. sometimes it’s as simple as adding a bookcaseto a door. 13. make your walls magnetic. magnektik makes large magnetic panels thatare strong enough to hang anything, including shelves and tvs.

14. an s-shaped seat turns your shower or steamroom into one you can lie down in. insane in le bain. 15. have an extra-tall ceiling? stretch a ceiling hammock across it. 16. a walk-in shower means no glass to clean. and they even fit into small bathroom spaces.

17. install chutes in your kitchen for your trashand recycling. funnel them straight into the garage. 18. a platform in a storage/guestroom hides awayall of your stuff while keeping the room usable. it’s also a great way to make a comfy nookroom more functional. 19. build a bar into your deck. 20.

turn dead space above a staircase into a playroom. 21. build a second mini-fridge in your kitchenisland for beer. or really, anything you want. 22. instead of typical cabinets, build a pull-outcabinet for instant counter space. 23. put a sink with jets in your laundry roomso you have a convenient place to wash your delicates.

24. utilize dead space with a built-in wine rack. 25. two words: vacuum baseboards. 26. kids will love having slumber parties in theirbunkroom. 27. bring the outdoors in with these accordionglass windows and doors. 28.

swap out your boring old ceiling for a star-gazingsunroof. 29. install a two-sided fireplace between thebathroom and the bedroom. who needs heated tiles when you have a bathroomfireplace? 30. frame your living room fireplace with built-inseating. fireplaceseat is the new windowseat. 31. and finally, go ahead and add that masterbedroom balcony.

you deserve a quiet, tranquil place to lookout over your land. before you leave, please leave a like, comment,and share if you like this video. and if you want to see improvement in thischannel, please subscribe if you never done this before. thanks for watching.

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bar counter designs for home

today i'm continuing my dining table buildand i've already made the dining table top if you haven't seen this and areinterested in this i'll post a link in the description belowwhere you can check out that video. but this dining table isn't going to be huge,this tabletop is about 27 inches by 62, which is small for most people, however it's perfectly sized for ourapplication in our house. it'll sit a maximum of four peoplewhich is exactly what we want. anyway i'm going to startwith the base on this, this slab of hickory this is a 3 inch thick slab of hickory,

that i got from my local woodworkingfriend of mine sean stone. and it's, it's got too much twist in it for me to makea actual slab top project out of it. so i think i'd be removing toomuch material if i try to flatten this, it'll just be wasteful. so, instead, i'm going to use this for the legs. this is enough material over here forone, two, three, four, all four of the legs, on this side of the slab,

and i'll have a lot left overto work with, as needed. but i can't put this through myband saw or table saw as it is, it's just too heavy and awkwardfor me to move around, so i think i'm gonna take it outside andrough cut it with a circular saw first. the maximum depth of thecircular saw is not enough to cut the slab all the waythrough so i have to finish the cutwith a reciprocating saw. then once back in the shopthe slab can be cut in half, to make the pieces a littlebit more manageable,

and then rough cut at the bandsaw. once these pieces are rough cut they canbe squared on two sides at the jointer, and then typically i would use my planer toget the other two sides square and parallel but instead i wanted to usemy table saw for this. i think it'd be a lot less stresson my planer blades because this material is so hard. unfortunately, because i'm using the table saw and onlytaking just a little bit off of one side of each one of these boards,

it's throwing dust everywhere, so, that's the only downside ofusing this particular method. at this point the legs are notdown to their final size just yet, they're a little bit oversized and this isbecause i want these to sit overnight and release any type of stressesthat they may have. the slab has been sitting for quite some timeand just cutting it up you may end up having a little bit of stress or movement. and i want to be able to mill that back outif there's any movement at this stage. i went ahead and redid the entire millingprocess once more after letting this sit,

and nothing moved,so we're good to go. these legs have quite a bit more characterin them than what i thought they would have. there's a lot of bug holesand defects here and there, so this is either going to look really nicebecause it's going to accent the table, or it's going to look reallycrappy, time will tell. but anyway i'm ready to start in on theapron rails and the mortises for those. now i've decided, my wife and i have decided that the basedesigns that i've come up with are just just too busy for the area that we have.

so instead of making a complicatedmultiple part base for this table, we're just going to go ahead and gowith a traditional four-legged base and then add some accents near the end. but right now i need to cutthe mortises for the apron rails and to do that i'm using a plunge routerand an edge guide attachment. real quick i want to mention thegrain selection for these legs. typically it's sought after to have quartersawn material for just about everything not so much in legs though. quarter sawn materials where the grain ispretty much vertical or very close to it,

so that on the top and bottom surfaces youhave a nice straight grain appearance. that's something that's reallynice on -say- like a tabletop. not so much on these legs because quarter-sawn material is nice and straighton one end but then on the other side it's basically like flat sawn material so it'slike that you have that cathedral look, which looks completely differentthan the straight grain looks. so, here, with the grain is somewhatof a 45 degree angle, then that means the grain iscoming through the side faces,

just about the same way on allfour of these sides resulting in somewhat more uniform straightgrain appearance on all four sides. in the end this will look a lotmore uniform all the way around than choosing something likethis which is quarter-sawn, or flat-sawn and you'll have twodistinct different looks on the faces. when using a plunge router to make a mortiseit's always best to plunge a full-depth hole in the start and stop locations first, and this does a lot in preventing you from overshooting your start and stop points the further you go into the mortise.

now, actually removingthe material in between, i'm only making my cuts left to right from my eyes, and the reason being is the edge guideis on my side of the workpiece, so as the bit is spinningclockwise in the mortise, it's wanting to essentiallypull the router as it grabs, pull the router away from mybody and push it forward, due to the circular motion. so with the edge guide on my sideof the material, all that's going to do is keep the material or keep the edgeguide flush up against the material,

and keep it tracking perfectlyas i move left to right. so if i was to have the edge guideon my side and move right to left, the bit is still moving in a clockwise rotation and that will actually cause therouter to be pushed into me and the edge guide will no longer be referencedstopped up against the material. i would still hold it firmly in placebut it allows room for error, as the router will want to kind ofpush away from the mortise. the bit that i'm using isa one-half inch spiral up cut bit, and the up cut bit actually allowsthe material to be removed

a little bit easier inside themortise as it's being cut. but it is a one half of an inch diameter bit, and i find that this bit cuts the best in this particular router with the speedall the way down to its lowest setting. which in this case is 10,000 rpm. because the legs have so muchcharacter in them i chose the board that has the mostcharacter in it for the long rails, and for the short rails i chose a boardthat has just nothing but sapwood, that way, hopefully it'll tie thesapwood breadboard ends

of the table top in with the base. now the process for milling thisis pretty much the same, run through the thickness planerto skip planing both sides, join the edges, rip them to their finalsize at the table saw, and then cut them to theirfinal length at the miter saw. and at this point i can set up the dado stack inthe table saw to dial in the size for the tenons. i'm using one of the offcuts from wheni cut the long rails to their final length, that way i have the exact thickness material thati'm working with and it's just a scrap piece.

so i can use it to dial in theheight of the dado stack and that will give me the perfectwidth of the tenons for these rails. and once i have it dialed in, i can make all of my tenon cuts in the endof these rails without changing the setup. i intentionally made the mortise stoppedabout a half of an inch from the top of the leg and that is to provide a little bit morematerial support up here to prevent racking. so now i can cut this down to size and thenchop off the corners of the square tenons so that it'll fit into the rounded mortise. and after a few adjustments,back and forth at the bench,

the tenon should fit in therenice and snug. the tops are nice and flush, so this isone down, seven more for me to do. i'm using walnut as an accent wood on thistable and i want to make an inlay band all the way around the leg, so i've reduced the dado stack toabout a quarter of an inch in width and it's about one-eighth ofan inch depth for the cut and i'll make a band all the way around the baseof the legs about two inches up from the bottom. with a project like this it's gonna be alot easier to do as much surface prep as possible before assembly,

so i've already scraped all four of the apron railsas well as all four of the legs with a card scraper and now i'm ready for a rough assembly. i don't want to glue it together yet because i dowant to take measurements for the center support and i want to install that or fitthat before i glue it together. now these little walnut bandshere at the bottom, i was originally going to trim theseflush so they're just regular inlays, however i think i like thelook of them proud, so, last-minute design change, i guess,i'll leave these proud, and also the walnut band that i plan onadding to the bottom of the apron rails

later, i will make those proud justthe same amount as these are, i think it'll fit and adda nice little touch. but for right now i can doa dry assembly and get the measurement for the interior supportthat will connect both of the long rails. as you can see this pieceis not only a little bit short, it's not quite the sameheight as the side rails, that's because i just ripped it down on thetable saw, because i had to remove a defect that i didn't see previously. but it's also a quarter inchlong on either side,

and that is because i want toconnect it in the middle of the table to the long rails with aquarter-inch sliding dovetail. and the only purpose of this connectionin the middle of the table is to prevent these long rails from eitherbowing out, or coming in together over time. it'll just kind of tie everything together andoffer a little bit of support for the table top in the center of the table. to make the male end of the sliding dovetaili'll first use a marking gauge to establish where the dovetail will be, and then i'll use a chisel tomake a knife line for the saw,

the saw will cut the shouldersof the dovetail joint, and then i can just chisel therest of the shape as needed. to make the female end, or thepin side of the dovetail joint, it's just a matter of marking everythingout and then chopping away the waste. so this is the first sliding dovetailjoint i've done by hand, and not too bad, not great either. everything looks all right asfar as the geometry of it, but i went too far with my saw curve on oneside and add some chip out near the bottom. luckily, this is on the insideof the table, nobody will see it.

but i'll try to do better next time. so, the fit, is nice and tight, and it gets super tight at the end, so, i'm going to call that asuccess, thumbs up. one down, one to go andthen i can start assembly. i'm starting the assemblywith both of the short sides, and it's going to be easier to have these twoglued together before i add the long rails because i don't have any clamps big enoughfor the long rails to be connected.

i'm actually going to have to usea ratchet strap from my truck. but anyway, i want to make sure thati get all of the glue squeezed out off of the exterior of the joint onceit's glued together right now, rather than scraping it off later. as soon as this is done as being assembledi'm gonna go straight to a clear coat, a water-based polyurethane, and i don't want in to, i don't want to have to scrapeoff any glue at that stage. i am going to be using waterand a rag to pre-raise the grain,

and then lightly sand it downbefore i apply the finish, so i'm not concerned at all about getting a littlebit too much water on the surface of the project. as i clean the glue off of the joints. i'm adding these walnuts tripsto the bottom of the apron rails and these are sized the same as thewalnuts strips in the bottom of the legs. and this will kind of tie everything together. and they're going to be offset anoverhanging the bottom of the apron rails, the same amount as the overhangin the bottom of the leg. so these should complementeach other just fine.

also, the last thing i want to add during the glue-upis a couple glue blocks to each one of the corners. i think the mortise and tenon jointswill be really strong long-term but these added glue blockssure won't hurt anything. i left the base sit in clamps overnight to allowenough time for all the glue joints to properly dry and off camera i cut a smallchamfer on the bottom edge, of all of the legs and that's to prevent chip outif the table is dragged across the floor. and then also off camera i cut a bunchof slots on the inside of the top of the frame to allow for a tabletop hold down fastenersonce i need to assemble this in. so right now i've already taking it outsideit's a beautiful day, which is quite odd,

i was expecting rain today, but it's sunny, breezy and low humiditywhich is perfect for finishing. so, i've already raised the grain with somewater and sand it down all of the edges, or sand it down all the surfaces, blew off all the dust andi'm ready to apply a finish. i'm using water-based polyurethane for this, i've had great results withit for previous applications. so that's what i'm going with here, and, because of it is such a great day outside i thinki can get a couple coats on here relatively quick,

sanding with 220 grit sandpaper in between. and then i'll be ready forfinal assembly inside. as i've previously stated and also if you followme on social media or my second channel, you'll know that this project is gone throughso many different design changes. and i'm very very pleasedwith the final result, it's a simple table, but it has a little bit of extra touch hereand there with the walnut accents, which are simple in their own,they're just little strips of walnut, but i think they had a lot to the project.

and also, keeping the design very simple it allows the wood to do all thetalking rather than the design. and the hickory that wepicked out looks great. the legs that i was previously concerned with,with the insect damage, i'm extremely pleased i really likethe way that these turned out, the insect damage adds a little bit ofcharacter without being overwhelming. and then, also with the slab,as i was cutting it up, it was kind of a coin toss, because, in the slab state i could not seehow the wood grain would look,

and, now that i've had it all cut, plainedand then put some finish on it, it looks absolutely beautiful. i really really like this table. if you like a set of plans for thistable i do have them available, in this size as well as various othersizes that are larger than this. this is seated forfour people, which is the exact size that wewanted here in this house, we're just gonna have two benches, oneon either side, i'll build those at a later day, but for the size of this table,we wanted it this size because,

typically it's just me and my wife eating here,we don't have that much company eating over, and if we do have more than -say- four peopleto eat right here, then we do also have our breakfast bar and some foldingtables, which is very very rare. so, the main concern with me for making thetable this size, actually was for board games. me and my wife play a lot of board games, even while we eat diner we play "sorry!" justevery single night for the past five years, and, with this sized table, we can not only eat opposite of each otherwithout being in each other's way,

but we can also play our board gamesand reach to the other side, without having to really,really stretch over the table. anyway, thanks for watching, if you guys have any more questions onthis table, or the plans, or any of that stuff, there's a link in the description belowfor the website article for this project check that out, i'm sure most of the questionsare already answered there. thanks for watching, you guys take care, and have a great day.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

bar counter design for home

can you get through this post without callingyour contractor? before we begin, please check the descriptionarea first, there are listed all the original projects that exist in this video. 31 insanely clever remodeling ideas for yournew home, by peggy wang. 1. lower your living room to create a conversationpit. the bi-level living room will give your homean incredibly spacious yet cozy effect. 2. turn an attic nook into a pillow room.

what is life but one long, perpetual movie-nightslumber party? 3. display your book collection under the stairs. 4. or use the space underneath for storage. 5. or use that space for a book nook. so much cozy. 6.

dogs are people, too, which is why your dogshould probably get his or her own little haven underneath the stairs. 7. make space for two dishwashers instead ofone. you can load one while the other washes. kitchenaid also makes a double drawer dishwasher. 8. if you’re doing a huge remodel, ask yourcontractor about tacking on a treehouse or guesthouse.

this add-on might cost less than you think. 9. turn your shabby garden shed into a charmingartist’s shed. with big windows for lots of light and visualinspiration. 10. install an in-wall pest control system. pest-tube installation means that all theexterminator has to do is inject some stuff into one end to keep insects and rodents away. 11.

maximize your space with baseboard drawers. especially in the kitchen and bathroom. 12. consider a hidden room. sometimes it’s as simple as adding a bookcaseto a door. 13. make your walls magnetic. magnektik makes large magnetic panels thatare strong enough to hang anything, including shelves and tvs.

14. an s-shaped seat turns your shower or steamroom into one you can lie down in. insane in le bain. 15. have an extra-tall ceiling? stretch a ceiling hammock across it. 16. a walk-in shower means no glass to clean. and they even fit into small bathroom spaces.

17. install chutes in your kitchen for your trashand recycling. funnel them straight into the garage. 18. a platform in a storage/guestroom hides awayall of your stuff while keeping the room usable. it’s also a great way to make a comfy nookroom more functional. 19. build a bar into your deck. 20.

turn dead space above a staircase into a playroom. 21. build a second mini-fridge in your kitchenisland for beer. or really, anything you want. 22. instead of typical cabinets, build a pull-outcabinet for instant counter space. 23. put a sink with jets in your laundry roomso you have a convenient place to wash your delicates.

24. utilize dead space with a built-in wine rack. 25. two words: vacuum baseboards. 26. kids will love having slumber parties in theirbunkroom. 27. bring the outdoors in with these accordionglass windows and doors. 28.

swap out your boring old ceiling for a star-gazingsunroof. 29. install a two-sided fireplace between thebathroom and the bedroom. who needs heated tiles when you have a bathroomfireplace? 30. frame your living room fireplace with built-inseating. fireplaceseat is the new windowseat. 31. and finally, go ahead and add that masterbedroom balcony.

you deserve a quiet, tranquil place to lookout over your land. before you leave, please leave a like, comment,and share if you like this video. and if you want to see improvement in thischannel, please subscribe if you never done this before. thanks for watching.

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bar cabinet designs for home

here’s how to organize literally everythingwith command hooks hook it.hook it real good. this is 37 clever ways hook can organize your entire lifeby natalie brown . the kitchen 1. hooks have many functional uses in the kitchen,like holding baking utensils. 2. or, you know, regular cooking utensils.they might clank a bit every time you close the cabinet, though.a neat way to store your pans

is with screw-in cup hooks.for an overhead cabinet, line them up on the underside of a shelf,spacing them apart enough to ensure they'll each be easy to access. 3. and, of course, hot pads.if you hang them on the wall or side of the fridge,they can do double duty as decor. messy cabinet, pretty potholder. 4. they can also transform an old door intoan all-purpose kitchen storage unit. now with the magnetic knife additionand some re- organizing, i really, really love it.

5. a hook can hold a measuring cup on theside of your cereal bin, so you can portion it perfectly every morning. 6. use two hooks to make foil and plasticwrap easy to reach and tear.the pantry door was the best location for my handy wrap and tin foil direction: i found this package of plastic hooks at walmarton the isle with the bathroom storage accessories. and it only cost a couple of bucks!first, i took measurements and spaced the hooks 10 5/8 inches apart from inside to inside.

the boxes fit on by sliding one end on firstand then slightly pulling the other hook so the opposite end can be inserted.the hooks have just the right flimsiness factor to allow you to do this!and there they are hanging, just waiting to be used! 7. add some shower curtain ringsand rods to the side of your fridge for an easy-to-customize kid’s art gallery.even better: this keeps the art in nice, neat rows,and it will never fall off because the magnet isn’t magnet-y enough. 8. a solitary hook can makefor convenient back-of-the-high-chair bib

storage.then it’s easy to remove the hook when you want to donate the high chair later. 9. they can also hang beautiful country-stylewindow vases. you can gaze at themin between your baby’s bites of purã©ed carrot. 10. mount a vertical herb garden nextto your kitchen window with a few small hooks. direction:1. drill hole a plastic container 2. hang your command hook{sturdy, but removable and it won’t damage your cabinets or walls}3. fill your plastic container

with some dirt and plantsand hang it. 11. station a hook next to your sinkto guard your rings while you do dishes. having the hook there can help you rememberto take them off. in the bathroom. 12. create more storage space by securing a wire spice rack to the backof your bathroom cabinets… i used extra-strong command hooks to hanga small wire rack for perfumes and nail need to drill into or purchase over-the-door hooks.

make sure to get a spice rackthat won’t let your stuff fall out, like this one. 13. or hang a wire file boxon the side of your sink. or over your toilet, or next to your mirror,or wherever works best in your bathroom. 14. combine the organizational power of hooksand caddies, and everyone can have their own shower rack.just hang ‘em on their own hooks. (make sure to use water-resistant adhesive,if you’re using adhesive hooks.) 15. switch those shower racks for bath-toybaskets if and when your situation is more kid-focused.again, water-resistant hooks are key.

i nabbed a couple plastic-covered wire storagebaskets on amazonand hooked them daintily over the command hooks.the wide slats on the baskets help everything drain trapped water! around the house 16. store the entire family’s sunglasseson two hooks and a dowel (you can make sure the dowel stays in placewith a tiny bit of sticky tack). but no guarantees your teenagerwon’t “borrow” your favorite pair every time they head out.instruction:

1. after locating just the right spot on theback of the cupboard door, adjust the interior shelves up or down a bitso that the sunglasses would not interfere with the shelving.2. two more command hooks were put on, dowel rodswere cut to length and spray painted, and tiny balls of sticky tack applied. 17. an upside-down hook can hold a wreathin place. directions on how to make this work at 18. and a small hook nestled on top of a doorframecan hold banners and bunting. i messed and fussed with inconspicuous waysto hang the garlands

for a long time until i came upwith this ultra-easy solution… when i don’t have a banner hanging theyaren’t visible because the hooks are clear and have a lowprofile (there is also one in the center ofthe door frame if i’m doing a drooping number)… i know, so easy! 19. pair a couple with a baseboard to hanga big quilt. i used damage free hanging hooks (like commandbrand, found at all big box affiliation, just like them.)

from the front (and side),you can't see the baseboard or the hook!cool right 20. hang curtains neatly by painting yourhooks the same coloras your crown molding with jumbo command hooks from amazon.tutorial on how to hang these curtains (plus info on trimming plastic hooksif they’re too tall for your space) pasted under this video.the only drawback to the process was that using the command hookswith our curtain rod didn’t allow us to use the finialsthat came with the rod-they were much too

bigto allow the rod to sit as close to the wall as required by the hooks. 21. clean up your entertainment centerwith the help of zip ties and small hooks. the ultimate cord-organizing combo.1. ease your entertainment center slowly awayfrom the wall. do it gently.2. then start unwrapping and sorting through the cords.3. use zip ties to keep cords for each device together making one thickcord. i placed my zip ties about every 6-8 step : attach small command hooks

near the topof your entertainment center to hang the newly zip tied cordsto so they cannot be seen once you push the entertainment center backagainst the wall. now i can sit on my couch and don’t haveto worry about delilah grabbing or pulling them,plus i can easily clean underneath! it is a total win-winfor $5 and 30 minutes! 22. or you can seek out hooks designedspecifically for holding cords. find a video link under this videoto get more details related to this solution.

23. improvise a paper towel holderwith two hooks and some spare wire. good if you don’t want to buya special paper towel rack for the garage but happento have some extra materials laying around. the bedroom 24. basic but beautiful (and useful).hang costume jewelry on a corkboard. 25. or just along the sides of a shelf.or on your wall, or the back of your closet door. 26. hate the way the white plastic looks?spray-paint your hooks gold. more inspiration.including info on how to use washi tape for

a cool cube 27. or coat them in some glittery mod podge.1. mix the glue and glitter together. i used a ratio of 2:1 glue to glitter.2. paint the glue/glitter mixture onto the 3m hooks.allow a couple minutes between coats of the mixturefor the hooks to dry some. i did 5 coats to ensure the hookswere completely covered with glitter. once done, wait at least an hour before hanging. 28. painting plastic hooks can helpyour decorations look more finished. i mean, if you know they’re command hooks,they’ll still look like command hooks.

but they won’tstand out quite as much. 29. “hammered metallic” spray paintcan make them look more, well, like only need: four 3m sticky hooks cost $4rust-oleum hammered spray paint cost $7 and basic spray painting skill. 30. have lots of time on your hands?decoupage your hooks. 31. give yourself some extra shelvingin a small dorm room by hanging a spice rack on your wall.spice racks (like this one $9.99 and this one $13.79)tend to be prettier

than bathroom shower caddies,but those work too. 32. use hooks to hang baskets on the wall.the perfect spot for kids to turn in their homework foldersevery day. 33. diy a fun party gamefor your next get-together. it could also just bea fun way to hang kids’ artwork. 34. make your own affordable photo backdropfor a wedding, birthday party,or random special occasion. 35. hang a dowel between two hooksfor pretty washi tape storage. this would also workwith spools of ribbon,

if you’re the type to build a gift-wrappingstation. 36. get the perfect macram㩠creation spotwith the same dowel-and-two-hooks trick. (for those awesome people that macram㩠wallhangings.) and, 37. position buckets on the side of the kids’craft table (or your grown-up work desk).•sand down table, rinse with water and let dry•spray paint entire table holding can about 10 inches away.may need two coats. •once table is dry, fasten hookson the side and add buckets.

super simple and super cute! always, comment this video before you leaveor press like and share button if you don’t have a minute or two. don’t leave subscribe button un-checkedif you never visit this channel before and see you again later. thanks’ for watching.

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